I am writing this to tell about a new web-based RPG game like Mafia Wars that many here surely have played on FB.
The site is like I said brand new and in writing in the beta stage, but a stable one.

There is much to accomplish and do during the game, here are some examples:
- Commit lots of different crimes to earn money, but be careful so you do not end up in jail.
- Explore multiple cities where you can buy various items and meet the greatest players.
- Join a gang and fight to become the biggest gang. Participate in gang wars, etc.
- Work for different companies to earn extra money, or why not start your own? Otherwise, you can always try your luck at the casino.
- Go to the gym or take classes to hone your skills.
- Buy your own home to an incredible number of options, buy your own farm, or why not raise money and buy your own island?
- Taking part among various discussions in the forum.

This and much more can be found at: