Hello there d3scene Community.
Wow i remember registering on this forum a few years ago and i stopped using it. It's simply an amazing community !

So idk if this post belongs here, but whatever.

I created a Youtube Channel quite a few months ago and i am trying to get partnered one day. There's a certain requirement i need ro reach to be able to become partner. With your help i could be a partner one day.

I make MW3 Commentaries and i do put a LOT of effort into them. However i don't get a lot of views, because people don't find my videos. Therefore i need to somehow let people know and it seems like this forums (or other forums) would help me.

Could you please take a second and check out my channel and tell me what you think ? Do you like it ? Would you like to see more ? Do you think it is bad?

Here is a link to my Youtube Channel: Wuphle's Channel

Thanks guys !