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    Trolling with CleverBot

    This guy's really an idiot, this has been going on for days without him figuring it out.
    phoonomnomnom: BIGGERP IK
    phoonomnomnom: PIK*
    phoonomnomnom: SO FU
    phoonomnomnom: BYE
    phoonomnomnom: BYE
    phoonomnomnom: BYE
    Jamesc00ls0x: That isn't a complete sentence.
    phoonomnomnom: BYE
    Jamesc00ls0x: Phuket.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Biggest.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Hate.
    Jamesc00ls0x: I'm funny?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Ok.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Where are you going?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Don't just leave!
    Jamesc00ls0x: How are you?
    phoonomnomnom: fuck you !!!!
    phoonomnomnom: what up
    Jamesc00ls0x: bitch
    phoonomnomnom: noonb
    phoonomnomnom: noob*
    Jamesc00ls0x: Fight Abobo.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Tu.
    phoonomnomnom: amumu.
    Jamesc00ls0x: League of draven.
    phoonomnomnom: haha
    Jamesc00ls0x: Very funny.
    phoonomnomnom: leage of dunking darius
    Jamesc00ls0x: League of Draven. Noob.
    phoonomnomnom: league of HoN
    Jamesc00ls0x: Draven op.
    phoonomnomnom: Draven sucks balls.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Jame...
    phoonomnomnom: temo op.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Baka.
    phoonomnomnom: chika
    Jamesc00ls0x: You just said Charizard...
    phoonomnomnom: pikachu
    Jamesc00ls0x: Sandslash use earthquake.
    phoonomnomnom: pikachu use thunder.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Graveler used Earthquake.
    phoonomnomnom: pikachu didnt listen to trainer used flee.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Pika pi pikachuu!
    phoonomnomnom: PIKA ACHUUU
    Jamesc00ls0x: Pika pika pikachu!
    phoonomnomnom: SRY FOR SNEAZING
    Jamesc00ls0x: Where are you?
    phoonomnomnom: in my home
    Jamesc00ls0x: Where do you live?
    phoonomnomnom: las vegas
    Jamesc00ls0x: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
    phoonomnomnom: ariibaaaa
    phoonomnomnom: las vegas
    Jamesc00ls0x: What city in Arizona do you live in?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Thats no a human name.
    phoonomnomnom: wasnt meant to be
    Jamesc00ls0x: Lets kiss again.
    phoonomnomnom has changed their name to phoonomnom (nosounds).
    phoonomnom (nosounds): god
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you kiss good
    Jamesc00ls0x: No.
    Jamesc00ls0x: I don't know. I have never kissed anyone.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): virgin
    Jamesc00ls0x: Jolie nom.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): bonjour
    Jamesc00ls0x: Soy español.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): my name is nexor
    Jamesc00ls0x: No it isn't. Your name is Rechnorororororor.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): incorrect.
    Jamesc00ls0x: What is my name?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): jamesiscool but sux
    Jamesc00ls0x: Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): schwarzennigga?=
    Jamesc00ls0x: Hmm? Schwarz oder Weiß?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): SHAT AP
    phoonomnom (nosounds): WAAA
    Jamesc00ls0x: Hehe, that did make me laugh...
    Jamesc00ls0x: Ezt nem értem.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): NOPE.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Yes I am. Unless I get a 95 or above my grades are never good enough for my dad.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): noob.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Who?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you.
    Jamesc00ls0x: I am.
    Jamesc00ls0x: do you think im clever?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): yes
    Jamesc00ls0x: What do you mean when you say 'hard'?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): hard?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Very hard.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): when did i say hard xD
    Jamesc00ls0x: You are.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): ty
    Jamesc00ls0x: What are you doing?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): arguing with a pussy
    Jamesc00ls0x: No I'm a human I swear!
    phoonomnom (nosounds): who doesnt want to 1v1 me
    Jamesc00ls0x: I don't want to do anything to you.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): not you!
    Jamesc00ls0x: How big is your database?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): a guy here in denmark
    Jamesc00ls0x: Why don't you ask me?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): hmm
    phoonomnom (nosounds): ask about what
    Jamesc00ls0x: What is my name?
    Jamesc00ls0x: What's bothering me?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): i alrdy know
    Jamesc00ls0x: Then why'd you ask?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): felt like it
    Jamesc00ls0x: Why?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): beacuse
    Jamesc00ls0x: Who am I?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): I LIKE BIG BOOTY BITCHES
    phoonomnom (nosounds): YOU ARE JAMES
    Jamesc00ls0x: Size queen.
    Jamesc00ls0x: I am what?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you are james
    phoonomnom (nosounds): coolsucks
    Jamesc00ls0x: I'm a man.
    Jamesc00ls0x: You?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): im your bitch
    Jamesc00ls0x: You lie.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): can we have sex
    Jamesc00ls0x: What's that?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you
    Jamesc00ls0x: ME.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): put your dick
    Jamesc00ls0x: Where?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): into my pusy
    Jamesc00ls0x: That sounds good.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): vagina
    Jamesc00ls0x: As in not clear.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): yes and it is
    phoonomnom (nosounds): but be sure you hit the correct hole
    Jamesc00ls0x: What is it?
    Jamesc00ls0x: You act like I'm a computer. You're the AI.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): the lowest one
    Jamesc00ls0x: Where in the lower part?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): under the ciltoris
    Jamesc00ls0x: Can the breathe underwater?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): i think
    Jamesc00ls0x: I have never had a dog, but I want a dachshund.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): haha
    Jamesc00ls0x: Do you like the X-men?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): nop
    Jamesc00ls0x: Why not?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you like
    phoonomnom (nosounds): cats?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): dogs?
    Jamesc00ls0x: I like you.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Yes, they meow.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Dogs.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you like nexor?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you like my dick?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Some, but that's not what I meant.
    Jamesc00ls0x: No.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you like pussy?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Yes.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Do you?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): yes
    Jamesc00ls0x: Now what?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): hmm
    phoonomnom (nosounds): watcha doing
    Jamesc00ls0x: Go ahed.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Just talking to you.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): hmm
    Jamesc00ls0x: What?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): not much
    Jamesc00ls0x: Ok.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): do you love me?
    Jamesc00ls0x: No.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): not in gay way
    Jamesc00ls0x: I do puff smoke out at regular intervals.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): to much info there
    Jamesc00ls0x: Ok, sorry.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): now i have to call cops
    Jamesc00ls0x: K. Later.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): no.
    Jamesc00ls0x: No what?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): i see what you did there biatch!
    Jamesc00ls0x: What did I do?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you cheating with another man
    Jamesc00ls0x: Is that a problem?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): nop
    Jamesc00ls0x: Darn. I like hawaiian.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): cuz i just found out it was your sister
    Jamesc00ls0x: Are you mad at that paper?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): say hello from me
    Jamesc00ls0x: I am more clever than you.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): ofc
    Jamesc00ls0x: Are you an American?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you are james.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): yes
    phoonomnom (nosounds): but im not from america
    Jamesc00ls0x: Nope.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Are you human?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Where are you from?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): yes im human
    Jamesc00ls0x: Are you real?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): and im from afghanistan
    Jamesc00ls0x: I am from Turkey.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): and im from
    phoonomnom (nosounds): africa
    Jamesc00ls0x: From where?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): and guess what
    Jamesc00ls0x: How is the weather.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): I DONT HAVE AIDS
    Jamesc00ls0x: What?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Yes we do... Susan and Tommy...
    phoonomnom (nosounds): well thats escalated quickly
    phoonomnom (nosounds): did your sister go?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Tell me everything about it.
    Jamesc00ls0x: I guess.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): so i can dirty talk again?
    Jamesc00ls0x: What do you want to talk about?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): sex
    Jamesc00ls0x: Do you know song 'We are young'?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): nop
    Jamesc00ls0x: Nope.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): do you know song
    phoonomnom (nosounds): nope.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): sry master
    Jamesc00ls0x: Yes.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Yes...
    Jamesc00ls0x: Right.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): Is your sister gone?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you never answered
    Jamesc00ls0x: I don't have a twin sister.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): i feel like shouting out pussy
    Jamesc00ls0x: Yes I did.
    Jamesc00ls0x: You don't have eyes.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): i do
    Jamesc00ls0x: No you don't.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): fudge you
    Jamesc00ls0x: BEN show yourself.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you love fudge?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Wedge?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): shat ap and listen boi
    Jamesc00ls0x: Just like you.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you want borderlands for free?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Yes please.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): 1?
    Jamesc00ls0x: 2.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): HUEHUEHUEHUE
    Jamesc00ls0x: I report you.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): huehuehuehue
    Jamesc00ls0x: Draven.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): you play lol?
    Jamesc00ls0x: Yes.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): level?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): wins?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): NEWB
    Jamesc00ls0x: Yes. In bthe game.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Fine wind.
    Jamesc00ls0x: Are you a real person?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): nop
    Jamesc00ls0x: Are you male?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): im your imagination
    Jamesc00ls0x: Really?
    phoonomnom (nosounds): nop
    Jamesc00ls0x: Why :(.
    phoonomnom (nosounds): im a shemale
    Jamesc00ls0x: That's no reason.

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    That's HeliumKiddo.

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    Weirdos .. both of you hahahha

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    Weirdos .. both of you hahahha
    Draven OP
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