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    Talking The Alex Movie

    Hey people

    Ok,first read the story before you watch movie otherwise you will think its not as good as it should be.

    A few years ago my friend Theo decided to make a movie called "Pirates of the 21st century",with me as main actor.
    In this Movie we put so many crazy stuff (a bit like jackass,except here its a movie) that it got banned and censored fro youtube abd goodle videos.
    Of course,he has the movie saved on his pc and we will release it again soon.

    But in the meanwhile he decided to make a cheap version of it with some lame crap that I did 2 years ago.So I decided to share it with you anyway.

    Video :

    Comments from Pirates of the 21st Centruty

    Quote :
    omg i laughed my self dead...
    Ok im starting...
    Talking about Alex part
    Alex should in ApePlanet 2
    Cos he can play ape so freaking funny
    Ok ok...ALex can send his CV to Jackass 3 too

    Now when we are talking about Theo...
    He should try to be a police officer
    Anyway when u were "destroying the school" and throwing the cars ...didn't people call you police ?

    By the way nice "eating habits"

    I loved the music which was on background...

    Lol the teacher "Mrs Crison" did so funny moves...
    Lol very nice video

    Keep those videos comeing...i wouldn't have to watch anymore stupid movies then

    next time when ur running don't shake the camera so much
    Didnt u get expelled from school ?

    When i saw the movie, i thought. Omfg, is that Milamber. He looks like a gangster.

    Didnt thought gangsters played Muonline ^^

    But anyway. Its one of the funniest movies. I laughed all way through it.

    Yeh i though that U are alex and ur friend the other
    Alex seemd like u

    Il be waiting for the Jackass4 from u _

    Cant wait to see it already


    I love this.... its always like this at school! so we never get bored and thats only two of the group imagine the rest

    anyways Milamber is the madest of all lol

    u better public the next one fast

    I really like this "show" watched it for like 23 times Cuz u guys are doing so uhm lame ?

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