As a fans of fifa game, we know FIFA 14 is widely known as the most popular football simulation game,and we alwasy focus on the newest information about it, found a amazing information online .

EA Sports FIFA franchise may have an overwhelming reception with the latest FIFA 14. The game has been released for some time , however, a new discovery was found in the final team model .
FIFA ultimate team is the most popular mode in FIFA 14 itself. Not only is the world's global connectivity and card design their dream team , they can even trade and investment sales team .
However , little is known , there is a secret Dier Ka connected to the player's card. European players revealed that it was first discovered in 2012 FIFA Liverpool's Jose Enrique and black Cartier secret. This particular form of cards to improve statistical data due reward him . This card has a price of 10 million coins.
These findings seem to hide the rarest items in FIFA 14 , this is definitely the mysterious discovery of how these cards into the game. However , as time progressed , more and more light will certainly fall.