Ok first of all. There are many social bookmarking websites. They are good for promoting your internet-website. Around 10 % of our visitors are coming through those sites, therefor we should focus a bit of our attention on those visitors.

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The most used bookmarking services are Digg.com, Stumbleupon.com, Reddit and for German Users Mister-Wong. At Digg you have to "Digg" your threads
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The more diggs or stumbles your threads have, the higher they are ranked and the more users are following . Therefor I made this thread. Post your published threads on digg.com and other Social Bookmarking sites and we can climb the ladder =p.

Digg: Digg - Battlegrounds Map Edit Hacks (AV, WSG, A
Stumble: StumbleUpon » hendricius's web site reviews and blog

Thanks, please register :p.