I have been playing games for years but recently I decided to get my very own game server. My very first one was when Black Ops was released and since game servers where the only company that could host Black Ops, I bought it from them. At first, for a few weeks, it had countless of problems but it was mostly a Treyarch problem. However, it soon sorted out and I was satisfied with it.

I bought another game server an week or so ago. It was a Team Fortress 2 server for £18.95 an month. After I sent the payment the server was up and running in less than an hour, which is fairly quick. I managed to easily customise it to my needs and even load custom scripts/mods and they worked perfectly. When my server was at 24/24 players it was still lag free. So this shows that the server was working as it should and the computer it was hosted on was somewhat powerful and not overworked, unlike some other game server company’s.

The Price
Gameservers are not the cheapest around. However, after using much other server hosting companies, I can say that Gameservers stood out the most. It’s worth paying a little more to get a stable and high quality server. Oh, and let’s not forget the support. They respond to your tickets in a matter of hours, which is great.

Server Quality
When buying a game server, web host or anything like that I always go and do some ‘stress tests’. Gameservers could take almost anything I threw at it. It could handle full slots for more than 24 hours and still be stable and lag free. I also flooded the IP address with shells and it was able to withstand that – but only with some lag. If I increased the power to more shells it would most likely fall apart. However, it done well to withstand the power of that flood. Other hosts wouldn’t off. This shows that gameservers have very fast and secure internet connection. It’s rare anyone will flood your server though so there is no need to worry.

Customer Support
When using their customer support I felt like I was one of them, not just a customer. The staff there is friendly and quick. They are also straight to the point and don’t mess around. If you got a problem they will fix it.

Chat Servers (Teamspeak)
I only bought a 10 slot TeamSpeak server. However, quality shines through. There’s not much to say here but the TS server was always fast and easy to manage. Another reason to go to them.

Overall I enjoyed the experience with Gameservers. I recommend them to everyone who is interested in a Gameserver. With quick setup and high quality servers, with free 24/7 support, you can’t go wrong.

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