Sell item from Stash or Inventory
  • SHIFT + CTRL + Right click on item
Trasnfer item from Stash to Inventory OR vica versa
  • CTRL + Right click on item
Disassemble item*
  • Left click on item in your Stash


Bottle: B-R-R
Mana battery: B-R-G
Homecoming stone: B-R-D
Red boots: B-E-A
Vestments: B-E-U
Ward: B-R-T
Sentry ward: B-R-A


First of all you want to get a hotkey for your courier. I don't recommend the next/previous shopper micro from the options, cause if one of your teammates disconnect, he'll become a shopper and that can fuck the micro up. I use F as a group hotkey, right after the game starts I click on the courier and press CTRL + F, now whenever I press F the courier will be selected. If I double-tap F the camera will be centered on it, but that doesn't matter.
Lets imagine you play solo mid, you got your first 600gold and want to buy a bottle. Press F (courier selected, and since it's in shop range, it can buy any item instantly) then tap B (opens Shop) R (Supplies section) R (Bottle). You got your bottle in the courier, now you have to order it to deliver the item to you.

In most cases, the courier won't be upgraded, so it has 3 skills. Pressing Q will force you to upgrade it to a flying courier if you have another 200 gold, but lets focus on the 2nd and 3rd skill. Pressing E will force the courier to deliver the item to you. Great, so after you purchased your bottle (the courier is still selected, you didnt press anything but F-B-R-R) you press E and the item will be on its way. The last thing you want to do is to order the courier to return to the base right after it delivered the item to you. You just simply press SHIFT+R, so right after it delivered your item, it will head back home.
Now, for the flying courier: you still only pressed F-B-R-R, so it's still selected. Press E and Q: right after the courier start it's path, he will gain a speed boost from his first skill (Q), that means less flying time. And then the SHIFT + R so he will head back home as soon as he gave the item to you.

For example, my bindings are the following: select courier [F], select hero [1]
This is how I buy a bottle: F-B-R-R-ESC(that closes the shop)-E-Q-SHIFT+R(courier on its way)-1(select my hero again). If you practice enough, you can do this action between 2 auto-attacks.

Don't forget: if the courier is in trouble, just press W - it will be invulnerable for 7 seconds.