he opening pieces are by the late artist Ahmed Parvez, who brought to life whatever subject he had in mind with his vibrant colours. One of the paintings by Parvez is an abstract bunch of bright flowers, painted with mixed medium on paper.
The vase was one of Parvez’s favourite subjects and had a deep resonance in his life. This work, probably done in New York, uses bold free lines and leans towards realism then his other works - an early transition period into the artist’s later style.
Another work by Parvez is stylised red, orange, green mug holding mass interlocking multicoloured shapes, which form a square composition. The background is a graffito effect. A rougher more angry version of Parvez’s vase-symbol of home, perhaps reflecting his emotions during the times he was a struggling artist and destitute.

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The art by Wahab Jaffer is also quite admirable and eye-catching. One of his art pieces, an acrylic on canvas, is a portrayal of three female figures, wearing yellow decorative necklaces and large accen