Hello if anyone has taken this class I'm sure you are not supprised that someone would need help with it. For our final project (due monday) we have to write our own DBQ (document based question) and provide 10 documents to help the person writing there dbq what to write about. My question is this.

Analyze the extent in which Reagonomics helped to restore the United States economic decline, and how it helped the US catch up to be the number one super power country.

Anyways I need help finding I guess resources to put in like if I was writing this DBQ I would say somthing like:
Reagan increased the goods made in the US to boost the economy. He believed that big government won't fix the problem but big government is the problem he said "People don't start wars, government's do." (document A)

so I need stuff like that generally documents are pretty long I'm just having a tough time finding them so I would love some help from someone who knows what a DBQ is and remembers taking the class.

I dont know if this is the correct section or not for this sorry.

But if you really help me I can maybe make you some GFX or even pay you