Seeking aid for my research paper, predominantly concerning the OWS movement

This is a discussion on Seeking aid for my research paper, predominantly concerning the OWS movement within the Entertainment board part of the General category; TL;DR I am, to be extremely brief, looking for ways in which the OWS movement affected, in the long term, ...

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    Seeking aid for my research paper, predominantly concerning the OWS movement

    TL;DR I am, to be extremely brief, looking for ways in which the OWS movement affected, in the long term, the US government and even global political economy, corporations (particularly banks, health insurance, education), or really just the vast spread of greed and corruption in the present and feasible future. I am looking for evidence, whether personal, abstract or citable, about how, why and where the advent of the Arab Spring, then OWS movement, as online civil society movements, are causing issue in the function of the fundamental socio-economic system. I am planning to receive a 95%+ grade on this essay, so any beneficial information will receive full rep from me, as every little bit counts at this point.

    Hey guys, was thinking I'd be more active but then I got hit with a diverse range of bullshit, and am now reaching the end of my uni semester. I am, in essence, currently doing a research paper on the Occupy Wall St. movement, and plan to reach a final page count of 30-45. It is due in 5 days, and I would not be suprised that this forum might have interesting input concerning the event itself, and more importantly it's all-encompassing consequences. At the moment, it is titled 'Ignorance and the Internet'. I will now follow through with a summary of the essay as of yet, then an abstract (TL;DR if you will) then what I'm looking to work on, and also where I feel like you guys could help me out (indirectly of course, this will only be used as research). This is my fourth draft, and is at 3,000 words; the first two pages are attached. I will not provide a public copy, but please feel free to PM me if you'd like to take a look at it; I will be working on it all night because I got way too drunk all weekend and need to fix my sleep schedule/start stuff early.

    'Brief' Summary

    My paper is really an expansive, and up until now rather subjective, analysis of discourse (the way things are presented to society) in conventional and social media surrounding the Occupy Wall St movement. I begin with an introduction then promptly follow through of an analysis of how the Arab Spring harnessed social media (mostly twitter & youtube) as a catalyst for revolutions of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen (including Syria in the present), and how it was very unique in causation (causes and consequences) of the aforementioned uprisings. Even though social media was used by third-world insurgents, the interest in applying this idea to modern & democratic setting soon fell through with a magazine declaring that people should simply occupy Wall St in protest of, well, inequality, government corruption, corporate greed and dangerous size and hence privatization. (I will attach the 2-page intro so you can understand what OWS is about). It quickly gained interest, and around 1,000 people attended the first day. Conventional American media, at first, did not report for the first 6 or so days then, reluctantly began to, in a no doubt negative light (no doubt heavily influenced by the corporate sponsors they rely so much upon). Media analysis shows blatant manipulation and dismissal of coverage, and yet the movement lasted a month, and we have no idea how far it's overall result of society had. And a month later, all the media coverage was profoundly good. The negative media caused people seen as more genuine/legitimate by society to be further angered by the (in a half-assed manner, somewhat righteous) representation of people who had been affected by the causes they claimed to be attending the protest for. This is basically because this was the first cause the Internet brought about and then closely followed that was actually legitimate, and become more legitimate as it gained popularity. It lent voice and immeasurable potential power to the Internet, and now I come to you all for aid and suggestion and contribution to how I can further my essay.

    As you can see, my essay does not really concern the OWS protest, but rather the overall projection and reality of it as a "movement" up til now. I have insofar reached up until the summarized point I find myself slightly above, but my plans are well into the future. It is really the hypothesis/establishment of a theory concerning the future of civil society based around the Internet is caused a drastic paradigm change in how the "system" is working, with a focus on the presence and ethics of mainstream and social media, and how corporations and the functional ability of the US govt (particularly in Congress). These factors must all be taken into question, and I already have two key sources. One is a 60-page internal employee magazine for Deutsche Bank which mostly concerns the advent of the unique movement that is OWS. Here is the start of the foreword from the DB CEO Ackermann: Gyazo - 9e76ffa30a0437c43137ea3645f5d68d.png. I also have this article, which I've done little to no research on: The U.S. Navy Just Announced The End Of Big Oil And No One Noticed -.

    I have spent much of this paper remaining within subjective bounds, and now I must try and get accurate (but not 'precise') in my far-fetched claims by providing substantial evidence that the paradigm shift is in existence, what it could possibly entail, what companies have been doing about it (I have a lot of info in that DB magazine but its all in banker-speak), what they should maybe be doing instead, etc. Where have the aspects and facets of this 'theory', to your knowledge, popped up in media or, realistically, any form of source that can be cited. Personal experiences not backed up with solid proof are also more than welcome, but I will have to most likely have to acquire proof of your 'legitimacy', whatever that might entail. Really, if you have anything that you think might be relevant/interesting/worthy of mention in my essay, it would be most appreciated if you were to share it.

    Abstract (from a week or so ago)

    This paper is a hypothesis of sorts, based upon analysis of both conventional & Internet social media, then followed predominantly by corporations, banks and the U.S government. It is essentially a study of “Ignorance and the Internet”, in that heavy neglect was placed upon the Internet’s unique potential. Although my paper is structured around the OWSM, it is not on the actual protests: I try to base my source dissection in the methods used on historical extracts; to create a personal ‘portrayal’ of the course of the OWSM, it’s input in the costs of an interdependency crisis between conventional media and corporate sponsors, which eventually led to it’s spiral into a surreal vicious circle; escape possible only through fundamental change. I believe this is a result of an objectively immeasurable (and currently rather inconceivable) paradigm shift in the law of our social system, and all that surrounds it... and we have no real idea of what’s to come next.
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