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This is a discussion on [Guide] General HoN gaming tips (UNFINISHED) within the Heroes of Newerth Guides board part of the Heroes of Newerth forum category; Heyho, Well there really is no decent HoN guide on the forums here so I've decided to make one myself. ...

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    [Guide] General HoN gaming tips

    Well there really is no decent HoN guide on the forums here so I've decided to make one myself.

    Guides current outline(Unfished guide, editing this outline as I edit the guide):

    Getting Started
    . - HoNs UI
    . - Heroes
    . *Support Heroes
    . *Semi-Carries
    . *Hard Carries

    Basic HoN Terms
    . - Last hitting/Auto Attacking
    . - Map Awarness
    . - Joining the right game
    Gaming Phases
    . - Early game
    . - Middle game
    . - Late game
    Video to sum it all up

    Getting started

    Before you get into the action you need to learn a few things about the games mechanism.
    If you played DotA Before you should skip this section (Although there are a few points you might find interesting).

    HoNs UI
    Something that you will probably do anyways, but it's always worth mentioning.

    Before you go play a game get to know the games User Interface. Click all the buttons, read all the descriptions, know all the options possible. Sometimes just knowing what you're dealing with will make a hella lot of a difference.
    It does take time to adapt, but it willl always increase the speed of that happening if you are enthusiastic about it.

    It's very important to understand how the hero you're going to play actually works. As I want to keep this a generalized guide I won't be giving out any tips or such but feel free to PM if you need any help.

    To understand the HoN heroes I suggest you do a few things:

    1. Read the hero compendium in the game - Probably the most basic thing to do, I would recommend this to old DotA players as well.
    2. Go to honcast.com and watch all the pros play your favorite heroes - learn from their mistakes, not yours.
    3. Read the best guides found on HoNs official forums - Sometimes reading just a basic guide on a hero found anywhere is of help and I suggest you do this.

    Hero Roles
    It's very important to understand the role of your hero when playing, I'll try to clarify each role as much as I can.

    Here's a very cheesy picture I made showing the roles of each heroes in the compendium:

    In Red- Hard Carries
    In Blue - Semi-Carries
    In Green - Supporters

    Please do note that the following heroes are gankers which have the potential to be either supports or semi-carries:
    Wretched Hag, Gauntlet, Doctor Repulsor, Deadwood, Devourer, Pebbles and Kraken.
    I have encircled them in the roles that they are mostly played as (Except for Deadwood, Devourer and Gauntlet, they're pure gankers)

    Supporting heroes
    • Glacius
    • Pyromancer
    • Witch Slayer
    • Tempest
    • Plague Rider

    Supporting heroes are mostly intelligence heroes with strong nukes, mini stuns and disables. Their main role in the game is to support the carry (Look below for what a 'carry' is), hence their name "Support Heroes".

    Items that you should focus on:

    1) In my opinion every support hero can go for a 'Kuldras Sheepstickle' providing extra disable, mana regeneration and higher damage.
    2) Courier/Wards/Counter wards. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to get the courier right at the beginning then later upgrade it. Wards are the only item in the game with a cooldown (Next to puzzlebox) and that's for a reason, they are extremely OP. Warding as support is extremely crucial and will make the difference between winning and losing.
    There's a nice video by Nigma that will explain how to ward, .
    3) Items such as astrolabel are nice on most support heroes providing an extra heal in team fights when needed.
    4) Barrier Idol - Certain support heroes such as Accursed really do need a barrier idol, it always depends on the game of course. If they have a team with high magic damage ultimates and nukes, a barrier is a must.

    Other certain items to keep in mind when supporting:
    • Nomes Wisdom (Not so advised, astrolabel should be bought over it as it does way more for its price)
    • Frostified Plate (On certain heroes such as Bubbles, Pebbles and Behemoth frostified is just a must with it's extra slow in teamfights to make the difference)
    • Portal Key - The best initiator item in the game, is a must on heroes such as: Pebbles, Behemorth, Tempest, Pyromancer, Witch Slayer, Glacius and generally the ones with larger AOE stuns.

    - When playing support you should always try to go with a carry in a lane, so there's 1 carry and 1 support. Certain support heroes that have good ganking capabilities such as Witch Slayer, Pyromancer, Myrmidon, etc.. can go to mid lane (Not recommended unless you know what you are doing).
    - During the laning phase you should never take the last hits from the carry, at that point it might seem kind of unfair but later, when that same carry wins the game for you, you won't regret it.
    - It's very important to harass and deny the other 1/2/3 enemies you are laning, never let their carry last hit and never let their support harass your carry.

    • Pestilence
    • Corrupted Disciple

    Semi-Carries are heroes that have the potential to win the game for you early/mid game. They are somewhat item dependent and need good support to be effective. They are gonna shine mid game but if the game goes on for too long and the hard carries get too farmed, they will instantly need to switch their role to support, helping your hard carries carry the game to victory.

    Items for Semi-Carries:

    Items for semi-carries depend on the hero that is being played. Some items that can be found useful on most are probably Portal Key and Shieldbreaker as well as a certain few others. Some items may prove more effective on certain heroes, like I said, it all depends.
    Using the Recommended part of the shop is usually a smart idea, but always ask your teammates for an item build, they know what they need you to have.

    - During the laning phase semi-carries are gonna focus on last hitting and getting as much gold as they can. Try to not lane with another semi-carry or a hard carry. Try to balance the lanes out, if your team is filled with only carries and semi-carries just play support and try nothing stupid. Try to secure the kills so that the supporters don't get them, they don't really need them all in all.

    Hard Carries
    • Mad Man
    • Scout
    • Magebane
    • Arachna
    • Night Hound
    • Forsaken Archer

    Hard carries are the heroes that most people seem to like to play. If you notice that your team has 1 or 2 hard carries just don't play one. A team with all 5 carries is going to lose to a team with 1 and 4 support/semi-carries. Hard carries are very item dependent and really do need items to do anything in the game. This is why it is crucial to learn how to last hit and to learn how to jungle efficiently without being killed.

    - Items for hard carries depend on the carries themselves. You will mostly be focusing on getting high damage items as well as certain stay alive items such as Shrunken Head (Magic immunity for a certain period of time) and Nullstone (negates a single targeted enemy spell).
    An item that can be found useful on most hard carries is the infamous Runed Axe.
    It is the first item that should be gotten on most hard carries such as Scout, Mad man, Magebane, Chronos (After elder parasite) and so on. The reason a Runed Axe is useful is because it provides extra damage, mana and hitpoints regeneration and splash damage to enemies around; to top it all of, it is relatively cheap at around 4900 gold (can be farmed in 16minutes or so by a decent player).

    - Items to have in mind:

    • Shrunken Head - This is the bkb port from DotA. If you seem to get focused out a lot by the whole team get this item, it provides you with magic immunity for a period of time keeping you alive to do that damage to the enemies in teamfights without taking all their stuns and disables
    • Nullstone - This item is the port of Linkens Sphere from DotA. It's good for 1vs1 carries allowing you to easily take out the single enemy without him being able to stun you or disable you with a single targeted spell.
    • Geoemeters - This item is the port of Manta Ray from DotA, it creates 2 extra illusions of yourself, adds movement speed bonus, extra agility and extra damage. It's useful for heroes such as Arachna, Flint Beastwood and Chronos that do a lot of auto attack damage.
    • ShieldBreaker - This item is the port of Deso from DotA. Adding extra damage and decreasing enemy armour it's a beaut for most hard carries (in fact it works on almost all).

    - During the laning phase you always need to last hit, always. It is your main priority next to staying alive. When there's an early gank or you and the support decide to kill a hero, always try to killsteal the hero and get the kill for yourself. I know it sounds cheap but the support does not need the kill as much as you do; any extra gold is wanted.
    - Sometimes even when everyone else starts ganking you can use that to your advantage. Go alone into a lane and just last hit like never before, that tends to wins the games. However if you do that, always be aware of the mini-map, listen to miss calls and carry a homecoming stone, you never know when they might try to gank you (Which they probably will, no1 wants their carry to be farmed).
    - You will spend at least a good 30-35min of farming, then start ganking, pushing and teamfighting. Sometimes if their semi-carries can outskill you and kill you then just go back to farming until you get buff while they waste their time attempting to gank.

    Basic HoN Terms/Tips
    This consists of everything you need to keep in mind when playing HoN.

    - A few gaming words and their meanings:

    Gank - Short for gang kill, a gank is usually when more than 2 players decided to go, jump and kill another hero(es).
    Farm - When someone refers to yours, his or someones else farm he is referring to the amount of gold that they have made so far (Simplified)
    MIA/Miss/SS - Either of the 3 are a way of saying that a hero from the persons lane is MISSING FROM THE LANE. You should always take note of these calls and back off to your tower if you are pushing.
    Back/b - When you are told to back (or when someone just starts spamming the letter 'b') you should always instantly leave the place you are at and run as fast as you can back to a safe spot (where other teammates are, to a tower, to the main base).
    Juke - When someone gets juked it means that the person was chasing another hero but that hero managed to get away in very clever ways.

    Last Hitting/Auto attacking
    Lets say your just chillaxing in a double bottom lane with some random dude and all of a sudden he starts spamming "OMG WTF Nuubub, stop auto att ok?" And you're like "wtf man, stop the hate" but really you have no fuckin clue what he just told you.

    - When you auto att you just right click on a unit and let your hero attack the unit without you making any changes.
    This is relatively bad because:

    a) You're pushing the lane towards the enemies towers disallowing the carry to farm easier and letting the enemies gain the gold advantage if they last hit.

    b) Compared to last hitting, auto attacking gives you almost no gold as the chance of you getting the last hit (That's right, last hitting is when you stand still or pace yourself by walking left-right until the creep is that low that you actually only last hit the unit) is rather low and based on pure luck, this means you'll have a really crappy farm.

    Map awareness
    I can not emphasize on how important map awareness is!

    By map awareness I mean that you:

    1) Listen to the teammates call MIA (Missing in action), miss (or short 'ss') on heroes in their lane!
    - This will literally prevent you from getting unexpectedly ganked by the opposing team.

    2) Always carry a 'Homecoming stone' (or two-three) in your inventory.
    - When you notice you're about to get ganked, juke the enemies and hide somewhere. Once hidden quickly teleport back to base (Dont forget that the teleport has a 2-3 sec delay).

    3) Look at the mini-map!
    - What is the mini-map? It's the small box at the bottom left of the screen that contains golden cookies. If you see a hero from your lane is missing, let your teammates know, this will prevent you getting raged at. It's only 135 gold after all.

    4) Just be aware.
    - Don't be all lost, make sure to always focus on the game.

    Joining the right game
    Right now this may seem funny to you but joining the correct game is very important to increase the chances of you winning.

    Games to avoid:

    1) ALWAYS avoid 'No AB' (No auto-balanced) games
    Avoid these because games with no ab are usually hosted by at least 3-5 friends that want to destroy random nubbies. People that host no ab games have the tendancy to play well, so avoid these games unless you're with your own mates or unless you think you're good enough.

    2) Avoid 'Banning Pick' and 'All Pick'
    People that play these modes are people that know what hero they want to pick and will be extremely good with that hero. Chances of getting stomped in games such as these are relatively high.

    3) Avoid high PSR games
    This one is pretty obvious, people with high PSR tend to be better than the ones with lower PSR. Don't join those games that have ALL WELCOME in them.

    Casual Mode is just imbalanced and shows nothing on your true skill. Sure it's fun, but should not be played all the time.

    5) Play 'No Stats' games
    If you're new, playing no stats games at the beginning is very crucial! Don't go ruining other peoples games just because you are bad, you will also ruin your stats making it really hard to fix later on (Like I did). It's very important to play at least 50 games or so of 'No stats' before you start playing stats.

    This is what you're gaming filter should look like when you start playing No Stats:

    Gaming Phases

    Every HoN game can be generally split into a couple of gaming phases.
    1) Early game phase - Laning and 1st tower lane pushing.
    2) Mid game phase - The phase of the game where semi-carries shine. Mostly ganking and 2nd tower pushing. Some games are ended in this phase (Due to overly pwning the enemies heroes and making them concede)
    3) Late game phase - This is usually when the game is decided. It's time for the carries to shine and show what they did all game.

    Early Game Phase

    A great video by Nigma will tell you everything you need to know about this phase.

    Middle Game Phase

    The middle phase of the game is where it's all decided. In this phase you will set the course of the game.
    There's not much to talk about this phase as it all just comes along by itself and it varies a lot from game to game. However, I will explain some basic goals you should always focus on in this phase.

    a) If you're a support hero.

    -If you're playing a support hero by this phase I have to say the most important thing to do is ward. ALWAYS WARD. Now you don't need to ward to have rune control. Now you ward to prevent ganks and to gank. Depending on what your team setup is you're going to ward differently.
    • If you have a ganking team with little carry potential you'll be warding aggressively, i.e you shall be warding places such as the rune spots and beyond into their jungle and such. Some good spots are:
    (Pictures coming soon)

    • If you have a team with little teamfight/gank potential you're going to ward defensively, i.e you shall be warding places such as the rune and spots not beyond that such as your own jungle and areas that the enemies seem to gank a lot or walk through often.
    (Pictures coming soon)

    - The second goal you have whilst playing support is to constantly aid the semi-carries in ganking/farming. You'll be going around the map with a semi-carry and another supporter constantly ganking their carries to prevent them from getting farmed. Never should you spend this time alone in a lane farming that's the carries job.

    - The third goal is to push the first row of towers down without them getting denied. Pretty straight forward.

    b) If you're a semi-carry hero.

    If you have a hard carry on your team:
    - If you're a semi-carry and if you have been last hitting correctly you should have some basic items by now allowing you to be effective in ganking. If you have had decent farm ask a support hero or two to come with you and start ganking their carries and other potential threats. Otherwise ask the support to stay in lane with you while you try to get some extra farm in the next 10 minutes or so.

    If you don't have a hard carry on your team:
    - You're going to have to spend this phase just farming I'm afraid, if you don't have a hard carry. In order to carry the team into late game and win you're going to need some items, which unfortunately need mulah. But always use the chance to gank their hard carry if it ever comes, always carry a homecoming stone or two and be aware.

    - Try to push the first and possibly even the 2nd row of towers

    c) If you're a hard carry hero:

    - This phase of the game is pretty straight forward for you, carry homecoming stones and just farm. Teleport around to any free lane you see and if there are none, get some according lifesteal and/or a sustainer and go to the jungle. If there's ever any gank around and you're close, always use the opportunity to killsteal.

    - Try to be with the 1st row tower pushes to last hit the towers providing you with an extra 500 gold.

    Picture of what I mean by first row of towers (On the mini-map):

    Late Game Phase

    - This phase of the game is purely based off of a couple of things.

    1) Your carries. This is when the carries show how much they've farmed and what they can do. A good carry will win this for you.

    2) Team pushes and fights. Teamfights and team pushes are extremely important in this part of the game. If I could sum up the Late Game Phase into 1 word it would be 'planning'. Everything needs to be planned an organized. Discuss with your teammates how you're going to initiate, who's gonna follow in and so in. It's things like that that will make you seem pro and win the games for you.

    3) Killing kongor. At this part people are going to want to kill kongor to have that extra advantage, the token. The token will allow the person that has it to revive in the same spot after he has died. It's extremely useful for heroes that do a lot of burst damage and for carries that can kill a lot of people in a teamfight. The token should always be given to the person who can potentially do most of the damage.

    - When pushing in this phase it's always useful to gank a hero or two that are solo laning so that if you're going to engage in a head on fight with them, you're going to have a hero extra. It's also very important that you work as a team. Make sure you always go as fives, make sure your support is warding aggressively and counter warding as well and make sure no one is going alone and being stubborn.

    - When going to Kongor the same counts. Always ward the area around so you know if they're coming for you. also it's pretty useful to gank 1 or two of them even if it does not work. Why? Because it will scare the enemy making them tower hug and afraid to engage you even if they know you're at kongor.

    As you can see, this stage is pretty straight forward. Not much to talk about it in theory. The most important thing here to remember is organization and co-operation.

    Video to sum it up

    Here's a video on how to not suck by Nigma. It contains somethings I have said an other things I haven't said. It's a real nice finish to the guide.

    Enjoy and thank you for reading,

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    Awesome guide. I liked your advice on what game modes to avoid. It would have took a while for me to try out the different game modes and this provides me with good information about what to expect in these different game modes.

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    what's hons

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulmon View Post
    Awesome guide. I liked your advice on what game modes to avoid. It would have took a while for me to try out the different game modes and this provides me with good information about what to expect in these different game modes.War Commander is a Facebook-based wargame that allows you to build your base and attack enemies using your skills and strategy.
    Conforming to typical DotA storyline, Heroes of Newerth includes two confronting factions, namely, the Legion and the Hellbourne.
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    Very helpful, thank you.

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