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    Half-Life 2 Guide

    Table of Content:
    I. Basics
    II. Weapons
    III. Enemies
    IV. Walkthrough
    V. Secrets

    1. Basics
    The Hazardous Environment Suit
    The trusty HEV has a number of functions that are useful for battling the Combine. Health and energy are displayed on the bottom left corner of the screen. Both of these variables can be restored by picking up the many health packs and power cells scattered throughout the game. When a suit function is used, a meter will also come up showing how much auxiliary power is left. This meter will recharge when the function ceases. The amount of ammo in the equipped weapon appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

    Press "F" to use the flashlight. This function uses auxiliary power, but will recharge quickly. There is also an oxygen meter that appears when swimming. Do not let this meter drop below zero or your health will begin to deplete. When approaching harmful radioactive water, the suit will give off a distinctive Geiger counter sound.

    Press the shift button to use the sprint function. This brings up a meter similar to the oxygen count. Mastering the "sprint jump" is necessary to cross some of the larger gaps in the game, and allows you to reach some interesting areas.

    Use the Environment
    Most items can be picked up using the "E" key, and many more items can be moved with the gravity gun. Try building barricades to ward off enemies and use larger items like barrels as platforms to reach new areas.

    Throwing items can be an effective alternative to using a gun. Heavy items like radiators will crush most enemies in the game with a single hit. Large items can also be used as a shield by holding them in front of you.

    Red barrels will light on fire after two shots, and explode with three. They will also explode on contact when shot with the gravity gun. Don't get too close to the explosion as it causes significant damage. When red barrels are grouped together, they can also set off a chain reaction of explosions that can demolish entire areas.

    Supply crates have been scattered about the land by members of the resistance force. Look for the orange lambda symbol to locate supply dumps. Supply crates are small wooden boxes that have a small yellow sticker on them. There are also large green crates that contain an infinite supply of the ammo depicted in the picture on the front of the box.


    Many of the puzzles in the game employ Half-Life 2's realistic physics. Keep this in mind when trying to raise a bridge or cross a gap. Remember: if it works in real life, it will probably work in Half-Life.

    Most wooden objects can be smashed using the crowbar, explosions, or fire. Once the gravity gun is obtained, the same objects can be crushed by being thrown into walls.

    Keep an eye out for levers, valves, and power outlets. Many of the Combine's gadgets require a power source. If you can remove the source, you can remove the threat.

    Note: The advice in this guide is based on Half-Life 2's default controls.

    2. Weapons
    First Appearance: Level 2
    The trusty crowbar can be used to destroy wooden crates and boarded up doorways. It is especially powerful against headcrabs, scanners, and manhacks. Take out this weapon while traveling through vents. The weapon is almost made obsolete once you obtain the gravity gun.

    9 Millimeter Pistol
    First Appearance: Level 3
    Clip: 18
    Maximum Ammunition: 150
    This is a quick and accurate weapon that inflicts small amounts of damage. In order to get the most out of this pistol you will have to perfect the headshot. On a normal difficulty setting, 9MM ammo is plentiful so feel free to let off bursts of fire.

    First Appearance: Level 3
    Clip: 45
    Maximum Ammunition: 225 bullets, 3 Grenades
    The SMG is a basic sub machine gun. Its secondary fire is a grenade launcher that does huge amounts of damage and should be saved for either large groups of enemies, or large enemies. (Antlion Guard) The primary fire will let loose a large amount of ammo in one clip, but it does minimal amounts of damage if the shots are not aimed at the head.

    First Appearance: Level 3
    Maximum Ammunition: 5
    Grenades are explosive devices that are useful for flushing enemies out from behind cover or turrets. The primary fire will throw a grenade through the air and the secondary fire will roll it on the ground. When combating grenades, use the gravity gun to suck them up and throw them back at the enemy before they explode.

    .357 Magnum
    First Appearance: Level 4
    Chamber: Level 6
    Maximum Ammunition: 12
    The Magnum is a cannon of a handgun. A headshot with this weapon is sure to kill any combine officer. Unfortunately, it has a lengthy reload animation and ammo is scarce. This is a great last resort weapon to take out when you absolutely have to kill the next thing that attacks.

    First Appearance: Level 6: Ravenholm
    Chamber: 6
    Maximum Ammunition: 30
    The shotgun becomes the close range weapon of choice once it is obtained. The secondary fire uses two shells and inflicts twice the damage on a target. Switch to this weapon when you want to get up close and personal. It will also guarantee a kill with a direct hit to any headcrab.

    Pulse Rifle
    First Appearance: 7
    Clip: 30
    Maximum Ammunition: 60
    The pulse rifle inflicts more damage than the SMG with almost the same rate of fire. It can be used in short bursts for accurate shots at large groups of officers. The secondary fire is an energy orb that ricochets off of walls and can kill multiple enemies in the time that it bounces around the environment. This is one of the best weapons, but there is limited ammo so use it carefully.

    Gravity Gun
    First Appearance: Level 5: Black Mesa East
    This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Here are just a few techniques for beating down your with this tool. Be creative with the environment, almost anything can be used as a weapon in this game.

    • Use the gun to launch grenades back at combine officers. Quickly suck them up with secondary fire and use primary fire to send them flying.
    • Create barricades with barrels and other objects. If you pile enough objects, enemies won't be able to access certain areas.
    • Hold a manhack with the gun and use it as a melee weapon against combine troops.
    • Launch exploding barrels at enemies for an explosive attack.

    Organic Gravity Gun
    First Appearance: Level 13
    Eventually the gravity gun is modified to work on organic material. This makes it effective against combine soldiers. Use them in the same way you would use barrels or crates. The Combine make for great shields and missiles.

    First Appearance: Level 7
    Chamber: 1
    Maximum Ammunition: 10
    This crossbow fires red hot bolts that will instantly kill enemies who are hit anywhere on their body. The secondary fire is a zooming scope that allows you to snipe out unsuspecting enemies from a distance. Aim slightly higher than necessary when shooting over a long distance, the bolt will fall slightly due to gravity.

    First Appearance: Level 7
    Chamber: 1
    Maximum Ammunition: 3
    This weapon is mainly used against Combine Gunships. Because you can only carry three grenades at a time, it is wise to locate an infinite ammo crate before engaging one of the gunships in battle. The primary fire will launch the rocket, and the secondary fire guides the missile using a laser site. Because the target can be designated after firing, feel free to shoot a missile straight up in the air and then guide it to its final destination.

    First Appearance: Level 8
    This "weapon" is obtained after taking down the Antlion Guard. The pods make you immune to Antlion attack and allow you to control their movement and behavior. Primary fire throws a pod that will explode and create a cloud of pheromones. Antlions will then swarm this area and attack anyone within range. The secondary attack squeezes the pod and brings antlions to your side.

    3. Enemies
    First seen in chapter one, scanners are metallic orbs that float around the city observing its citizens. When a scanner gets in your face it will blind you with a white flash. These annoyances do not inflict any damage and can be taken town easily with a crowbar or a few shots from a pistol.

    Combine Metro Police
    These Combine officers are waiting as you step off of the train into City 17. At first they will carry a truncheon and give you a nudge if you step out of line. Later, they attack with pistols and SMG fire. When combating these troops, always shoot for the head.

    Automated attack machines that first appear in the canals. The Combine Police will throw these machines into the air and they will incessantly pursue you. Their blades tear apart wooden structures and human flesh. It takes two crowbar attacks to bring down a manhack. Once you obtain the gravity gun, you can suck in a Manhack and use it as a melee weapon against troops or fire it into a wall to destroy it.

    These parasites will hop at your head with the intention of converting you to a soulless zombie. The crowbar is the most effect weapon against these weak creatures. Later in the game, they can be crushed with objects tossed by the gravity gun. Headcrabs hang out in vents, sewer areas, and are launched in rockets by the combine.

    Barnacles first appear in the canals. They are globs of goo that hang from ceilings and wait for unsuspecting people to walk underneath. Their long tongues grab you around the neck and drag you up towards their mouth. Barnacles can be killed with a couple of shots, or distracted by being fed an inanimate object. A flaming barrel is good for clearing out barnacles that are grouped together. Remember, damage is only inflicted when you reach a barnacle's mouth, and in some areas the tongue can be used as a makeshift elevator.

    Zombies are humans that have been attacked by headcrabs and are now walking corpses. Like the Combine, its best to shoot these enemies in the head. Attacks to the body will put down the human section of the beast, but the headcrab will still be ready to switch hosts. When approaching a headcrab controlled zombe, get up close with the shot gun to take them out quickly. Look out for objects in a zombie's path, they will smack barrels and boxes out in front of them.

    Poison Headcrabs
    These pests appear in the cursed town of Ravenholm. They resemble normal headcrabs but are skinnier and move slightly faster. When bitten, your health will drop to one and you will become vulnerable to the slightest bit of damage from other enemies. Your suit will then provide an antidote to the poison and your health will slowly rise back to its normal level. These headcrabs can also be found riding on top of a single poison zombie. Try to attack them when they are grouped together.

    Fast Zombies
    These skeletal enemies move incredibly quickly and pop up from dark corners. They are agile, can scale buildings, and sport a jumping attack that can be landed from a distance. The shotgun is the premiere way to attack these horrors. That, or a flaming barrel to the face.

    Combine Soldier and Prison Guards
    These troopers are more intelligent and better armed than the Combine officers first seen in City 17. They wield the shotgun, SMG, Pulse Rifle, and grenades. These enemies also have a melee attack that they use against obstacles and your skull. Advanced combat tactics are needed to deal with groups of soldiers. As usual, aim for the head, especially with the pulse rifle. A well placed grenade can be used to take down groups of soldiers. Use the gravity gun to pile up barricades or launch heavy objects at them.

    Large, insect like creatures that burrow in the sand. Vibrations from something as slight as walking can bring them to the surface. These enemies are very quick and are capable of flying onto ledges more than two stories high. Large pillars, known as thumpers can be found on the beaches near highway 17. When activated, they drive the Antlions away from the immediate area. Attacks from the pulse rifle will quickly kill these beasts, however they will continuously spawn from the sand so its pointless to try to kill them all.

    Before the assault on Nova Prospekt, you will gain the ability to control the Antlions through the use of pherapods. This is covered in the weapons section of the guide.

    Antlion Guard
    A larger version of the sand dwelling animal, this huge creature attacks with a charging head-but. In order to take them down you will need to rely on heavier artillery. The SMG shells or RPG rockets work well. You can also brain the creatures with heavy objects like a radiator or metallic table. When attacked, circle strafe and jump to avoid their charges.

    Roller Mine
    These machines are placed around highway 17. They react to movement, roll towards you, and inflict electrical damage. The mines also attach to the sides of the buggy. Use the gravity gun to blast them into the ocean where they will short out.
    Combine Elite
    The toughest version of Combine troops are clad in white and take more damage than police or soldiers. They carry pulse rifles and will use the plasma orb secondary attack without hesitation. This orb is not only damaging, it also knocks you back a few feet. Take down the elite as quickly as possible.

    The motorized ground vehicles used by the combine has a mounted machine gun and fires rockets that home in on your position. Fortunately, when you first encounter these vehicles you are equipped with the limitless supply of ammo on the front of the air boat.

    Automatic Turrets
    Auto turrets are preprogrammed machine guns mounted on tripods that react to movement. Their fire is deadly, but they are not very stable and can be knocked over with a medium sized object, the gravity gun, or a grenade. Once the turret falls, it will spray bullets wildly and then shut down.

    In Nova Prospect, Alyx will reprogram some auto turrets to attack the Combine. They can then be placed at strategic locations to cut down waves of enemy guards. You can also hold the turret with the gravity gun and use it as a machine gun with infinite ammo.

    Ground Turrets
    This automated defense systems appear as small vents in the ground. However, once you set off the laser trip wires that surround them they will rise from the ground and spray machine gun fire in the direction of movement. The only way to destroy a ground turret is to activate it and then toss a grenade into the hole under it. The secondary attack with a grenade works well.

    Hopper Mines
    These weapons will activate when you approach them, then hop towards the target and explode. Red hoppers have been set by the Combine and are dangerous. Green hoppers have been set by the resistance and can be ignored or moved. To reset an enemy mine, suck it up with the gravity gun and it will turn blue and then green. When fired forward with the gravity gun, hoppers will explode like a grenade.

    These Combine attack craft can only be taken down with the RPG. There is a machine gun attached to the nose of the craft that will shoot down direct shots. Shoot the rockets away from the ships, and then guide them in with the laser site. Five hits from the RPG (on normal difficulty) will take the ship down. If you see a gunship and you are without RPG ammo, find cover or run away.

    This massive enemy easily controls the city streets. Each leg is razor sharp and will kill anything it lands on. There is also a machine gun mounted on its nose that locks in on, and follows targets. The most devastating attack from the striders is a white laser that will quickly kill whatever it touches. The methods for bringing down a strider are the same as those used on the Gunship. However, pulse rifle secondary attacks, and SMG shells will do small amounts of damage to the enemy.

    4. Walkthrough
    Point Insertion
    After an introduction by the G-Man you appear on a train entering the station at city 17. When the train stops, exit into the station and make a left to pass through the gates. This is a good area to get a feel for moving around and handling objects. Try picking up some trash by pressing "E" and throwing it using the mouse. The guards here can be taunted, but will retaliate with a swat from their nightsticks. Approach other citizens and they will make small talk.

    Make another left after going through the turnstile and enter a waiting area with train schedules on the wall. Continue through the security checkpoint behind the chain link fence. Here, a Combine officer will slam a gate in front of you and direct you into a room marked "security". Follow the officer down the hall and you will be led into an interrogation room.

    The officer removes his mask and it turns out to be Barney Calhoun from Black Mesa. Barney contacts Dr. Kleiner on the video screen and they decide that you should meet up with Alex. There is a knock on the door and Barney will usher you through a door to the left of the video screen. Climb the ladder in this room, then pick up one of the wooden crates and move it under the window on the left. Jump onto the crate, and out the window.

    In this alleyway, notice that the cinderblocks, bottles, and barrel can be lifted and moved. Exit through the only door and walk up the metal stairs into another section of the train station. There is a combine officer blocking the next area. He will knock a can on to the ground and tell you to pick it up. Pick up the can using the "E" key and place it in the trash. The officer will now allow you to pass.

    Walk through the large room where citizens are being issued some food and take a left under the view screen where Wallace Breen is giving his speech on instinct. In the smaller hall, go through the double door on the right and exit into the center of City 17. There is another speech being broadcast in the center of the courtyard about the suppression of mankind and their current ban from breeding. Other sections of the city are blocked off, so make a right once exiting the train station and walk down an alley.

    Your destination is a smaller alley on the right, marked by a blue milk crate and overgrown with plants. Climb the ladder up to the fire escape in this alley, and walk to the right to hop over the fence. To your left there are a couple of citizens being detained by the combine. Walk to the right to enter the playground. Have fun playing on the equipment, it all functions realistically. Walk through the open door behind the slide to enter the next area.

    Open the door at the end of the hall to enter the ground floor of an apartment building. The only open pathway leads up the stairs to the second floor where some combine officers are raiding a room. Walk down that hallway, or take a detour through the apartment on the right. At the end of the hall, you will be forced to go up another flight of stairs and at the top, a man will tell you to enter his apartment. The combine raid on the building is becoming more heated and you must escape to the rooftop. Keep moving through the apartment until a man sneaks you into a small room that leads to another staircase up to the roof.

    As you leave the building, the Combine will begin firing on you, so forget the view and keep moving. Run up the wooden ramp to the next building and take a left. There is a small ledge behind some cans that you can use to shimmy around the next building while officers shoot at you from the street. Continue along the ledge until you reach a set of two open windows. Hope through these and crash down a set of wooden stairs on the far side of the room. At the base, you will be overwhelmed by combine until Alyx comes to your rescue.

    A Red Letter Day
    Follow Alyx into the elevator and she will lead you down a concrete hall to a secret passage marked with the orange Lambda. Look out for these markings throughout the game, they indicate the existence of hidden items nearby. In the Lab, Dr. Kleiner is waiting to greet you. Barney also enters the lab and you are given the Mark V Hazardous Environment Suit. You now have a heads up display indication the suits charge power and the level of your health. Charge the suit at the other end of the lab across from the bubbling vats.

    There are a number of interesting items in the lab. On the monitor just outside of the room with the Hazardous Environment Suit, you can press "E" to change which camera feed appear on the screen. On one of the settings, the G-Man appears waiting outside of a gate. To the left of the entrance to the lab there is a small teleport machine that can be used to zap a plant back and forth between pedestals. There are also numerous items to be read and looked at on the walls. Notice that Wallace Breen has been scratched out of the photo of scientists from Black Mesa.

    Step into the teleport room and watch as Alyx is transferred to her father's lab. You will have to help by picking up the plug and placing it back into the socket. Throw the red switch to complete the process. When it is your turn to make the journey, things do not go as smoothly. The Dr.'s head crab jumps into the teleportor and some unknown interference transfers you to a number of places including Wallace Breen's office. You finally appear outside of the lab in an area filled with electrical conductors. Hop down to the ground and walk behind the conductors to find a staircase.

    Barney calls to you from above and states that you are going to have to escape City 17 through the canals. He then tosses you the trusty crowbar. Walk straight ahead and use the crowbar to break through the pieces of wood blocking the next doorway.

    You now enter the train yard. This is a maze of boxcars, and the goal is a hallway on the other side of the tracks. You will have stay out of the open however, because combine officers will be firing at you. When you drop down into the train yard, make a left and hope into a boxcar filled with crates. Smash through them with the crowbar, hop through the car and make a quick right. A train will be coming behind you, so scurry around the next car and turn back to the left and enter another boxcar. This car has a ladder in it that leads to the top of the car. Climb the ladder, turn left and jump to the next car and then jump over the fence.

    Quickly head in to the alleyway and walk towards the danger sign. There is a dark stairway leading down to the left of the sign. Press "F" to turn on your flashlight and walk down the stairs. In the hall at the bottom of the steps there is a heath station, press "E" to fill up and take a left down the next hall. Here there are two citizens being attacked by two combine troops. Charge them with the crowbar and take them out. You now receive your first projectile weapon, the pistol. Break through the boarded up doorway and walk up the steps. Equip the pistol and shoot the armed combine officer who will walk toward you down the stairs.

    There is another officer as you turn to the right, and walk back up to ground level. Notice the red barrels that surround you. These will light on fire when shot twice, and then explode destroying everything around them. Three shots can be used to detonate the barrels immediately. Take a left at the top of the steps and walk through the opening in the fence to the train tracks. Wait for the train to come, then hop on top of it and use it as a bridge to the ladder on the other side of the tracks.

    Once on the other side, smash through the boarded up door to enter a room with exposed floorboards. You can find ammo and health in between the boards. Then go through the door into another room with two red barrels. There will be officers firing from the other side of the train, so take cover. Move the barrels by blowing them up, and you will be outside. There is a crate on the ground that can be smashed with the crowbar to reveal ammo. Two officers are up on the ledge to your right, shoot the red barrels next to them for a Combine cookout. Walk around the house, and jump over the bent section of fence. Then take a right, and use crouch down to crawl into a small vent shaft.

    There is a crate in the vent shaft that contains both health and power cells. Exit the vent and walk to the right. Jump down onto the tracks and a few things will happen. A train is coming from behind you, and officers are up ahead. They will throw an exploding barrel down the stairs at you, but you can detonate it before they push it to cause them damage. Then take a right up the steps to avoid the train and shoot remaining officers. There is a health station at the top of the stairs. The two officers that come around the corner can be killed using the barrels.

    Walk down the hall until you reach a metal catwalk above the tracks. Equip your crowbar to bash through the crates in your way. When you reach the other side there will be two officers that attack from behind you. Then there will be a group of three officers that attack from the right and the left on the tracks. Take them out before jumping down as you will have the advantage of cover. Across from the ledge, there is a small alcove where you can smash crates for ammo and energy. There is also a health station on the wall. Walk out of the tunnel and jump down into the canal.

    Part 2

    Swim down the canal until you reach a large red object with a ladder on the left side. Climb up the object and drop down into the opening on top. Two members of the resistance are inside where your suit will be recharged. Notice the G-man on the television screen. Leave the trailer and smash through the boards in your way. Around the next pile of garbage is the first encounter with a barnacle. These balls of goo stick to the ceiling and drop down a sticky line. This line attaches to anything that touches it and drags it up to the mouth of the barnacle. These enemies can be killed with about six or seven pistol shots. An easier way to get by them is to throw some garbage into the line and let them munch on that, instead of your skull.

    At the end of this tunnel there are some resistance fighters being shot down. The best route is to make a right into the open area and hug the wall. Enter the pipe that the resistance fighter beckoned you from before he was shot. Kill the two officers ahead and walk down the pipe into a small room that contains a

    Go up the ladder straight ahead. At the top there are two officers; one of them is manning a gun turret. Sneak to the left and blow up the red barrel behind them to take them out. Then use the action button to man the turret. A slew of officers will appear in front of you and to the side. Shoot the barrels on top of the bridge and on the street to take them out. Also, be sure to shoot the wooden platform on the right so that if falls and creates a path down the canal. After all of officers are taken down, get away from the turret to avoid some missiles will be fired at you from an APC. Run down the right side of the canal into another tunnel.

    At the end of the tunnel take a left and a resistance fighter will lead you down the next section of the canal. At the end of this tube, stick to the left wall and jump up to the next pathway which leads to a square room filled with water. This appears to be a dead end. Jump into the water and smash the crates for healing items, then Combine officers will drop exploding barrels into the water from above. Dive under the water to avoid damage and the barrels will blow open the previously barred path. Swim towards the opening and you will climb into the next tube.

    At end of the next tube there will be two officers that hop down into the canal. Take them out, and walk ahead. There is a rickety wooden bridge ahead, that will soon be overrun with officers. Shoot the barrels at the base of the bridge to bring the whole structure down, taking the Combine with it. After the bridge an officer will come from the right and the left, so be ready for them. Then climb the mound of dirt and move the barrel blocking the small entrance to the next area.

    The next tunnel is filled with slick mud and barnacles. Be sure to grab barrels and toss them at the barnacles ahead. Around the corner, there are some red barrel, light one on fire and roll it down the pathway at the large group of barnacles ahead. The explosion will cause the lot of them to retreat to the ceiling. Around the corner there is a dead body and some health.

    Jump across the wooden platforms in a horseshoe pattern and enter the next pipe. In this dark room there is a wooden plank positioned on top of a concrete tube. Pick up the cinder blocks and place them on the high side of the plank to act as a counter balance. Then use the wood as a ramp to the next area.

    This open area curves around to the left. As you slide down into the lower area, quickly jump up to the left to reach a ledge as a helicopter fires at you. Walk across the wooden planks to the blue door. Pick up the barrels that block the door to gain access to an alley. Take cover under the roof. There is a barnacle on the left ledge which blocks some health.

    Behind the blue door there is a skinny hall. Look down to see a Lambda. Take a right down the ladder to obtain health packs and some ammo. Take a left and then a right into the tunnels. Here there are some exploding barrels that should be lit and thrown down the slippery ramp where there are barnacles waiting at the bottom. Zig-zag back up the ramp and do the same thing at the next slipper ramp with another red barrel. After this section there is a door leading outside. Take a left and run down the hall into the hall on the left before the helicopter fires on you again. You will see a resistance poster on the wall as you walk down the next hall.

    Hack your way through the crates to a resistance fighter's hide out. He warns you that manhacks will soon be attacking, which they do as he talks so you. Smack these slicing bots down with your crow bar. There are supplies on the platforms in this area, so stack crates to get to them. Down the next two halls, there are two more groups of three manhacks. After the second group, go down the hall to the second arched entrance to find some ammo and health in a small room. Then walk outside and bash through the crates to another door. Turn around to intercept the swarm of manhacks that come in behind you.

    Drop down to the tunnels and some officers will appear ahead of you. The officer that comes down from the rope is holding an SMG. Shoot the barrels to cause explosions. In the area where the officer dropped from the ceiling, turn around and crawl into the vent on the ground to find some health and ammo. Be prepared for a zombie that appears at the end of the tunnel. When you turn around to exit the tunnel, another officer will drop from the ceiling.

    Walk down the hall and turn the corner to find an area filled with water and a spinning set of fences under the surface. There is an under water tunnel on the bottom of the left side. Don't go under until you are on the far side and the spinning fence makes it accessible. Then, swim through the tunnel until you reach an opening where you can pop up and grab some air. Continue ahead and there is a large pipe leading outside.

    In the stairway to the left, watch out for the barnacle and the two officers that appear at the opening of the tunnel. In front of the barnacle there is a box containing health and ammo. At the opening there will be two more officers as well as a manhack. Go outside to climb on top of the red pipe and then double back over the steaming vents. Wait for breaks in the steam bursts before you cross. Then jump to the right, to avoid the barnacles. There are some barrels here that can be used to distract them as you jump by. There is also health and ammo on the ledge in between the steam bursts.

    Crawl through the shaft until you drop into a room filled with red barrels. Destroy the manhacks that flood the room, but be careful if you decide to go with a pistol, the resulting explosions can be deadly. In the corner of the room you can climb up a stone incline to reach some health. Climb the ladder in the center of the room to reach a silver pipe that leads to the second level. You now enter a vertical room with a long ladder and a large number of pipes. At the bottom of the ladder is a supply crate containing full health. The goal of this area is to reach the valve on the red pipe that raises the water level. Climb to the top of the ladder and drop down onto the white pipes to get there.

    As the water rises, return to the room filled with exploding barrels and go down to the bottom level using the hole where the ladder is located. Jump into the water to avoid the manhacks. Swim through the red-lit pipe on the bottom level to reach a small room with a ladder. In order to cross the gap, you will need to swim to the bottom of the room and break the wooden planks with your crowbar. This will release some large wooden spools that act as a bridge to the other side.

    Once you exit this room you will drop into a narrow tunnel. Officers will approach from one side and a manhack will come from the other. Walk towards the manhack and take it out, then deal with the officers. A flow of manhacks will continue to appear as you jump up onto the ledge where the officers were standing. Grab the contents of the supply crate and enter the dark hallway. There's a door to the left and a dark room ahead. Beware of the barnacle in the dark room and grab the health and ammo.

    In the lit entrance, climb up the ladder and grab the supplies at the top. Notice the lambda on the wall. Make your way across the planks and avoid falling down to find another lambda and some ammo. Drop down and walk out of the tunnel into an open area. The crackle emanating from your suit indicates that nearby water is radioactive and will inflict damage. Jump onto the rusty pipes and walk to the left to find another supply dump. Then drop down and meet a citizen who has an infinite stock of SMG ammo as well as some health and power cells.

    As you leave the supply area, some citizens ahead will be killed by shells containing head crabs. These creatures will burrow into the ground and then pop up when you approach. Advance slowly and prepare to blast them when they appear. A man is attacked by one of the creatures behind a fence; put him out of his misery. Up ahead there are two zombies who are controlled by the crabs. Do not let them get near you, and watch out for the barrels they hurl. As you navigate the area, stay away from electricity and the metal surfaces surrounding it. Also, stay away from the radioactive water. After the dangling power line, a zombie will attack from the left. There is also a supply crate in the corner. Walk through the storage car without touching the walls, and smash the crates on the floor. Be prepared for a shell to land at the exit and take care of the crabs that come out of it. Just because you have a pistol, don't forget how powerful the crowbar can be against crabs and manhacks.

    After the storage car, you will encounter another zombie that rises from the muck, and another shell will drop from the sky. Use the flaming barrel to your advantage against these creatures. Then, walk on the wooden planks across the water to find the airboat. Hop into the boat and take off across the pond until you reach a dead end. You will need to exit the boat at the concrete block and open the gate ahead of you. Look out for headcrabs while doing this, and grab the supply crate next to the crank.

    Part 3

    Get back into the air boat and take off into the canal. Look to the right for a lambda symbol and a ladder. Climb up the ladder to find some ammo. Smash through the wooden planks blocking the exit and head towards the lambda symbol on the large building to your left. The G-Man is standing on top of the docks as you approach. Enter the building and face two approaching zombies. Look out for the barrels they toss at you. Climb the ladder at the back of the building and make your way across the planks on ceiling. Knock the crate out of the way, and look out for a headcrab that drops from the roof. Then, go up another ladder and remove the barrel blocking the gear and supplies and ammo will drop into the river below. Retrieve the supplies and get back into the boat.

    Continue up the river until you reach a ramp. Jump into the next area and take a right. A citizen will drop some supplies off the bridge ahead, so exit the boat and obtain it. Then, enter the pipe next to the lambda symbol and follow it to the blue containers. The object of this area is to swim under the bridge with the blue containers and let them loose in the cage underneath. This will raise the bridge enough for you to jump the gap with the airboat.

    In the next area, you will rush down the canal and meet up with some Combine officers. You can smash through them with the boat, then exit the boat and look at the lambda symbol on the wall next to the pipes. Use the nearby barrel to jump into the pipe and swim under the water into an opening. Take down the zombie and grab the supplies up ahead. Get back into the boat and continue down river. There are a series of jumps on the left, and some Combine officers on the right. Smash through the legs of the platform they are standing on to take them out, then jump into the next area.

    Go through the left passage to avoid the barnacles and then go around the bend to the right. Ahead there is a Combine officer shooting at you from the bridge. Once again, drive through the support beams holding up the platform he stands on. Take a right and get out of the boat at the steps to your right. There is a ladder that leads up to a door.

    Enter the room to find some supplies on the shelf and a message being broadcast about your deviant activities. Enter the next room to find a torture chamber containing all sorts of ammo including the SMG and grenades. The room next to this one contains supply crates with power cells, and there is an infinite crate of grenades available before you turn the corner. When you enter the area with the Combine patrol vehicles, be prepared to face two Combine officers and a swarm of manhacks. Take these out, along with the cop in the next room and use the health station if you need it. There is also a grenade crate before you exit the room.

    When you open the door to the outside, you will be sprayed by a turret across the way. Toss a grenade behind the barricade to take out this officer. Run across the outdoor path and enter the next door. There are a few officers waiting for you inside, take them down from the top of the steps, then enter the room and use the health station. On the left side of this room there is a staircase to a balcony where the switch resides to open the gate to the canal. The switch is broken, so blast the red barrels to your right and a steel beam will create an opening for you. This also sets off an alarm. Go back into the room and climb the steps. When you open the door, dash to the turret and spray down the officers waiting for you outside.

    The room with the Combine vehicles is also filled with officers, and the turret near the torture chamber is now manned. Use a grenade to get rid of this hazard. There are a number of officers waiting for you in the room next to the turret, so use another grenade through the busted window to clear this area. Then return to the airboat and continue down stream. There are some floating supply crates containing health just past the newly opened gate.

    The next area is filled with hazards and officers firing at you from above. The best plan of action is to ignore the officers and swerve to dodge the missiles launched by the APC's. When officers repel down bridges to block your path, ram through them and continue on. When the second APC attacks you with rockets, there is a structure ahead with a lambda symbol that yields some supplies. If you choose to enter this crevice, be prepared for a head crab and two ambushing officers.

    Up ahead, the Combine will light the river on fire to stop you. Veer to the right and take a jump off the embankment to avoid this. Then smash your way into the tunnel while avoiding the cars that are through down into the canal. In the tunnel things are quiet again, stick to the right to find a lambda symbol. Notice the basket of supplies hanging above it. Take the cinder blocks out of the basket across from it and the items will be within your reach.

    Get back into the boat and drive off the embankment ahead. The Combine will close the gate marked with a 5 ahead, so take a right and drive towards the dock to your left. Here there is a door with a padlock on it that can be knocked off with your crowbar. Enter an office and pick up the .357 Magnum on the desk along with the other supplies. This gun makes short work of the three officers who enter the room as you walk towards the door. Break the supply crate to the left of the door for a power cell.

    When you leave this room, you will head outside and walk up a flight of stairs. At the top, you will be greeted by a Combine officer and an attack helicopter. Kill the officer and walk to the left of the red storage car, in between the car and the wooden crates. Take a right around the corner and take out the officer and the manhack that he releases. Using the sprint button (Shift by default) is very helpful in this scenario. Move quickly, the helicopter is hot on your tail. Duck into open car on the right and turn around to get your bearings. There is a pile of gravel ahead. Run to the right of this pile and walk around some more crates. Up ahead you will see an open storage car with an officer firing from it. Run ahead to this area and enter the car for cover and supplies. Two officers will storm the car from the front, so be prepared.

    Now, go around the red storage car to your left to find an open warehouse. There are two officers directly ahead on the balcony. There will also be a few manhacks floating around. The best course of action is to dash through the open railcar to the corner of the room under the balcony. This will give you cover from above and behind. Slap down the manhacks first, and then fire at the two officers that are coming down the stairs on the other side of the room. Peek out from under the balcony to snipe the officers above and grab the supplies strewn about the warehouse. There are some crates in the red rail car as well as near the steps. When you go up the steps, be prepared for two officers to run in the entrance, and three more to enter from the balcony across from you. A good strategy is to jump back down into the cars for cover.

    When the officers are put down, climb the steps and jump across the rail cars to the next area. The helicopter is still floating outside, so stay away from the windows. In the next hallway, hug the left wall while crouching and use the crowbar to clear a path. On the other side of the wooden crates there will be two officers who run up the steps and one down the hall to your right. At the bottom of the steps there is a health station, an energy station, and a supply crate.

    Back outside, the helicopter is still tormenting you. If you stick to the right wall, there is plenty of cover. If you make two rights when exiting the building there is a crate hidden by some tall stacks of railcars containing health. Stick to the wall on the right and run under the sign that says gate 5 and take a left. There will be an officer ahead guarding a ladder. Head up the ladder and use the secondary fire on the SMG to clear out the room. Stay crouched, and walk over to one of the mounted guns. It is finally time to get some revenge on the attack chopper. Unload on it with the mounted weapon until it flies away, then press the action button at the control panel to open Gate 5. Outside of the tower there is a walkway that leads back to the water and your airboat. Hop in and take off through the gate.

    Once through the gate, the path ahead is blocked, so swing to the right and the attack chopper will be back on your tail. At the bridge ahead, you can exit the boat and run under the left side of the bridge to find a lambda symbol and some supplies. Hop back in the boat and enter a zig-zagging path ahead. Look out for the mines dropped by the chopper. Your best bet is to ride up on the slanted surfaces of this area until you reach the sludge filled tunnel. Speed into the tunnel to avoid the chopper fire from behind.

    At the end of the tunnel take a left and speed down the river. The chopper will be dropping mines in front of your, so be quick to swerve out of the way. At the second sunken ship there is a shortcut over the land to your left. Continue on until you reach the concrete tube. Before entering the tube you may want to explore the area with your boat and run over a couple supply crates to the left and across from the tube. Once inside the tube, keep moving straight and you will run over a couple of crates containing power cells.

    At the end of the tunnel there is a fork to the right and the left. You want the path to the right. Ride up the logs ahead and stick to the left wall. This will reward you with a crate. Continue ahead under the bridges and into a basin with steep walls on both sides. If you come down the wall on the right and speed up to the middle of the left side, there is an alcove with health and power cells. When you exit this basin, run over the crate at the exit and make a left.

    To your immediate left is a dead end that contains supplies including magnum bullets. Look for the lambda symbol near the dark openings in the concrete. At the bridge ahead, go through the boards on the right side to avoid officers and barnacles. Zip in between the barnacles under the second bridge or they will lift you directly off of the boat. After the bridge, stay on the right side to avoid the piles of junk and ride the ramp up to the warehouse above. Take the boat inside the building to avoid chopper fire. There is a health and energy station in the corner for you to use.

    Park the boat on the grating in the warehouse and lower it using the wheel near the health station. Get in the boat and head through the next lock. Two huge smoke stacks loom in the distance and the helicopter blows up the base of one of them. Wait for it to fall, then jump the rounded section of pipe on the left side. Continue ahead while the chopper fires at you and enter another tube.

    At the end of the tube there is a dead end. To your right there is a lever system that can raise a ramp over the wall. You will have to fill the square container next to the chair with heavy items. To do this, walk down the dark tunnels to the left and kill the zombie. There will be a ladder on the wall that takes you above the pulley system where you can push a washing machine into the metal container. Hop back down into the boat and take the jump. Take a left into a tunnel and taxi into a resistance outpost.

    The members of this outpost outfit your air boat with some fire power. This gun has infinite ammo but will stop firing when the ammo counter reaches zero, then you must wait for it to recharge. As you exit the encampment, shoot the barnacles on the ceiling ahead. As you exit the tunnel, spray down the chopper ahead until it retreats. Then take the jumps on the right, and make a right into an area that becomes barricaded. Take out the officers to your left by shooting the barrel they congregated around, then take the boat up the section of fence that acts as a ramp. Plow through the officers on this ledge.

    Up ahead there is an armored vehicle firing rockets. Shoot down the rockets and pump some lead into the vehicle to put it out of commission. Take a right and use the ramp on the left to grab some air and some health from the supply crate. Take a sharp left and be ready for a number of guards above and inside the next tunnel. Be careful not to hit any red barrels if they fall in the water. These will do a huge amount of damage. At the tunnel exit there is a crate containing health and an armored vehicle firing rockets.

    Blast the rockets and the vehicle, but also look out for the officers on the left side, below the bridge. Speed past these obstacles and continue through the tunnel under them. Shoot the barnacles that lie in wait ahead, and keep watch on the walkway above you, the G Man will make an appearance, then exit through a door to your left. Shoot the dropship as it goes by if you want to, it can't be destroyed. At the exit of the tunnel there will be a fork to the right and the left. To the right there is an officer firing at you. Bust a cap in his alien grill and jump out of the craft. A zombie and a number of head crabs appear at the dead end so chuck a grenade to take care of the group of them. Then climb the ladder to the left to find a lambda symbol and some supplies. Return to the boat and take the path on the left.

    Stay to the right, go up the embankment and take the jump into the tunnel where you will have to shoot down three zombies and a barnacle. Jump out of the pipe and go around the corner. Combine officers will attack from the left and the front and push red barrels at the air boat. The will also set the water on fire, so scoot around it to the right. The barrels will continuously fall from above so shoot the ones that get too close, and go around the bend. More officers appear under the bridge, take them down along with the barnacle hanging here.

    Make a right and go though the tunnel, then make another right at the exit. There is a red storage car ahead to the right of the boat. This contains health and power cells. Once you round the bend, there will be two APCs firing rockets at you. Take these out with the boat's gun one at a time. Then drive to the edge of the area where there are two mangled, red storage containers. One of them contains health. The other can be reached by getting out of the boat and walking around the right side. Detonate the red barrels inside to open the container doors and drive the boat through.

    Drive under the dock and go off the jump into the tube on the other side. Once out of this tube, take a left and then a quick right into a dark tunnel. The next area is a large open expanse with rocks jutting out of the ground. Explore to the right to find a supply crate in front of the boat and on the end of the white tube. Also, look inside the white tube for more items. At this point an attack helicopter appears on the horizon. This enemy has two modes of assault. The first is the normal machine gun. Swerve wildly to avoid this fire. The second form of attack consists of the helicopter dropping three rows of mines as it flies across the area. Its best to remain stationary, and fire at the copter as it goes over, then worry about any mines that have landed close to the boat. If you run low on health, there are crates scattered about the area, but look out for the red barrels near the buildings, they will do heavy damage if you run into them.

    Drive to the gate to the left of the water tower and get out of the air boat. Climb the ladder, open the gate and speed on through. Take the boat up the ramp to your right and drive up to the warehouse. Two officers will exit through the door, shoot them down. Inside the warehouse there are two more officers and a huge assortment of health, energy cells, and ammo. Get back in the boat and drive around the side of the ware house. Notice the G-Man in the distance as he walks around the bend. Drive across the rickety bridge and go to the right. Flick the red switch to drop a ladder to the ground, then on foot, walk across the dam to a control station. Here, use the switch on the right to open the damn, return to your boat and take the log jump through the opening.

    Part 4

    Travel towards the lambda on the left, get out of the boat and walk around the warehouse. You will enter an airlock that leads to Eli's lab. Follow the other character's instructions and you will be led down to the bottom floor of the research facility. Check out the newspaper clippings and the picture of Eli's family. Follow Alyx to the scrap yard and obtain the gravity gun.

    Gravity Gun - This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Here are just a few techniques for beating down your with this tool. Be creative with the environment, almost anything can be used as a weapon in this game.

    • Use the gun to launch grenades back at combine officers. Quickly suck them up with secondary fire and use primary fire to send them flying.
    • Create barricades with barrels and other objects. If you pile enough objects, enemies won't be able to access certain areas.
    • Hold a manhack with the gun and use it as a melee weapon against combine troops.
    • Launch exploding barrels at enemies for an explosive attack.

    Your first tutorial with the gun has you stack crates to reach Alyx up on a ledge. Then, follow her to an open area where you will play catch with dog. Toss objects back and forth with him until the Combine attacks the area with missiles. Follow Alyx back to the scrap yard entrance where she will run back to the facility to be with her father. You will be trapped behind some rubble and must follow dog to the entrance to Ravenholm. Use the crowbar to access the ladder next to the corpse.

    At the top of the ladder, turn on the flashlight and follow the path into an open courtyard. Walk towards the pair of legs hanging from a tree and a zombie will appear from inside the building filled with saw blades. Blow up the red barrels and throw the gas canisters to take out the zombies in the next room. As a rule, if you see a whole body on the ground with a head crab attached, expect it to get up. The saw blades make excellent weapons when used with the gravity gun. Walk through room that is strewn with corpses while cutting down the zombies. In the next area, toss a barrel or two at the zombies who walk down the hall.

    Once you are back outside, you will come across a whirling blade machine. You must duck to get past these but they also cut down the enemies. Crawl just far enough to attract the next two zombies and then back up to the machine. They will walk directly into the blades but a head crab may survive so have your gun ready. On the other side of the blade machine is room with a head crab and another blade machine. Duck down, and turn the machine on, then walk to the dark corner of the room and three zombies will advance towards you. Let the machine do its work and continue through the boarded entrance into an alleyway.

    In then next room there are red barrels, a blade machine, and a number of head crabs and zombies. Either chop down or blow up the enemies, but make sure to get the supply crates. Outside of this room you will come across a burning pyre of bodies. A man will appear above the flames with a gun and shoot down the zombies in your path. He promises to help you on your way. Look out for zombies in every corner of this area. Two will break through some boards on right as you go up a ramp. Take them down and grab the health inside the room. There is also a cage with a zombie trapped inside. There is a switch on the cage, and a valve on the gas tank. Turn on the gas and then flip the switch to light the zombie on fire and kill it.

    To the left of the pyre, notice the lambda symbol. Turn off the gas feeding the large fire and enter the doorway behind it. There are a number of zombies in this room, but there are also red barrels to be thrown at them. At the top of the steps, use a barrel as a step to climb onto the large machine and into the vent shaft above it. This will take you to a back alley where you can find a grenade. Return to the room behind the pyre and this time jump on the second machine to reach the upper level. There are hoards of zombies and head crabs in this next area so get your gravity gun ready to hurl large objects at them. The following rooms lead to an electrical switch that will turn off the power to the next area.

    Return to the pyre, shooting down the poison crabs as you go. If you are bitten by a poison crab your health will drop to 1 until your suit can administer neurotoxins. Squish these annoying enemies with large objects. The next alleyway is filled with flames that can be turned off. Advance towards the ladder until you attract three zombies, then back up and turn the flames back on to cook them all. Climb the ladders to the balcony and jump across towards the water tower. Your friend with the rifle will show up across the way, and pick off a head crab behind you. Jump down to the wooden planks below him and walk towards the open window on the other side.

    Before dropping down, take care of the head crabs and the zombie below you. Smash through the planks to the next room and notice the car hanging above you. Press the action button at the lever ahead to drop the car on the approaching zombies. Do the same at the next car but this time hop on the car before it ascends and use it as an elevator. Notice the lambda symbol below you and jump from the car over the fence. This will lead you to a dark room with supplies. Exit the room using the iron beam as a ramp and use the car to get up to the wooden bridge above you.

    Father Gregory will again speak to you from the roof. It turns out he may not be completely right in the head. Continue through the window and blast the head crab through the next door. Father Gregory almost shoots you as you reach the next rooftop. Before jumping down, set off as many of the barrels below as you can to blow up the greeting party on the street. On the ground, look in the dark alleyway across from the burning car to find some items. Climb up the ladder at the right end of the passage and make your way across the steel beams. There is a passage on the left guarded by a headcrab that contains health.

    Now, go back to the window that was on the right and enter a room filled with corpses on tables. A large number of zombies will enter from the stairs below, use the tables to smash them into the ground. At the bottom of the steps grab the items and walk outside for your first encounter with a fast moving zombie. Focus on the head and hit them with some heavy artillery or objects. Enter the building straight ahead and prepare to fight your way up three flights of stairs. There are numerous zombies in this building but there are also supplies and health. Use the radiators as projectile weapons, they are very heavy and effective against the zombies. At the top of the first stairway, make a right to blast the two zombies and get the health. Don't bother going in the other direction, just keep moving up. On the stairs to the attic there are two headcrabs waiting for you.

    On the roof, Father Gregory will throw over a shotgun right before three fast moving zombies attack. Like the Father states, aim for the head. Then, jump into the open water tower across from you, and climb the ladder to the shotgun ammo. Four more fast moving zombies will attack on this ledge. Shoot them in the noggin and enter the room. Here there are crates of ammo and a couple gas tanks. Use these as weapons as the next couple zombies come at you from outside. Hit the elevator switch, and wait for it to arrive.

    When the elevator reaches the bottom, there is some health in the lit room behind it. This is also a good place to get your back against the wall and take on the poisonous head crabs that will attack you from the front. Hop down onto the car and walk across the planks into the area behind the fence. Down the next alley there is a room with a corpse, a headcrab, and some shotgun ammo. As you exit this alley, some red barrels will drop from above. You will need these in a few seconds when a zombie covered in poison head crabs and a few normal zombies attack you.

    This area is crawling with enemies. The best course of action is to use the explosive barrels as projectiles and throw grenades into the large groups of zombies. The Zombies will continuously assault you in this clearing, so make a bee line downhill to a balcony on the right where there is a lever. Run around the back of the building, up the steps and hit the lever to move a platform. Then jump off the balcony and keep going downhill to a grassy area where a poison zombie lies in wait. Take him down with the shotgun and jump up the orange boxes onto a ledge. Jump from the ledge to a ladder and walk along the wooden planks to the red roof where there is a large supply of ammo and health.

    Jump across to the platform you recently moved, then across to the next building. Father Gregory will yell from a window as fast moving zombies attack. When you cross to the open window above where you first entered the courtyard, enter the building quickly because the balcony will collapse as you land on it. In the following hallway there is a seemingly endless chain of zombies. Be sure to have a saw blade handy to cut them down. Also, there is a radiator in the next room that makes an excellent projectile weapon.

    Go up the ladder in the next room and kill the two head crabs. Then, open the door and hop onto the roof where you will meet a fast zombie. Jump across the planks, over the roof ahead and down into the streets below. Take a left at the fire and fight the next two poisonous zombies to get to the metal staircase. Enter the door at the top, and climb the next ladder. This will lead you to the roof which is stocked with supplies. Father Gregory will scream to you from behind a fence and he will start the power up for the transport car.

    Jump across to the platform you recently moved, then across to the next building. Father Gregory will yell from a window as fast moving zombies attack. When you cross to the open window above where you first entered the courtyard, enter the building quickly because the balcony will collapse as you land on it. In the following hallway there is a seemingly endless chain of zombies. Be sure to have a saw blade handy to cut them down. Also, there is a radiator in the next room that makes an excellent projectile weapon.

    Go up the ladder in the next room and kill the two head crabs. Then, open the door and hop onto the roof where you will meet a fast zombie. Jump across the planks, over the roof ahead and down into the streets below. Take a left at the fire and fight the next two poisonous zombies to get to the metal staircase. Enter the door at the top, and climb the next ladder. This will lead you to the roof which is stocked with supplies. Father Gregory will scream to you from behind a fence and he will start the power up for the transport car.

    Notice the tops of the two gutters peaking over the edge of the roof. When one of these starts to shake, it means that a fast moving zombie will be rearing its head in that area. Fight of the groups of zombies until the car is sent over, then hit the lever and you will join the Father on the other side.

    As you follow the father down the path, quick moving zombies will attack. Help him fend them off with the shotgun, the father can only fire two shots before he needs to reload, so don't rely on him too heavily for cover. When you make it to the graveyard there are hoards of zombies waiting for you. In the first area, aim the saw blades at their heads so you don't have to deal with the head crabs after they have been knocked down. In the second area, there are red barrels at your disposal, aim them at large groups for the maximum effect. The father takes a vantage point under a light in an area filled with ammo and red barrels. Light one up on the grass on the other side of the gate to start a fire that will burn the oncoming hoard of zombies.

    Deal with the poison zombie that comes from ahead and the father will open the gates to the mines. Crouch under the gate and continue into the mine while the father fights on.

    The Mines
    Look down the mine shaft and move around to the side closest to the windows. You must hold the back key when entering the hole in order to fall against the pieces of wood on your way down. If you fall correctly, you will be able to jump to a catwalk filled with health. Then, walk along the catwalk to a storage room containing shotgun ammo. Remain on the catwalk and use the gravity gun to position and ignite the red barrels on the ground below you in order to kill all of the crabs before you drop to the ground.

    Run towards the fire behind the fence. Walk up the nearby steps and jump over the fence onto some planks. Shoot the red barrel below to kill the crabs and then drop down onto the health packs. Turn the corner, blowing up another barrel and a crab and you will reach another shaft. Across the way are some items. Use the Gravity gun to bring them closer, then jump down into the water.

    Swim to the next open cavern where there is a barnacle's line dangling in the water. If you ride this up to the top of the cavern you can grab a large amount of supplies with the gravity gun before shooting the barnacle and dropping back down into the hole. Now, swim under the wooden planks making an X and up into a new area.

    There is a mine cart ahead with a spinning blade attached. Start up the blade and the moving cart by pulling the lever. You can avoid the hazard by ducking and sticking to the walls. Lure the zombies out of their hiding places by slowly walking up the tunnel, then let the cart do the killing for you. Soon you will reach the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

    In the rail yard there is a supply crate to your right, and some health to the left next to a dead body. Walk down the tracks to the right and a fast zombie will jump from the top of the green rail cars. There is a supply crate ahead containing a grenade. Notice that the zombies ahead are being taken down by sniper fire from above. Lob the grenade into the open window to route out a Combine officer. Up ahead you will be faced with another sniper laser. Run to the alcove on the right while making sure to avoid the red barrels. Then, crouch and run under the next rail car. The sniper will bring the logs down, so don't walk on the right side of the car. Stay on the left and run across the next gap to enter an open car with a dead body inside. From here you can reach the sniper with another grenade.

    Pick up the grenades in the supply crate and move down the tracks. Just after the next dead body you will encounter some Combine soldiers. These enemies carry heavier weapons than the officers and will use grenades against you. Take them on with the shotgun, or the grenade launcher on the SMG. Once you take one of these three soldiers down you will also receive the overwatch pulse rifle.

    Grab the supplies in the next crate and climb the ladder to reach grassy area with a broken down van. Take the health in the van but look out for Combine soldiers on the other side of the fence and down the tracks. There are red barrels near the first two, so toast them. Walk around the fence and get ready for more soldiers exiting the building. Chuck a barrel at the open door to take them down. When you enter the building you walk into the middle of a firefight. Shoot down the Combine from the windows on the side and you will meet up with some more resistance fighters.

    Part 5

    You are taken inside, where there is a Vortigaunt and some wounded humans. You are given a buggy with a mounted gun. The buggy is waiting on the dock, once you are inside it will be lifted up by the magnet. Unfortunately the magnet fails and the buggy plummets to the ground. Use the gravity gun to flip it over as your allies take care of the ant lions. Once inside the buggy you can make quick turns by using the handbrake (default: spacebar) or get extra speed by boosting (default: shift).

    The sandy areas of this section are infested with ant lions. They can be run down with the buggy or shot with the gun, but hanging around sandy areas is not recommended. Follow the road to the right of the beached ship and up the steep incline next to the dock by the water. Note: Do not take the buggy into the water, it will become stuck and the only way to move it is to blast it out with the gravity gun. The water is also infested with deadly leeches.

    At the top of the incline, hit the turbo and jump over the embankment to the roadway. Take a quick right and go up the hill to meet up with the road again. At the top, there is a shack surrounded by supply crates. Get out of the buggy and grab everything in the area, then get back in the car and go through the tunnel.

    At the other end, take a right down the rocks and back onto the beach. Head to the left towards the house and the odd tower. This tower is called a thumper and it repels the ant lions, so stick near it to stay safe. If you choose to enter the house ahead, go in through the basement storm door on the right side. There are a few headcrabs inside that can be smashed with various objects. There is also a grenade ammo crate in the basement under some boxes. Pile objects near the locker to reach the second floor where there is a poison zombie and some ammo. Check the fireplace for an SMG shell. Leave the shack and bust through the weak fence next to the house to continue down the beach until you reach the next structure.

    There is some health next to the shack outside. Make your way to the house picking up the gas can as you go. Once in the house, throw the can at the back of the Combine officer manning the gun, and blast the officer who enters through the door to your left. A third officer will come from around the side of the house so take him down too. There are supplies in the house and in the back room. Use the action button near the scope to see a resistance outpost where the G-Man can be seen on top of a balcony talking to someone else.

    Get back in the buggy and continue down the beach. Use the rock on the inland side of the path to jump over the small ravine. At the next structure some Combine soldiers are fighting back ant lions. Shoot them down from the buggy and enter the structure. Use the gravity gun to grab the supply crate in the boat and on the ground. Get back in the buggy and drive down the beach until you reach another ant lion defecting tower, make a left and enter the resistance outpost. You will be guided by a man into the basement where you will acquire a grenade launcher.

    Grenade Launcher - Press primary fire to launch the grenade. Then, lock onto the target with the laser using the secondary fire. A Gunship will shoot down a direct shot, so fire the grenade away from the ship, then guide it in with the laser.

    As the gunship attacks, head upstairs and enter a doorway. You will have to hit the ship with five shots before it comes down. Try to make your move after bursts of fire. If you need ammo, it is inside the small shack, the large building closer to the beach, and will be handed to you by resistance fighters. After the battle, return to the basement and the camp's doors will be open.

    Take the buggy down the road into a rock canyon. When you hit the beach, head to the right and you will see a group of rocks. There are some supply crates among these rocks, shoot them with the buggy's gun and drive over the items to pick them up. Ahead there are Combine soldiers fighting with more of the beasts, shoot them, and hop out of the buggy and turn on the pillar.

    Walk up the ramp of planks, and take down the soldiers who meet you up top. There are supply crates in front of the small building here as well. Go up the ladder and run down the docks towards the tower. When the surrounding soldiers have been killed, hurry up the ladder to the top of the tower where one more soldier is waiting. Then, press the action button in front of the crane's controls. On the concrete area below a group of soldiers will fire up at you. Use the magnet to squash them. The movement buttons will swing the magnet side to side and move it forward and backward. Use the fire and secondary fire buttons to raise and drop the magnet on the enemies. Then swing it into the raised bridge to knock the roadway back into place.

    Pick up the buggy with the magnet and place it in front of the ware house. Climb down, get in the buggy and take out the three officers ahead. In the back room of the warehouse there is a switch and some supplies. Take the buggy up the ramp to the next warehouse where there are more soldiers waiting. Run them down or blast them with the buggy's gun.

    In this area, the goal is to pick up speed and take the buggy off of the jump in the warehouse. As you land on the road ahead, be prepared for an airship to bob over the horizon and begin firing. Hit the boost and blast over the gap in the road way. Failure to land this jump results in instant death. At the roadblock ahead, jump out of the buggy and ready your grenade launcher. There are some health packs and a grenade ammo crate among the wreckage. The best way to land hits on the airship is to fire a grenade in an odd direction then guide it toward the ship with the laser. When you land the first blast, keep them coming, the ship will be thrown off its strafing and firing routine.

    Stock up on grenades before leaving, then clear the roadway with the gravity gun. A few yards ahead there is a broken down van on the left side of the road with more health. Continue through the tunnel and on the other side you will encounter a gravity mine. These annoying objects will roll towards you and cause small amounts of damage. The best way to deal with them is to attract them with the grav gun and shoot them into the ocean. There are more mines ahead, drive past them or let them stick to the car and punt them into the ocean.

    At the next road block there is a group of three soldiers who will open fire on you. Stay in the buggy and hit them with it's turret. There are more soldiers inside the house as well as a ton of supplies. While investigating the house, four more soldiers will enter the area. Use the attic as cover and hit them as they come up the stairs. Get back in the buggy and get ready for another roadblock. There is a landslide and three officers blocking your path. Shoot the red barrels under the dilapidated truck to kill the soldiers and push the wreck off the road. Then, go over the smallest section of the landslide while being careful not to fall over the edge. Once over the landslide, look back to see two supply crates.

    At the next impasse there is the wreckage of a gas truck. Climb up on the hill to the right of the truck to get some ammo and the crossbow. The secondary fire on this weapon is a scope. Use this to pick off the soldier on the bridge, and perched on the billboard. There is a barrier ahead, so you are going to have to exit the vehicle and enter the houses on foot. Ready your gravity gun for gravity mines.

    An army of soldiers will stream from the house. There are health crates in the garage as well as exploding barrels. If you sneak up on the house, a few grenades through the window will soften up your enemy. Remember, the buggy has an infinite supply of SMG ammo, so don't be shy with that gun. After the battle, use the gravity gun to suck the yellow stoppers out from behind the Combine APC and it will roll off of the cliff. The barrier is now lacking a power source, so drive on through.

    On the other side of the next bridge a Combine airship will take off over the hills. Don't attract its attention; just keep moving towards the buildings. A soldier will step out into the road, run him down and move towards the houses. You can lure the soldiers out while still in the buggy and cut them down with the gun. Each of the three large structures contains supplies. Unless you missed the first crossbow, you may want to avoid the second floor of the house, there is a poison zombie waiting for you in the living room.

    Across the road, near the rocks there is a small wooden structure that is guarded by two head crabs, this also has some health if you need it. Take the buggy up the hill to the train tracks and get out. Around the right side of the bridge there is a door leading under the tracks. Before hopping down to the path, take out the poison zombie below with a grenade. Then enter the structure and pick up the power cells on the table. Cross to the next area with the infinite crate of rocket grenades. Walk upstairs and sprint jump from one side of the broken catwalk to the other.

    In the next small shack there is health, rocket ammo and a head crab. A train will pass over as you enter the house, wait for the bridge to stop shaking before you continue on. Carefully navigate the beams until you can make the jump to the next platform. Taking the ladder down leads to some health, then climb up to the shack where there is a dead body, infinite rocket grenades, and some crossbow bolts. Two officers will fire at you from ahead. Use the crossbow to snipe them and take care of the barnacle with the pulse rifle. Then, jump down to the right side of the bridge where there is a broken piece of catwalk and continue towards the next section.

    Pick up the supplies here and take care of the two head crabs. Then go across the catwalk into the next structure. Walk down the stairs after picking up the health and get ready for an assault on the next building. There will be two guards to your right on the platform outside of the building. They will fire off some shots, but take cover if you return fire. When you enter the structure, you can shoot the red barrel on the platform to your left to bring heavy items down on the approaching soldiers. Grab the supplies in the room and walk out onto the catwalk. Equip the cross bow and look almost straight up in the direction of the bridge that you have just traversed. Snipe out the soldier on the platform above you then head up the ladder. There will be about five soldiers around the next corner to equip the shotgun and let them come to you. Look out for grenades. Climb the next staircase and wait for an assault by two more Combine soldiers who are guarded by a shield generator.

    You can turn the shield off by using the gravity gun on the plug on the left side of the room. Hit the switch to deactivate the bridge, then fill up on health and energy at the stations. A gun ship will begin attacking the bridge. The only sensible place to take on this menace is back at one of the shacks where there is an infinite supply of grenades. Run down the stairs, and take a right back into to room where you dropped the shelf on the soldiers. There are two more Combine members waiting for you in this room, stay up top until you shoot them down. Then, sprint to the next building. Grab health on the way and sprint over the next series of catwalks to the shack in the middle of the bridge which should still have some health in it and an infinite crate of grenades outside.

    The airship will circle around the platform in a counterclockwise pattern. You can anticipate is appearance on the side of the shack by firing off a grenade before it arrives and then guide the missile in. Stay crouched during this encounter and be careful not to hit the bridge near you with the grenades. After the ship goes down, save your game. If you fall off the bridge on the way back to the buggy you will have to restart the battle.

    Once outside, there will be a host of ant lions attacking a zombie. Let them fight it out and take down the winner. There are also a number of Combine officers battling with ant lions up top. If possible, skirt around the side of this battle and make it back to your buggy. Then begin your trip across the bridge. Hit the boost to narrowly escape being plowed down by a train. Take a left at the end of the bridge and drive up into another tunnel.

    There are the remains of a pile up in the center of this tunnel. Your path is blocked, but don't stray too far from the buggy, a host of zombies and fast zombies will emerge from the wreckage once you enter into it. Lure them out of their hiding places, get back in the buggy and hit them with the artillery gun. Clear the wreckage with the gravity gun and continue through the tunnel.

    The next beach house is guarded by two soldiers who can be plowed over when you arrive. There are valuable supplies inside the house, but lookout for the three gravity mines on the top floor. Shoot them out of the hole in the ceiling or through the windows. Leave this area and drive down the highway to the next roadblock. You will have to remove some gravity mines from the buggy, then snipe out the soldiers manning the towers on either side of the road. There are about six soldiers guarding this area so tread carefully if you decide to investigate the buildings. There is a health station on the back of the left tower next to the road.

    The next roadblock is a bit more difficult. A Combine gun ship and personnel carrier are in the area, so hop out of the buggy and take cover in the house to your left. There are plenty supplies in this house, so take out the Combine with the shotgun as they approach. The attack ship will leave after a few seconds so don't bother fighting with it. After the soldiers have been killed, you must replace the three missing batteries in the machine near the corpse of the resistance officer. One is on the counter next to the machine, the other is next to the bed, and the third is behind the house under the hood of a blue car. Now that the gate has been opened, drive through the next tunnel.

    The next outcropping of buildings is filled with resistance fighters. You will have to park the car in the garage and help them fight off Combine drop ships. Don't bother attacking the ships, wait for them to drop off the soldiers and fly away. Take a cue from the resistance fighters and hide behind a wall while the ship is landing. If you can flank the soldiers while your allies grab their attention the fight will go much faster. There are four drop ships in all. The first sets down behind the garage, the second on the road you came in on, the third on the path to the lighthouse, and the forth at the base of the lighthouse. Remember to stay close to your allies for health and ammo.

    After the drop ships are taken care off, a gun ship approaches. Run up to the top of the lighthouse where there is an infinite supply of rocket grenades and a few crates of health. Fight the gunship from the top of the lighthouse until you drop it into the ocean. A resistance fighter will then lead you to the basement of the lighthouse where there is a Cliffside path.

    As you enter the path, you see the buggy being taken away by a Combine ship. Shoot the soldier above you and sprint down the path. In the next area there is an injured resistance fighter on the sand. In this area you must stay on the rocks or other materials. If you touch the sand, five ant lions will rise up and attack you. Use the gravity gun to pull over the wooden planks and supply crates. With two wooden platforms, you can create a path through the canyon by picking up the piece behind you and placing it as the next stepping stone. When the canyon ends there is a see-saw type puzzle in the next area. Remove the wooden crate from one side of the broken down bridge and place the other crate on the other end. This will create a ramp up to the next rock.

    In the next area there is a small building next to a dock. You can jump to this building from the crumbling wooden platform to pick up an assortment of ammo including bullets for the magnum. Use the gravity gun to obtain the supply crates in the wrecked ship below and past the ship near the rocks. You will have to create a bridge of garbage using the gravity gun in order to return to the safety of the rocks. In the next area you will have to use the pieces of sheet metal and wooden stacking crates to create a bridge to the ramp on the other side of the next dock.

    You can search the buildings in this area for more supplies and an infinite crate of ammo. Make sure you turn on the generator behind the building to start up the ant lion deflecting pillar in the middle of the beach. Run across this area and jump up the rocks to a segment of grassy land. Walk along the cliff-side path to your right to find more supplies.

    The next section of sand has very few objects that can be used as a bridge so you will have to jump down onto the sand. A large version of the ant lion will emerge from the sand, sprint to the other end of the clearing to find a resistance fighter at a turret. He will help kill the smaller beasts, but the taking down the large one is up to you. Either use the grav gun to fling barrels at it, or use the SMG's alternate fire to blow it to bits. When the menace is dead you will be taken inside the camp.

    Part 6

    The Vortigaunt will take the pheropods from the corpse of the large ant lion and lead you into the base. Follow your new friend through the base and into a sandy area where you will receive instructions on how to use the pheropods. When equipped, press the alternate fire button to squeeze the pod and attract ant lions. You can then throw the pod at targets and the creatures will attack in the designated area.

    Continue through the gate, leaving the encampment behind. The next area is controlled by the Combine and is filled with towers that repel your new ant lion friends. Climb the ladder on the side of the tower to reach the switch to turn off these machines. After the second tower, some soldiers will attack from over a rise. Throw a pod in their direction and they will be mauled by ant lions. You will have to sneak around the back of the next two Combine gun turrets. Behind these structures there are supply crates. Take hold of the turret in the second building and mow down the group of guards that come around the rocks. Turn off the pillar and continue down the beach.

    The next Combine encampment is high up on the rocks of the left side. Take cover behind the rocks closer to the water and focus on the troops ahead. There will be a slight ravine between the two turret stations, duck into this and sprint away from the water while throwing pods up ahead. You will have cover from the turret on the left, allowing you to get at the troops from behind. Enter the red lit cave behind this turret. Make sure to let the ant lions clear a path in front of you. These halls are filled with guards and manhacks.

    When you emerge from the caverns, be ready to toss the bug bait into two more gun turrets encampments. There is one directly to the right, and one along the cliff path to the left. Around the next corner, a group of soldiers will run down the path to get hold of the next turret station. Hit them with bug bait and focus on controlling the turret. This area has been sterilized of Combine, your next goal is the path to the right of the pipes leading up into Nova Prospekt. You must run along the post sticking out of the ground, and make the jump to the other side of a gap. Missing this jump will result in instant death.

    At the top of this path there is a camp fire guarded by two zombies. If you have any ant lions left, sick them on this menace. Then swipe the legs out from the makeshift roof over the fire and a ramp is created that leads up the mountain. Follow the cliff to the first platform containing soldiers. It seems out of reach, but throw a pod in that direction and the ant lions will find and destroy the Combine. When the area is clear, climb up the ladder and jump to the next section of the path. There are two supply crates here.

    Nova Prospekt
    As you jump up on the rock ledges, throw pods ahead. There is fire from the Combine above, head crabs on the sides, and a fast moving zombie will tear down the concrete pipe at the top of the path. At the end of the pipe there is a chamber filled with water, dead bodies, and a supply crate. When you reach the top of the ladder, throw a pod at each of the three lookout towers successively. The ant lions will clear them of guards. As you enter the main compound be ready for an assault by two Combine gun ships. The goal in this area is to clear out the soldiers as quickly as possible and move around the buildings to reach the infinite rocket grenade crate by the blue storage car. Throw pods onto the balconies to take out the Combine up top. On your way to the blue crate there is a small, lit room that houses two Combine soldiers along with a health and energy station. This is a good midway point to duck down and regroup before dashing to the blue storage car.

    There is also an overturned blue storage car and an alcove across from the rocket grenade crate that is filled with health. After taking down the two Combine gun ships, enter the hole in the wall that is lit by gas fires. Turn the valve located straight ahead to put out the first fire and then turn the valve hanging from the ceiling to put out the second fire. As you enter the basement of the prison, the walls will collapse, trapping you inside.

    Take the ammo from the crates before going through the door. The prison seems to be deserted, walk down the steps and enter the one lit jail cell to find a hole in the wall. There is a head crab hanging out in this tunnel so blast him away before you continue. In the next area there is an automatic turret shooting some ant lions. Blast the turret away with your grav gun, then walk past this area and go up the steps. Two floors up there is a hole in the fence and a sign reading "A5".

    Walk down this hall and check out the guard post where there are health and energy stations as well as a security screen that shows the prison over run with ant lions. Continue down the hall and enter a stairwell. Take it up to the next level where there are two rooms ahead of you and two turrets to the left. Knock the turrets over with the gravity gun and grab the ammo crate in the room to the right.

    The next room is flooded with water. Be sure to kill the barnacles before you advance up the steps into the hall. In the next hallway some glass will fall to the floor before four headcrabs smash through the skylight above. Kill them and enter the next cell block. Here you will have to drop down onto the lower level and cross into the next open room. There are two turrets guarding this area that can be knocked over using the gravity gun and any of the assorted trash lying around the room.

    Walk up to the second floor and into a room filled with boxes. A solitary head crab guards this area, so blast him before moving the crates out of the way. Walk down the long hallway into a white tiled shower area where you will face one of the huge ant lion guards. Use your SMG's alternate fire if you have any shells handy, then get out the gravity gun and grab any red barrels in the area to use as ammo against this menace. If you run out of barrels, go through the small hole in the wall to enter another room. The Ant Lion will follow by smashing through the barrier.

    After the queen has been put down, clear the barriers in front of the double doors by the sinks. In the following room you will once again be joined by the smaller friendly ant lions. Around the bend there is a group of Combine soldiers backed up by some automated gun turrets. Throw a pod in their direction and cut around to the left side of the area to knock over the turrets with your gravity gun.

    Open the cell block to the left and toss a pod inside. Wait for the antlions to do all of your dirty work before venturing into this area. At the end of the hall, there is a Vortigaunt strapped to a chair behind a force field. Pull the plug out of the wall with the gravity gun and enter the room. Next to this room there is a switch that will open the barred entrance to the next area and some magnum ammo. Before heading up the steps, crawl under them to find a supply crate.

    Go up the steps and look out for the laser trip wire in the hall. Let an ant lion go first and then continue into the security room where you can unlock the gate seen through the window. Soldiers will rush through so toss a pod down to the lower level to intercept them.

    Across from the open gates there is an automated gun turret, and two more to your left behind an energy wall. Use grenades or the radiators on the walls here to knock down these hazards. Then look for the air vent along the wall to your right and crawl into it. You will reach a spinning metal fan that can be deadly if touched. Jam a cinderblock in its path and the fan will short out. The next vent leads to the area behind the force field. Take the plug out of the wall using your gravity gun and your ant lion friends will be free to pass. There are two supply crates to the right of the outlet.

    Take a right through another passage and you will reach a set of steps. Throw some bug bait into the hallway at the top of the steps and onto the upper levels where more guards are positioned. Take a right at the end of this hall down into another hall that is guarded by two auto-turrets. Throw a red barrel at them to knock them down and walk to the following stair well. This area is guarded by manhacks so let your ant lions lead the way. There are also more guards on the next two levels so continuously throw pods up ahead. A good way to deal with the turret at the end of the hall is to throw a grenade into the area followed by some bug bait. The soldiers will flee and become trapped by your allies.

    On the third level you can cross the expanse to a guard room where there is a power and energy station. There is also a message from Breen playing in the background reprimanding the human race for their failures. There is a switch near the video monitor that will open the gate to the next area. Run down the hall to another control room where there is a health station and a video monitor showing Combine forces storming the laundry room.

    Down the hall from this area there are two more automated guns. Throw a grenade between the guns to knock them both over. Look out for a laser mine in the room to the right of where the turrets were placed. Send a group of ant lions into the laundry room before you enter, then find cover along the wall to the left. Hug this wall and take down the soldiers to your right while the bugs cause a distraction. Lob a grenade at the auto-turret on the far end of the room to disable it. When this room is clear, there are some small halls on the right side of the room that lead to a dark and bloodied room. There is a poisoned zombie here, but here is also a large supply of ammo and a health station.

    Climb the steps and turn the corner. First throw some bug bait down the hall to take care of some Combine soldiers. Then, sprint to your left avoiding the spray from the automated turrets. You are approaching the kitchen where there are three automated turrets to deal with. Use grenades to knock them over and light a fire near the stoves. There is a hole in the wall to the right of the fire, climb through and blast a pathway to the far wall. Summon some more ant lions to take care of the turret at the top of the steps, and the soldier waiting for you around the corner.

    Walk up the steps to another control room that contains some supply crates, a health station, and an energy station. Use these if needed, then jump through the hole in the window down to the mess hall below. An ant lion queen will bust into the room along with Combine soldiers. Allow the two groups to damage each other as much as possible before getting involved. Use the SMG alternate fire and the red barrels on this beat. Also, use the columns to create barriers between you and the charging attacks.

    After defeating the queen, look for a small passage to the right of the window you dropped down from. This leads to a stairway guarded by a zombie. Walk down the alleyway between the two Combine harvesters. The ground will shake and segments of the hall will close behind you. Use the gravity gun to pile an object next to the hole on your left. Then, jump up into this opening. The penalty for failure is certain death. There is a head crab waiting in the rock hole, so switch to a gun and take it out.

    Part 7

    Once in the tunnel, drop down to the left and grab the supply crate. Then, drop down to the rubble and run under the train tracks to meet up with Alyx. She will lead you into an elevator that opens behind three combine soldiers. It is critical that you protect Alyx during this segment or it will result in an automatic mission failure. Follow her down the hall and she will locate her father. Alyx disables the next shield and you will run down the hall towards the steps. Combine troops will attack from the stairwell, so lob a grenade in that direction. At the top of the steps there will be two soldiers in the passage to the left and two soldiers behind the shield on the right. Kill both groups before they do any harm to Alyx.

    After speaking to her father, Alyx will stay behind and send you up ahead. The next area is an empty dead end until Alyx tells you to move the bookshelves in the office to reveal a vent shaft. Enter the shaft with the crow bar equipped to fight off head crabs. At the vent's exit there is a laser mine on the floor. Use the gravity gun to drag a barrel close enough to the mine to set it off. Blast the head crabs on the floor with the pistol, and hop down.

    Run to the next control room where there is an infinite crate of grenades. This is helpful against the five guards that rush into the room outside. These soldiers are armed with shotguns, so don't get too close to them. The best way to defeat these guards is to intercept them at the gate with a slew of grenades. Then, restock and toss two down the hall to knock over the turrets. When you clear that hall, take the path around the bend and there will be two guards behind a barrier. Throw another grenade into the corner and back up.

    The next room has an energy shield in it as well as more combine soldiers. Lure them out and back up down the hall. Throwing grenades while retreating should do the trick. When you reenter the room, you can't unplug the shield through the window, but you can toss a grenade into the room to destroy the power source.

    The room after the one that contained the power source has an auto-turret in the corner. Let a grenade knock it over before you enter the room. There is a control room ahead guarded by two combine soldiers. Peg them in the head as you enter. There are two turrets on the right side of the room and a health station on the left. Alyx reprograms the turrets to attack the Combine so place one on each side of the control room on the second level. Do not put them too close to the edge or they will be knocked over the side. If an enemy manages to knock the turret over, quickly run to it and pick it up. Look out for manhacks that make it past your defenses. After the assault, Alyx will drop through a ceiling vent into the room.

    After Alyx makes the disturbing discovery on the view screen, leave the control room and take a left. Clear the debris is front of the door and walk down the metal stair case to a small storage room. There are four head crabs waiting here and there is a supply crate behind the room. Hint: Taking an auto turret from the previous battle will prove useful later. You can carry these and use them as a machine gun with unlimited ammo.

    The next room is flooded and the water is electrified. There are some head crabs wandering the area and some barnacles to look out for on the ceiling. Jump to the pipes to the left of the entrance, shoot the barnacle, and jump to the concrete platform on the other side. Use the various crates and blue containers to create a bridge to the other side of the room.

    In the next room there are four zombies waiting to attack. Hit them in the head with the shotgun and continue to the stairwell. Take the stairs all the way to the top to find a pulse rifle shell and some ammo. In the following room there is a stairway down the hall to your left and some boxes piled in a dark corner to your right. One of the boxes is filled with supplies. Dash across the two openings and go for the stairs. Ignore the Combine on the first floor for now. Once upstairs, switch to your cross bow and pick off the soldiers while crouching near the edge.

    Hop down to the bottom floor and enter an area stocked with auto turrets and refueling stations. You are trapped in this H shaped cell block while a hoard of troops comes at you. They won't start the assault until you set up the last of three turrets that are located near the refueling stations, so take time to alter the environment to your favor until then.

    There are a few ways to go about this area. One trick is to bring an auto turret from the last time you fended off troops. That way you have four turrets, two looking down the middle hallways and two on the cell entrances on your side. When placing the turrets towards the cell entrances, place them about three character steps away from the bars. The trick is to get them close enough that the spray of bullets is more effects, but not so close that the soldiers can punch them over before they die. The beauty of having these weapons in the center hallway is that it bottle necks troops into more concentrated fire. With a little luck, the turrets will do all of the work in this area. To completely avoid confrontation, stack crates and barrels and climb up the balcony on the right side to enter a hall on the second floor. The difficulty of this maneuver is placing the last turret after you have ascended to the second floor, or placing the turret and then scurrying up items and making it over the ledge before your steps are destroyed.

    Another trick is to create a barricade of barrels and boxes in one of the center hallways. This will cut down on the number of directions that the soldiers will enter from. However, don't be surprised if the Combine use grenades to knock down your makeshift wall and storm through.

    There are a few waves of troops, but they are almost depleted when Alyx states "we must have hit the mother load of troops". When the last wave is finished, Alyx will hop over the banister on the right side and apologize for not joining in the fray. She will open a door on the right side which leads to a much needed energy and health station. Follow her down the steps and through a pair of double doors.

    The lights ahead will begin to shut off and some red flares will be thrown into the room. Prepare for and assault by three groups of four combine troops. They swarm from the front, so a few well placed grenades or secondary assault rifle attacks will clear a few at a time. Look out for grenades thrown down the hall, and do not let Alyx take too much damage. There is another health station directly after this battle. Follow Alyx through to the next area where you meet up with Dr. Mossman. They enter the teleport room of the Combine and after Mossman and Alyx's father are whisked away to parts unknown you must defend against incoming troops one last time.

    This section is much easier than the previous cell block. There are three turrets in the rear corner of the room where you entered, along with a health and energy station. The combine will enter the room from the doors to the right and the left of the teleport platform, and the doorway across from where the turrets were stored. Set up the turrets in each of the doorways down the hall from where the troops will enter. Alyx is also there to provide some cover in this battle. Glass covered power conduits in the floor will light up with energy as the machine readies itself. When the last one charges, hop onto the platform with Alyx just as some Combine elites storm the room.

    Part 8

    You arrive with Alyx back in Dr. Kleiner's Lab a week after the teleport. Barney is leading the resistance forces in city 17 and is happy to accept your and dog's help in the battle. Before leaving the lab, check the desk where the bubbling water tanks once stood for some health. Dr. Kleiner's shotgun can be searched for ammo and the energy station on the wall should be used. Then, climb up the ladder to the windows to find some more ammo and head out of the door. Here there is an infinite crate of SMG ammo as well as some supply crates that store some health.

    Across from the supplies there is a doorway leading to a pit. Drop down the hold and dog will follow. In the next area, your basic objective is to stay the hell out of your robotic friend's way. Troops will attack from the front, and a combine APC will tear in from the side. These are all handily dealt with by dog. After crushing the combine, he will rip open a gate, attack a drop ship and be carried off into the air. At this point, jump over the smashed gate to the left and enter a bombed out building with a fire burning inside. At the bottom of the stairwell, take a right to find a TV with that flashes the G-Man just before it shuts off. The stairs are blocked, so take the hallway filled with rubble earlier in the hall.

    Welcome back to the playground. Help a fellow resistance fighter take down two surveillance drones and walk around the corner back to the town square. More members of the resistance are taking down the view screen in front of the train station. They join up with you and can be sent to a location by pointing the reticule in a direction and pressing the C button. Two combine soldiers will come through the doorway next to the souvenir shop. Use your allies to take them down and head down the alley the troops came from.

    At the end of the alley there is a fenced in area with a hole in the concrete covered by a piece of metal. Move the metal and then peer into the hole. The ground has been covered by hopper mines. These weapons will activate when you approach them, then hop towards the target and explode. Red hoppers have been set by the Combine and are dangerous. Green hoppers have been set by the resistance and can be ignored, even walked on. To reset a mine, suck it up with the gravity gun and it will turn blue and then green. Mines that are fired by the gravity gun will explode.

    Shoot the head crabs waiting on the other side of the fence, then disable the hoppers at the bottom of the hole and jump down. Continue to be weary of mines in the area; they are hidden behind and under objects. There is a supply shed at the top of the steps with a TV playing Breen's latest propaganda. Grab the ammo and health and walk to the right through the next alley. As the car explodes, turn to the left and pick off the Combine sniper on the ledge. Then shoot down the drones as they drop more hoppers onto the field. Suck up the mines and use them against the headcrabs that advance.

    Take a right at the Combine defense wall to find an alley blocked with objects. Look out, there are mines hidden amongst the barrier. Pick one up and fire it at the window ahead to take out another Combine troop. Turn to the left to find a lambda symbol next to a red barrel. Move the barrel and the piece of metal behind it to find a grenade, a power cell, and an SMG shell. In the shed to the right of the area there are some more mines to be disabled and some more supplies. Head down the steps near the red barrels and take on the Combine in the grassy area to the right. Suck up a barrel with the gravity gun and launch to the far end of the courtyard. This will set off some other explosions that clear the area.

    Look out for mines as you enter this area and approach the medic in your group if needed. Down the hall of the next building there is a stairwell leading up which makes for a grisly detour. At the top of the steps there are some decaying humans and two zombies. There is revolver ammo in the room across from the steps. To advance, walk back down the steps and go outside. Shoot the surveillance drones above and look out for the hoppers they drop. Take a right towards the fire to find some more resistance fighters who join the group. Walk down the alleyway near the fire and enter another building. The exit is blocked, so walk up the steps and prepare to enter a Combine stronghold. Troops can be seen approaching through the glass doors ahead, take a right and cut them off.

    This apartment contains crossbow ammo, health, and supplies for other weapons. In the room with a gaping hole facing outside, equip the crossbow and snipe the two soldiers on the ground. Look down the hole to see a red barrel, blow it up to knock over the two auto turrets next to it. Drop down to the street and turn towards the blockade where combine troops are firing down at you. Enemies will continuously spawn behind this barrier so move towards it and to the left where the red barrel is to enter a building that takes you around the dead end. In the building, there is a troop guarding the entrance, and one up top, shooting down from the second floor. Disable the hopper on the ground and throw it at the troop who advances from the next room. Grab the supplies in each room until you drop down through two holes in the floor.

    As you walk back outside, look up and take out the sniper on the building. Then quickly attack the Combine that were previously safe behind the barrier. Climb up the steps and use the health station, and then enter the second floor of the next building. There is a soldier in each of the two rooms ahead to cut them down before using the energy station and grabbing the ammo. Don't bother walking up the steps in the next area, there is nothing there but an auto turret waiting to hit your team. Walk down the steps and grab the supply crates. In the next hall there is a Combine officer hiding in each of the rooms ahead so enter a room with guns blazing.

    At the end of the hall, walk down the steps and fire at the desk in the corner to flush out another soldier. There will be a barrage of soldiers and manhacks down the next hallway, so ready some close range heavy weaponry. Go down the next flight of stairs and reach the basement where there are three auto turrets waiting in ambush. The obvious ones are straight ahead, but there is also a turret hidden in a dark corner to the left behind you. Ready the gravity gun to knock them over. There is a zombie waiting on the floor in the pit in front of the two gravity guns. Jump down and introduce his face to your shotgun.

    In the next area, first walk up the steps to find a small outdoor area with some supply crates behind a fence. Use the gravity gun to grab these boxes filled with power cells, health, and ammo. Return to the bottom of the steps and walk down the long hall to the next area.

    Walk down the steps and enter a large garage type room. Swarms of manhacks will enter from above so ready the gravity gun and blast them at the walls. Head to the crashed gas truck ahead and run around the side of it. Then, climb up the rubble to the top of the gated hallway, drop down and use the crowbar to open the gate and let your allies through. There is also a supply crate here. Continue through to the next room. Manhacks will attack from the right and combine troops from ahead. At the far end of the area more troops will fire at you. Take care of the close threats, then ready the crossbow and hit the troops from across the room. There are bolts in the corridor across from the windows. Also, look to the right towards a fire to find health, a grenade, and ammo.

    Walk towards the turrets on the other side of the area and speak to the resistance fighter looking through a hole in the rubble. He will clear the debris as you grab one of the gun turrets and fend off a huge wave of troops and manhacks. Fight until there are no more enemies left and then turn back around to find that the path has been cleared. Crouch through the tunnel that leads to some radioactive fluid. The car ahead seems like a good stepping stone, but it will sink into the ooze. Instead, use the crates and spools in the truck to the right to make a bridge to the van on the left. Kill the zombies that rise out of the muck with your shotgun.

    As an alternative, you can begin this section by jumping across the crates to the right and jump into the truck with the spools in it. Notice that there are also saw blades in the back of this vehicle that can be used against the zombies. From the island in the middle, quickly jump to the small section of land on the right, then up onto the next vehicle. The goal is to reach the white car on the far end and climb up the pipes to the ceiling. This will lead to some vent shafts that can be broken open with the crowbar.

    Hop down into the hall, grab the crates of health and energy and open the door at the far end for your allies. Walk out into the street and a shell will fall. Shoot the headcrabs that emerge and enter the alley to the left of it. A member of the resistance will tell you to keep moving. Crack open the crate of supplies in front of him. Walk up the steps and enter a series of apartments. The streets outside are filled with the sounds of battle, but focus on the area indoors. Walk through the apartment until you can drop down through the floor to some more supplies. There is a member of the resistance consoling a woman, look in the kitchen for some grenades.

    Outside, a rebel will run to the door on your right and yell out the "password" to get into the next building. A combine soldier will chase a citizen through the next hall. Shoot him down and then enter the dark area the citizen was trying to reach to find some supplies. As you walk up the steps there will be three combine soldiers blocking the way. At the top of the steps you come to a hole in the ground, a soldier waits at the bottom so first shoot him, then jump down.

    Grab the supplies and run across the draw bridge that lowers. A soldier will cross behind you so let him have it. Around the corner you will enter a stairwell. Take note of the flaming shell that has landed in this area, at the top of the steps there are a group of headcrabs and a fast moving zombie. After killing the zombie, take the health in the bathroom on the right, and then drop down the hole on the left. A flaming zombie will pop up, have the shotgun ready to put it down.

    Avoid another zombie on the lower level and take care of the head crabs. At the base of the stairs there are many supply crates filled with ammo. There is a door that can be opened to your right which leads back to the building on the other side of the drawbridge. Going straight ahead will lead to some Combine soldiers and the rubble of the next building you must scale. Climb the rubble to reach the second level while picking off soldiers on the surrounding rooftops and in the next building. Hit the lever for another drawbridge and run across. If you fall into the courtyard below, look out for the hopper mine.

    In the next building be prepared for two Combine soldiers in the room, and two more in the room below you. Grab the health before dropping down the hole and fighting. There are more officers in the room seen through the blocked hole in the wall. Fire a grenade through the squares or pick them off with the pulse rifle. Go around the hallway to the right to surprise some more troops and find a stairwell that leads above the room. Look out for the barnacle and the fast moving zombie that wait at the top of the steps, then jump down the hold into the room below.

    Look down the hall to see a fast moving zombie on fire and some Combine soldiers. At the end of this hall there is another hole in the ground where a number of Combine soldiers are fighting zombies and headcrabs. Stay out of the room until one side of the warring factions is killed off. Throw some grenades down the hole to finish off remaining threats and head down. Use the flashlight to enter the next hallway that doesn't contain a fire. There is a lambda symbol against the wall which indicates that there are some supply crates to the left. Use the gravity gun to suck up the items, then turn around and walk up the stairs in the previous hall.

    At the top of the steps, get the supplies and take a right to look into a room with a hole in the floor. There are auto turrets in this area, so toss down grenades to knock them over. Jump down and use the health and energy stations and Alyx will bust into the room and lead you down the hall.

    Get ready to engage some more soldiers in the next series of rooms. Take the hall to the left to get around the side of some troops and lay into them. There is another troop at the far end of these rooms and one more before you reach another station. The last area has two doors, and leads to a control station. Position your allies at one door and bust through the other to ambush one last group of enemies. Alyx will move to the controls and instruct you to hit the generator outside with a blast from the gravity gun when she gives the signal.

    Alyx will be working from behind a control panel in the center of the courtyard with her back to the generator. The Allies that have joined you will fire from the center of the triangle shaped area. Troops will advance from the two streets that are blocked by force shields. The first thing to do in this area is to set up the hoppers in the middle of the triangle at the entrance of the two streets. This will take out any troops that advance towards the middle. There are healing stations near Alyx, so run there if you become low on life or energy. Troops will continuously spawn and enter this area, so you may want to find a good cover position and protect Alyx until she gives the signal. When she shouts "The core is exposed" run to the glowing ball behind her and give it a blast with the gravity gun. Look out for the combine elites that run down the street at the same time. It may be best to save a secondary attack from the SMG just for them. Run through the gate to safety.

    Part 9

    Once on the other side of the gate, Alyx will look for an alternate route across a gap in the road but become side tracked by an attack. Head down into the pit and pick up the crates to the left and in the back of a truck before proceeding down a hall. At the end of the hall there is a hole and a gate. Use the gravity gun to remove the metal bar which locks the gate shut and proceed into a grassy alley. Manhacks will come from the left so have the gravity gun ready to blast them into a wall. Then, on the right, remove the barrels from under a platform to create a ramp up to some pipes. Follow the pipes to a vent shaft and continue on.

    Hop down to the ground and some manhacks will come from the left. At the end of this hall there is health and energy. Return to the grassy area and notice the raised platform containing cardboard boxes. There is a supply crate hidden amongst them, so suck it down with the gravity gun. Take a right into a large vertical room with catwalks lining the outside. There will be combine soldiers firing from above onto a zombie below. Let them kill it, then shoot them from the cover of the catwalk. There is also a supply crate on their level which can be sucked down with the gravity gun.

    Travel down the broken steps to the lowest level of catwalks and ready the SMG for two combine soldiers who come around the corner. There is a lambda symbol below the last level of catwalk which points out crates containing energy and health. Use the gravity gun to obtain the supplies without risking the drop to that ledge. Go down the hall where the troops entered and go into a small room on the right while blasting a poison crab. Get the supplies from the corpse, and use the gravity gun to open the locked double door ahead. Go though this door and cap the Combine soldier ahead. Look down the hall over the balcony to the left to witness combine fighting against zombies and crabs.

    Go around the right side of this window and watch as barnacles suck up another soldier and head crabs. Feed the barnacles some bait and walk around to the right and up some steps to find another dead body and a supply drop. Return to the watery canal and this time drop down into it. There is a small hallway that leads to a ramp leading down. Look out for a poison zombie and the headcrabs it dispenses, and check the right side of a divided concrete hall for a lambda and a small cubby hole. This hole contains rare ammo and grenades. Use the gravity gun to empty it. Follow the hall to a series of pipes that leads to another lambda symbol and some more supply crates.

    Return to the area before the ramp to find a ladder. Climb up and ready the shotgun for two poison crabs at the top. Walk down the hall to the left and kill another poison crab guarding some crates. There is some health before you enter the basement of a large warehouse. Climb up the ramps until you reach the platform on the far side. Look across a catwalk to notice a red metal room. As you walk across the bridge, a grenade detonates which lights some barrels and brings the structure down. Prepare to back up from the explosion and then run on the inclined surface to the right and across the gap. There is a barnacle waiting at the end of the path so ready a gun to shoot it as you jump over the fence.

    In the red shack there are bolts for the crossbow. First, shoot the red barrel across the chasm and on the next level. This may take out some of the troops firing down at you. Then, hit the switch in the shack to bring down a platform, zoom in with the crossbow, and take out the soldiers on the far side. When the platform reaches the shack, hit the switch again and hop on for the ride. More soldiers will fire at you from above as you approach the next level.

    Run towards the large white silos to the left and as you climb the ladder, two Combine Elite will drop through the roof. Hit them with the magnum and walk to the middle of the white pipes. From here you can see a lambda symbol to the left of the red container. The gravity gun can be used to pull the supply crate down from this area. In the middle of the white pipes there is a small metal beam which can be walked across to the other end of the warehouse. A combine soldier will attack from the red shack below.

    Duck under the catwalk and the hop up onto it. Look out for another Elite up above. Walk along the platform to another ladder, take it to the top level and turn around for two more elites. Then, grab the supplies and climb down one level to a supply crate. Two soldiers will fire at you from across the warehouse. Kill them and cross over to that side. Get the supplies on either side of the large red structure if you haven't yet, then disarm the hopper mine lying where the troops were standing. Drop down to that level and proceed through the door.

    As you exit the warehouse, a resistance fighter exclaims that Barney is held down by sniper fire. Take a right on the street to find some supplies before they are crushed by a Combine wall. Look for the blue laser that signals where the sniper is aiming. Strafe from one side of the street to the other to stay out of his line of fire. On your third strafe, there is a pile of grenades that will prove valuable later. At the intersection where there is a blue truck, find cover from both streets, as another sniper lay in wait to the right. Dash ahead under the window and lob a grenade into it, then grab the supplies underneath.

    Return to the street that branched off to the right. Using the same strafing technique, enter the storefront window to find some resistance fighters. Weave across the street to an open door. In this building there are some headcrabs and a zombie. Take the ramp downstairs to find a watery area and a wounded man. He warns that the area is infested just as zombies pop up from the ground. Mow them down with the shotgun and prepare for the two fast moving zombies who come from the area in front of the stairwell. Take the stairs up to the second floor to see some zombies hit by a combine sniper. Throw a grenade across the way to take him out and then move forward to see Barney on the roof. He is being held down by another sniper, so take a trip to the infinite grenade container.

    There is a sniper behind Barney, and one to the left of window the zombies where being tagged from. After clearing these windows, Barney will come down to the street and open the Combine gate. Look out for the hoppers in front of it. In the following hall, look out for two "head humpers". When entering the outdoor area, have a grenade ready to throw on top of the steps. This will clear an auto turret and two soldiers who come through the door. Head into the building and Barney will begin to describe where the center of Combine activities is located. Peer out the window to see the center of the action as Combine troops swarm from the building. Barney opens a door and as you enter the next room a blast rocks the windows to the right.

    Run down the steps as Barney screams about "forgetting stealth". At the exit to the building, the ground will glow white before a blast comes down from the sky. Take a right and sprint to the overturned dumpster containing health. Run around the dumpster continuing towards the building and a door. Behind the door there are two combine soldiers and a health station.

    From the next door you can see a bunker straight ahead. Run to the bunker while killing the soldier who waits inside. There are some supplies in this midway point and a view of the next door straight ahead. Burst into this door with weapons ready to take out the troops who wait inside. Kill them and fill up on ammo at the gun rack and item stashes.

    The next door leads to the front of the building where doors will burst open and Combine Elites will run through. The energy blasts from above have stopped but the Elites are tough enemies so some SMG shells can be used to dispatch them immediately. Run to the right side of the building where there is a plug behind an energy wall and a health station. Remove the plug with the gravity gun and head up the steps to the interior.

    Head to the left and go through the double doors. There is an ammo supply room immediately to the right containing an infinite grenade box. The vent ahead of the laser trip wires is a ground turret. Activate it by walking through the lasers, and then toss a grenade into the opening that appears. Be quick, or the ground turret will open fire and make short work of you and your allies. Barney opens the door to the next area which is filled with shields. Walk ahead to the exit sign but first stock up on grenades. Combine will appear at the end of the hall behind the shield. A grenade takes care of them. Turn to the right and deal with the two ground turrets in the next room. You may want to grenade the first one, then back out of the room, send the team away and get close to the second one before letting the team hit the sensor. When the second one is destroyed, two Combine soldiers will rush the room.

    Walk up the steps and straight across the hall at the top. Here, there are some humans trapped behind a gate and Barney sets them free. Grab the supplies in the room and help yourself to any medics that are still on the team. There are two more ground turrets outside of this room guarding the first of three generators. Keep the team back and drop a grenade into the holes to get rid of this menace. Enter the central room and blast the generator with the gravity gun. Facing the generator, head to the right down a hall that will take you to a large open room with holes in the wall.

    The doors will slam shut and Combine will appear outside, firing in through the holes. Get the hoppers in the middle and activate them just outside of the steal doors. When the troops rush in they will be met with a nasty surprise. Be sure to grab the supply crates on top of the bookshelf and enter the next hall where there are two more ground turrets. The strategy involving these turrets is simple. Send the team back into the previous room and dash across the lasers with Barney, but stay behind the walls before reaching the turrets. Then, approach the vents in the floor and your team will set off the sensors giving you a much better attack position.

    Enter the next room, stock up on supplies and destroy the next generator. Return to the center of the building and this time run to the left. Ignore the turret sensors for now and instead take the hallway to the right to find a room filled with red laser trip wires. There is a ledge leading over the lasers on the left. Then, hop onto the piece of metal next to the picture on the wall and jump into the center of the triangle of lasers. There is then room on the circular piece of metal to hop up onto the second circle and walk around it. Make sure to reset the hopper mines on the other side. Duck under the next laser and make a right. Inch onto the ledge across from the sloped pipe and then jump to this pipe to reach the other side. Pick up the pulse rifle grenades and shut down the security system.

    To the right of this room is the third generator so take it out. Pick up the ammo in this room and Barney says to head for the roof. Walk back to the beginning of the room that was filled with lasers to pick up the rest of the allies and help them take care of two Combine soldiers. Remember the two ground turrets you skipped? These have been shut down and you are free to grab the crates near them. As you walk towards the center of the building a group of Combine soldiers and elites enter into the area. Chuck grenades down from the balcony to thin out their numbers, then snipe the rest of them from the top of the steps.

    The hall marked with the exit sign is now open and contains a health and energy station. Look out for the remaining hoppers in the area. Barney opens the door to the roof and stays to man the controls. Pick up the RPG and walk up into the stairwell. Two Combine soldiers and an auto turret await so switch from the gravity gun to the pulse rifle to beat them into submission. Your next stop is the rooftop and a city ravaged by striders.

    Part 10

    Run up to the roof where there are two soldiers waiting and many more around the corner. Keep an eye on the infinite rocket crate because a gunship will soon appear over the horizon. Take this down, then restock rockets and use them against the elites that round the corner. Around the dome of the building there is an energy and health station. To the left of this, run up the steps and guide a rocket to the gun turret on the next roof. Head over to the supply crates and push the red button to connect the bridge to the building on the other side.

    Fire an SMG shell across the bridge to clear the way. The throw some grenades into the adjoining building to clear out the huge crowd of troops waiting inside. More allies will join the party, so use them to your advantage. Once inside the next building, run down the stairwell and greet the resistance fighter at the bottom with the RPG. This next section is more about running for cover than fighting.

    The striders are large tripods with deadly spiked legs and mounted gun turrets. Dash across the steps to the museum and run down into the glowing pit. There is a tunnel that leads to the other side where there is a hill of rubble to be climbed. Use the same structures as cover that were used when entering the building and slowly advance across the area in front of the building.

    In the center bunker there is some more RPG ammo, grab this, fire off some shots and run across the open area to the overturned dumpster. Here there is an infinite ammo crate for the RPG and a good vantage point for taking down the striders. Kill both of them and then turn to the left to find a small opening in the building. This leads to a health station. Come back outside and sprint towards the combine stronghold on the other side of the area. A few rockets clean take care of their advantage in positioning, head to this area and go down the steps to grab a boat load of supplies.

    The stairs open into a large deserted roadway guarded by a solitary combine soldier. Kill him and the RUN for the exit. A strider will pop out behind you and begin to chase. Take a left at the end of the tunnel into a basement. Three Combine soldiers will appear so shoot the red barrels next to them to take them out. As you run up the stairs in the building there are some evolved scanners floating around that can be used as grenades when combined with the gravity gun. Look out for a real grenade form the Soldier at the top of the steps and then move to the next room. The Strider will be firing from the windows, so don't stop to enjoy the view. In the room with the large ramp, check under the walkway to find some supply crates.

    Take the ramp up to the roof and a strider will knock down a concrete beam that allows you to reach the next level. Zig-zag across the pathway and jump into the stairwell where there is an infinite supply of RPG ammo. Down the hall there is a lambda symbol along with some energy and health. Take a left and fall down the hole.

    There is a resistance fighter through the next door who says that you are close to the Citadel. Run outside and down the slope underground. Check the back of a white van for power cells and look for supply crates in the small room around the bend. There are crossbow bolts here which are handy for one-hit kills on the three Elites that run down the incline from the street. The next section is spent avoiding the strider outside. Sprint up the incline and then down into the tunnel under the roadway where there are two soldiers. Pause, then run into Café Baltic and pick up supplies.

    From the café, take a right and duck into the alcove while cars are thrown about the street by an oncoming strider. Hiding under the roof to the right should allow you to completely avoid this menace. Take a right and jump down into the cavern in the middle of the street. The floor in this area will collapse and leave you to fight three combine soldiers ahead. There are two crates in this area containing supplies. When you pop back up to street level there are soldiers on the second level of all the surrounding buildings. Pick them off before they surround you. Before you run forward and up the steps, grab the supplies in the small room at the bottom. At the top of the steps there some small areas of cover from the soldiers and striders ahead. Do not advance too quickly, as a strider will blast away the floor in front of you.

    Wait for the explosion, then pick off surrounding troops with the crossbow. Jump down to the next room and make a left. There are two more soldiers that can be hit with bolts in the distance and to the left a small room containing all sorts of supplies. There are two Elites up ahead that need to be shot down, cross over to where they came from to find two health recharge stations and an energy station. Remember this area because the next section involves fighting numerous striders and you will have to return to stay alive. At the top of the flight of steps across from the stations there is a soldier and an infinite crate of RPG ammo. This is the vantage point where you will take on the striders.

    Ignore the drop ship that flies over and focus on the strider in the immediate vicinity. Take down one monster at a time in order to avoid being double teamed. Also, remember to use the medics on the team to heal. When the last strider goes down, the human troops will rejoice and its time to move on. To the right, when facing the RPG crate, there are some metal beams that remain. Walk across these and hop down to the street to meet back up with Barney and Dog. They make short work of the Combine ahead and Dog opens up a path to the Citadel.

    Part 11

    Walk down the long underground tunnel, pick up the health at the end, and take a left to a rock path. Stick to the wall and continue around the side. Slide down a steep slope and then make a sprint jump to the next ledge. There is a head crab and health in a crevice after this jump. Then, fall down to the pipe protruding out of the rocks and sprint jump to the triangle entrance into the citadel. Upon entering, take a left and follow the constantly turning hallway into the structure.

    Eventually, you will see one of the containers that the professor was trapped in earlier. Follow it to an assembly line where a row of the holsters travels to the left and the right. Run up to one of the people movers on the right side and press the action button to enter it. If you get in the one going towards the bolt of light it leads to instant death. The contraption travels towards a bright white light. Enjoy the creepy tour of the facility until the machine stops and you are lowered to the ground.

    Every weapon will be stripped from your body and annihilated, except for the gravity gun. For some reason it shorts out the Combine machines and is given the new capability of working on organic life as well as inanimate objects. Now you can either zap enemies using the primary fire or throw them like toys using the secondary fire. Walk down the hall to hear from Dr. Breen. Notice that the energy station now charges up both health and the suit, and that the suit now reaches 200% capacity.

    Continue down the winding halls while laying waste to the Combine forces. Use soldiers as shields and then blast them into oncoming enemies. There is another view screen where Dr. Breen again spouts some nonsense regarding your lack of compliance. Move into the next chamber where there is a large energy field. Throw Combine into this cylinder of light to witness a beautiful display of destruction.

    Take the path to the right and you will approach three vertical energy beams. White balls of plasma can be sucked from these beams and used as weapons against oncoming troops. They ricochet off walls exactly like the secondary fire on the pulse rifle. Remove shields blocking your path by sucking out the plasma ball from the generators and continue past more view screens to another refueling station.

    In the next area there is another set of view screens where Dr. Breen furthers his point regarding your misbehavior. Move to the large room ahead and run to the button in the center. Troops will come from all sides of this area as you wait for an elevator to slowly descend to your level. There is a refueling station that should definitely be used before boarding the elevator as you will suffer constant attacks during the long ride to the top.

    Constantly check the walls while riding up the elevator, troops will attack from all directions. When you stop at the top of the tower, listen to Dr. Breen once more before charging up at the next station. Continue down the hall into another generator room and throw your enemies into the cylinder. Take the path on the right while dealing with groups of soldiers from every other direction. There is one more recharging station before another rant by Breen on a view screen.

    Turn to the left and view the army that awaits your presence down the hall. Use the pods as shields as you approach, then launch them at the troops ahead. Hide behind the stacks of pods and use the energy balls on the sides as missiles against the strider ahead. Bounce them off of walls in order to stay in an area with good cover.

    Walk over the wreckage of the strider and listen to Breen's comments from the view screen above. Then suck out the three plasma spheres from behind the next shield, jump down, and use the energy station. Enter into another container using the action button and take a ride even higher into the tower.

    You are rendered helpless, so enjoy the story as it unfolds. When Breen flees to the elevator, follow Alyx and listen to her instructions. Fill up on energy and chase Breen to the teleport room. After troops show up, a path will open to the right allowing you up the ramp. Continue to battle troops until you reach the generators. Suck out the three orbs from each of the three generators and the move ahead and ride up the pillar to the next level.

    On this level, walk ahead while blasting the troops that come out of the shielded door. Walk around to a small ledge and jump to the rising pillar that appears in front of you. Alyx yells to hurry before Breen escapes. You rise to level three where there is a charger. Use this and take the next elevator to level two. Battle the troops ahead and walk to the left to take another pillar up to the final level. The reactor is straight ahead and there are two columns of energy balls next to you. Fire the energy balls at the reactor to destroy it. Metal shields will rise to protect the structure, but these will break off when struck. It is best to do this from the far right or left side where you can huge a pillar and avoid some of the fire from the gunships. After a few direct hits the reactor detonates and Alyx joins you in celebration.

    Congratulations! You have completed your task, the G-Man would be proud. Enjoy his final thoughts on the matter before the credits role.

    5. Secrets

    Cheat List
    Bring DOWN the console and enter "sv_cheats 1".
    • No damage: god
    • Never Die: buddha
    • Infinite power for your suit: infinite_aux_power
    • All weapons and ammo: impulse 101
    • Kill all npc's in the area: npc_kill
    • Enemies don't attack: notarget
    • Walk through walls: noclip
    • Spawn a scout car: ch_createjeep
    • Spawn an airboat: ch_createairboat
    • skulls: impulse 102

    Bring DOWN the console and enter "sv_cheats 1".

    • Wire frame models: mat_wireframe1
    • Only objects effected by physics are wireframe: vcollide_wireframe 1
    • Draw game triggers: showtriggers_toggle
    • Draw normal maps: mat_normalmaps 1
    • Draw surface materials: mat_normals 1
    • Turn off bump mapping: mat_fastnobump 0
    • impulse 200: removes weapon model from the screen

    Enable cheats and use the "give" command.
    • item_healthkit
    • item_healthvial
    • item_box_buckshot
    • item_box_mrounds
    • item_box_sniper_rounds
    • item_box_srounds
    • item_battery
    • item_suit
    • item_ml_grenade
    • item_ar2_grenade

    List the map by enabling cheats and type "maps". Load a map by typing "map ".
    • d1_canals_01
    • d1_canals_02
    • d1_canals_end
    • d1_tempanals_02
    • d1_town_01
    • d1_town_02
    • d1_town_03
    • d1_town_04
    • d1_town_05
    • d1_trainstation_01
    • d1_trainstation_02
    • d1_trainstation_03
    • d1_trainstation_05
    • d1_under_01
    • d1_under_02
    • d1_under_03
    • d1_under_04
    • d2_coast_01
    • d2_coast_02
    • d2_coast_03
    • d2_coast_04
    • d2_coast_04_dx60
    • d2_coast_05
    • d2_coast_06
    • d2_coast_07
    • d2_coast_08
    • d2_prison_01
    • d2_prison_02
    • d2_prison_03
    • d2_prison_04
    • d2_prison_05
    • d3_c17_03
    • d3_c17_04
    • d3_c17_05
    • d3_c17_06a
    • d3_c17_06b
    • d3_c17_07

    Enable cheats and use the "give"command.
    • weapon_ar1
    • weapon_ar2
    • weapon_bugbait
    • weapon_cguard
    • weapon_molotov
    • weapon_manhack
    • weapon_immolator
    • weapon_irifle
    • weapon_crowbar
    • weapon_extinguisher
    • weapon_flaregun
    • weapon_frag
    • weapon_gauss
    • weapon_alyxgun
    • weapon_hopwire
    • weapon_iceaxe
    • weapon_physcannon
    • weapon_physgun
    • weapon_pistol
    • weapon_rpg
    • weapon_shotgun
    • weapon_smg1
    • weapon_smg2
    • weapon_stickylauncher
    • weapon_stunstick
    • weapon_thumper
    • weapon_sniperrifle
    • weapon_rollerwand
    • weapon_slam
    • weapon_hmg1
    • weapon_cubemap
    • weapon_binoculars
    • weapon_ml
    • weapon_brickbat

    Credits go to IGN

    Hope you like it
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