K2 Network, the company that runs the free to play portal GamersFirst, has acquired the rights to All Points Bulletin (AP from the original developer Realtime Worlds. An official announcement will be made later in the week, but word of the deal was first made public on November 11th, 2010. K2 Network payed £1.5 million for APB (~$2.4 million dollars), which is significantly less than the develop costs of the game.

GamersFirst was one of the first major free to play portals in America and publishes some well know f2p titles including War Rock, Sword 2, and Knight Online. This isnít the first time theyíve swooped up a defunct game. After Acclaim was shuttered, GamersFirst picked up the rights to 9Dragons.

APB was originally launched as a retail game that required a monthly subscription to access many of its features. Despite having great character customization and other original features, the MMOFPS didnít last long. Hopefully it will fare better as a free to play game. I know Iíll give it a chance now that its going free. No date set on when the game will relaunch, but it may be back up before years end.

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