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    Gunblade guide for dummies

    Gunblade is a ranged agility hero with somewhat of a carry potential, but due to his skills, he can be played as a ganker or even initiator in early to mid game. The rest depends on his farm.


    Crippling Slugs

    Target: Organic Enemy Units
    Type: Physical
    Range: 700
    Manacost: 100
    Cooldown: 12 seconds

    Target a location to quickly fire three Slugs in that direction. Each Slug deals 30/50/70/90 Physical damage and applies a stacking 8/11/14/17% Movement Speed slow that lasts 3 seconds.
    Decent farming tool early on in the game. Note, that the damage and the slow debuff are both Physical.

    Demonic Shield

    Target: Self
    Type: Magic
    Manacost: 65
    Cooldown: 18 seconds

    Activate to grant yourself a Shield that absorbs damage equal to 60/100/140/180 + 0.75/1/1.25/1.5* of your Agility. The Shield lasts for maximum of 8 seconds and grants +20/40/60/80 Movement Speed while active.
    The speed buff can be used defensively and offensively aswell.

    Lethal Range

    Type: Passive

    Grants you bonus attack damage against enemy heroes based on how close you are to your target. Bonus damage goes up to 20/30/40/50% of your Base Damage if you are 200 units or closer to your target, tapering off to 0% bonus damage at 600 units.

    Grappling Shot

    Target: Enemy Heroes
    Type: Magic
    Range: 500/600/700
    Manacost: 100/125/150
    Cooldown: 90/75/60 seconds

    Target an enemy hero to launch yourself on top of them and deal 100/200/300 Magic Damage, stunning them for 1 second and apply a -3/5/7 armor debuff for 5 seconds after cast.
    Somewhat of an initiating skill, granting you the ability with the minus armor debuff to burst someone down quickly.


    Your starting items should depend on your lane. If you solo mid, you should get a Health Potion and a Runes of the Blight for regen, 2 Duck Boots and 2 Minor Totems for stats and damage. If you're on sidelane, I would recommend to get similiar regen items with 1 Minor Totem, 1 Pretender's Crown and a Guardian Ring, which will be upgraded to a Ring of the Teacher from your first 325 gold, especially if you're on a suicide lane (great lane control item, provides you with some mana regen, +5 damage and +3 armor, which can mean life or death early on). The hero has a pretty good attack animation (means you can lasthit easier) and low base damage.
    Naturally, if you play solo mid, get a fast Bottle, check those runes, don't be afraid to gank and provide your team or yourself with some easy quick kills, especially if you're struggling at mid.
    For boots, I would recommend Ghost Marchers over Steamboots, but it really depends on your playstyle. Personally, I prefer that little bit of mobility boost over thread swapping and +10 agility, which I agree, is a great thing on a hero like Gunblade (because of his second skill). If you want to play the farming game or you have a really good start, easy lane, you can rush an early Alchemist's Bones too, but instead I usually get a Nullstone after my boots for farming and defense purposes. If you're facing a bursty team, get a Shrunken Head, as an agility hero, you're squishy as hell.
    For damage items, I recommend a Frostburn. Later on you should split it and upgrade the 2 swords into a Geometer's Bane and a Frostwolf's Skull. I know, these items are for hard carries, most of the people like to get an Assassin's Shroud + Shieldbraker for burst damage, those are great items too, but it's just doesn't fit into my gamestyle. With a Nullstone/ Geometer's Bane/ Frostwolf's Skull, you will have tons of stats (including Agility, which means attack speed, damage and armor) and like 2500+ hitpoints. Why does this matter? Let's say you're facing a melee hard carry, like a Night Hound or The Dark Lady. Your third skill can demolish them, but to be effective in close range, you will need survivability. You can't kite in close range with Shroud or Genjuro, won't be effective with a glasscanon build (focusing on mass damage without boosting your survivability) even with lifesteal. Believe me.
    Counter and luxury items are up to you. You know, damage items like Wingbow, Savage Mace, Riftshards, other fun or absurd builds, Post Haste, etc.

    Skill build

    Leveling up your passive early on is useless. It won't affect creeps, and since you're a ranged hero, even if you face a melee hero, you can't just simply walk up to 200 units and attack him because of the incoming creep/tower damage.

    Level 1 Crippling Slugs
    Level 2 Demonic Shield
    Level 3 Crippling Slugs
    Level 4 Demonic Shield
    Level 5 Crippling Slugs
    Level 6 Grappling Shot
    Level 7 Crippling Slugs
    Level 8 Demonic Shield
    Level 9 Demonic Shield
    Level 10 Lethal Range
    Level 11 Grappling Shot
    Level 12 Lethal Range
    Level 13 Lethal Range
    Level 14 Lethal Range
    Level 15 Stats
    Level 16 Grappling Shot
    Level 17-25 Stats

    Thats all, cheers!

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    all this information. May be same use to me. Thank you friend.
    im hanz0! Do you love me?|dreams: to become a mod
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