My Opinion on Video Game Critics and as a Whole

This is a discussion on My Opinion on Video Game Critics and as a Whole within the Entertainment board part of the General category; Hey guys. So I am starting this thread to talk about a very controversial issue surrounding specifically violent video games ...

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    My Opinion on Video Game Critics and as a Whole

    Hey guys. So I am starting this thread to talk about a very controversial issue surrounding specifically violent video games on the marketplace. Critics argue that video games are bad for children. That they want to kill people and make them more violent. I am here to tell them that they are WRONG.

    When I come from a long day from my internship/school I like to vent my anger or feel relaxed by picking up my game controler and play some video games. I like to play FPS if I am pissed off at a person. I like to play Madden if I want to feel relaxed and pretend I am actually a coach/owner/player on my favorite NFL team, Dolphins. I have to admit sometimes getting killed in BF3 or Cod pisses me off like every other human who plays those kinds of games but do you see me going outside with a gun and shooting people? No... Instead video games is a way to escape the real world which can be pretty brutal sometimes and just enjoy one of man's best creations, the video game.

    I have to admit. There are some people out there in this world that I truely hate with a passion. I am a man with a large amount of testostrone and sometimes I would like to get in a fight with that person. Is it really worth it to instinctionally sock that guy in the face and possible go to jail? IMO no... I would rather ignore the person and play some cod and take out my anger on some pixels on my screen.

    I am not arguing that video games is the best use of your time. Heck it is probable better going outside and meeting some new people in the real world. I do agree that Mature games are mature for a reason. My first M game was when I was 15 not 12 or younger. I believe that violent video games such as Cod is unhealthy for the younger crowd. They are taught violence at a very young age which cannot be healthy. 15 or 16 should be the right age to start a M rated video game with gore.

    The choice is up to parents and future parents to make a decision to restrict their kids from using extreme violent games. I am an avid gamer but I know best for my future kids than to allow to play highly realistic military shooters. We must have faith that future parents will not be corrupted by dumb groups that generalize video games as all bad. Grand Theft Auto is horrible for kids to play. GTA introduces drugs, gangs, violence, prostitutes, exc. Parents need to make good desisions for their kids entertainment.

    Thank you for all who read my thread. Plz feel free to post your opinion on the matter

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    read your text and didnt regret it,
    but I disagree on the GTA part, or any game that is.

    Kids "beating each other up" in the age of 5. Prostitution cant be understood if you have no clue about sexual intercourse. gangs and drugs? really?

    I wont say games dont affect kids or adults even BUT compared to their social environment, mental and physical shape, these influences are absolutely minor and negligible.
    Obviously games try harder and harder to shock ppl, I am calling in killing children yourself, it will happen.
    Repression is always the worst kind of education (I am not a hippie), censoring and cutting games and films for adults even is simply uncalled for, and fking angering. (offtopic)
    tbh the main reason I pirate stuff. (MOA offtopic)

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