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    [RAP] Apple Cherry Paint

    Apple Cherry paint ridin' real low

    These snake bites are on my 4 wheel though
    The Red, White n Blue trying to play catch
    They laggin' so hard they can't even fetch

    So now I got the peddal to the floor
    These sparks are no more
    As i'm driving over the water
    The same one Hudson sailed over
    And now i'm in the city
    The one my highlights make so pretty
    As i'm driving down the B.K Expressway
    I'm remembering that one day
    While looking at Ellis Island
    How my Granddad came over from Scotland
    To avoid that horrible war draft
    And once in New York to only find himself overseas in a army raft
    He was a war hero and a role model
    N now i'm shifting gears goin' in full throttle


    I got that Apple Cherry paint ridin' real low
    But these snake bites are on my 4 wheel though
    They are trying to play some kind of catch
    So they call in a helicopter to ease this fetch

    And I got the wind blowin one-eighty
    As I blow through every corner lookin' fuckin' shady
    These odds don't seem so fair
    But these times sure are square
    I'm spurrin' around the corner of Rockefeller
    Singing records belongin' to my ancestor
    I got the emp. state standing so tall
    I'm writin' my fate on it's glass wall
    With the smoke from my tailpipe
    I'm makin this Apple Cherry look so ripe
    Racin' down Sesame Street
    Rockin' out to this sick beat
    I got it blastin' out the back
    With Elmo flexin' on the roof rack


    I got that Apple Cherry paint' ridin' real low
    These snake bites are on my 4 wheel though
    NYPD tryin' the closer pitch to this catch
    But this batter doesn't even fetch

    Bitch I'm fuckin' speed racer
    I will eat the snake bite taser
    Corruption can't spread to this Apple
    So i'm here to fuckin' cure it with Snapple
    I'll grapple and baffle
    I'm cruzin' and i'll win the raffle
    I got the my scottish luck
    i'll score on you with the ranger puck
    this is the playoff
    and i got my apple cherry to show off
    I'm closin' in on the finish line
    I'm takin in the pride and what's mine
    But it's in that New Jersey
    So I pull a quick 360 because it just ain't worthy
    Of the New Yorkers that we are
    My 1957 is the real star
    And i'm makin' these wheels shout
    As I pull a burnout
    And I head towards home
    But forever always on the roam


    Because I got that Apple Cherry paint ridin' read low
    The snake bites are on my 4 wheel still though
    They are tryin' so damn hard to play catch
    But their corruption just can't fuckin' fetch

    ~Written by the one and only Safou
    Clearly needs to be touched up here n there, but it's just a rough draft I did in 2hours
    Like changing Apple Cherry to Candy Apple... lol

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    Now to find a post of late, you have read to start this race!

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