Version 0.2.17
- Matchmaking is enabled again
- Allow players to leave team during countdown, so they don't have to disconnect to stop it
- Moved the Hellbourne Ancient creeps to stop them being pulled into the lane
- Witch Slayer and Demented Shaman now have voices
- Fixed stealth to break when an attack lands, not when you start the attack and cancel before the impact
- Removed Sacred Greaves for now to test Plated Greaves

New Item, Plated Greaves
- Requires Marchers, a Shield of the Five, and 200 gold recipe cost. 1503 total.
- +70 Movement Speed
- +3 all stats
- +5 Armor
- When used, gives +2 armor and 100% chance to block 10 attack damage to all allied units in a 450 radius for 30 seconds. 25 second cooldown. 25 mana to use.