Hack Crunchyroll for 1080p w/o $$$ubscription

This is a discussion on Hack Crunchyroll for 1080p w/o $$$ubscription within the Entertainment board part of the General category; I was wondering if anyone knows what their method of doing this is but: After not visiting a while, the ...

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    Hack Crunchyroll for 1080p w/o $$$ubscription

    I was wondering if anyone knows what their method of doing this is but:

    After not visiting a while, the first video I play will open in 1080p.

    After that, all videos render at their lowest setting (usually 480p)

    Do they use cookies to tell what your first video is?

    I might try running CCleaner later then reloading crunchyroll to check.

    I tried disabling cookies on mozilla but then Crunchyroll said I needed to Enable cookies to view their site.

    I DISABLED Crunchyroll's VIDEO ADVERTISEMENTS by using AdBlock Plus with Fanboy's list and Easylist.

    You can disable ads on your phone (and their app) by using Adaway on android (needs root), or on mozilla browser of android with adblock plus + same lists or Opera w/ modified IP Block text file (forgot what filename, but its simple, just replace default file with improved IP Block list)

    sorry if the post is kinda vague, i'm tired, just wanted random anime before bed, and wondered how to get 1080p for every video (probably just needs clean cookies) - i'm running mozilla in sandboxie, prevents cookies from actually reaching my real mozilla/pc.

    EDIT: I think they check by IP, because after cleaning up then loading crunchyroll again it played in SD definition. Unfortunately proxy sites are blocked on my PC (i use K9 for my own accountability) so I couldn't test out the site through a proxy site.
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