ok so this white guys at the gym, he sees a game of basketball going on, notices all the players are black so he hestitates to ask if he can join, eventually he gos over and asks if he can join in, they let him play the rest of the game. Afterwards they all go to take a shower, all the black guys strip and the white guy notices that all of there cocks are extremely huge, so he goes up to the guy he asked to play how they get there dicks to be so big, he honestly replies 'well you see, the trick is to masturbate with lard". so he takes this advice and gos home and beats of all weak with lard. a week later he goes up to the black and syas "WTF i did what u said and my cock only got smaller", so the black guy asks him "well what did u use", he replies"i did what you said and went and bought some crisco and used it to play with myself all week", the black guy just laughs and says "thats shortening"

ok its not that funny but i was wasted when i heard it so it was really funny at the time.