I tried searching, but couldnt find any topic like this, please point me towards one if I am mistaken.

Seeing as quite a few new games are coming out(like Diablo III, SW:TOR and GW2 and others ) and most of us have money on PayPal from selling excess amounts of WoW gold etc. I would like to ask you where you buy your cd-keys, gamecards and such through paypal.

I have, myself, used Swagvault quite a few times and have a silver or gold status there. Though I would like to know what other places there are, Yes I am aware that you can buy cdkeys here as well, but would it hurt to get other places up as well to see if we have missed some place fundemental ?

I will add your opinions to this thread so it might be easier for all to see..

So basically I will start:
Pros: Lots of games and cdkeys
Cons: Verification can take too long for first time purchase, hence it wont be immidiate as they promise.