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    [Homework] English :S

    Hi guise. I have a problem. In English we had a homework for tomorrow. So I started tonight. And here's my outcome. My English is not the very best, but if you have time, could you please read through it? I would appreciate some arguments and some corrections. I don't mind. Please .
    It's about the problem in Germany.

    In Germany there are sometimes school-classes consisting of up to 90% of immigrants who don’t properly speak German. For them, German is a foreign language.
    In order to teach immigrants the German language, they have to speak it not only in the classes, but also during the break and at school excursions. By the way, most of all the non-German parents support this new conception, because they want a better future for their children. This is the case at Herbert-Hoover-School. But there are different opinions in this matter. The supporters of this idea dream that this could be the solution of all integration problems. The critics argue that this might oppress the personal freedom of immigrant children.
    But there are also other solutions. At the Heinrich-Wolgast primary school in Hamburg, lessons are held in both German and Turkish. If for example a German child appears, Turkish children automatically switch over into German. The danger of the social exclusion and discrimination doesn’t exist. “For integration is important to save the worthiness of the native language and of the national identity”, says the school management.
    These two projects would maybe contribute to the integration of immigrants in German society.

    What do you think?

    If you have any queries Email me! vearb [at] d3scene [dot] com

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    You use difficult words for some things and thats why it sounds wrong to me but I'm not sure.
    But there are different opinions in this matter
    I would have simply used: There are different opinions about this topic.

    I don't really see any big mistakes.

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