Hi i'm trying to make my first maphack and I need help.. I found the offset that reveals units under fog
(if u want it, its the 6F3A20A3, find it in a debugger and change the
but I cannot find the offset that removes the fog..

I tried searching for 0 and 1 values with the help of iseedeadpeople (0 for disabled and 1 for enabled) but ended up nothing..

I also tried to start with unknown initial value and then filter it by "the value has changed"
(when disabled or enabled the cheat) but it seems that you cannot get down from the
200000 results in this way...

I'm using ArtMoney SE 7.33
and OllyDBG

Can somebody tell me another way? If you can please tell me the way you got your offsets instead of posting them straight so I can learn too.(Any other offset and finding method like minimap offset will be usefull to)

Post everything you think that can help me..

Thanks in advance