Rank 1 Hero League, Rank 2 Team League
Since the medic is arguable my favorite unit back in Starcraft 2 and in Heroes of the Storm as well, I decided to write a guide on how to use Lt. Morales (Medic / Support). Half of the time in-game, you hear your teammates saying ''if we can gank Morales, we'll win the fight''. This is only as accurate as 50% because what does it take to kill Morales and not having 4 end up dead? So it'll be all about the positioning and how the team plays around you. You'll be the main target fire especially from invisible heroes such as Zeratul and Nova. It'll also all depend on how the team handles the disruption on the backline where you'll most likely be. We see a lot of heroes such as Muradin or Illidan trying to get in the back and on your faces as well as among other DPS.

Early Game:
The key is to preserve your mana ONLY when you'll actually need to use it. The point is the abilities such as Healing Beam will likely need to be used a lot and it will drain essentially majority of the mana. Safeguard is a key element in winning, but only use it in dire emergencies from ganks or prevention from a death where it matters most. The point of Morale's abilities is always with someone in a lane. NEVER solo lane as I mentioned above, you're the sole primary target. The key to staying alive is always never think you can tank/solo the enemy and the composition of your team. Displacement grenade should most of the time only be used to push an enemy hero back so you can get away safely.

Mid Game Lvl 10-13 range:
By mid-game, mana majority should not be the main problem. Morale will be more flexible in using her abilities repeatedly without drain with the help of the talents. You will also have the lvl 10 Ult talent to play with the composition.

Late Game:
By late game, you will have access to every talent and usage of the abilities is critical. The key again will be the team's composition along with yours and positioning of the engagement/initiation.

My personal favorite talent tree

Talent Lvl 1: Trauma Trigger
As I mentioned several times before, the key is survival. It's clear when you're under 50% health is when the situation is getting deadly, the 25% reduced damage can be the game changer to prevent the death and engagement. This talent should also save you from casting Safeguard on yourself to PRESERVE more mana and essentially one less thing to worry about.

Talent Lvl 4: Advanced Block
To prevent more damage toward Morale is always important. This is yet again passive and periodically reducing 50% of basic hero attacks with 3 charges can be a great reduction in damage. The thing is I see a lot of players choose Bioshield which sounds very great and tempting but is not worth it especially how much MANA it'll consume over time where it couild be for nothing if the enemy retreats?

Talent Lvl 7: Irradicate / Calldown: Mule
So this talent tree is very situational compared to all the other talents. I generally pick Irradicate and occasionally Mule depending on the map. This talent will provide additonal damage and the damage will continue on even when the main target of Healing Beam is at full health. I use the Mule ability occasionally to repair forts and the core especially on maps such as the ''Haunted Mines'' to prevent and slow down the Grave Golem.

Talent Lvl 10: Stim Drone / Medivac Dropship
First of all, these 2 ultimates have their usefulness and roles to play. It is yet again a situational factor depending on the map. Their are a lot of which you can do with Stim Drone. The movement speed could prevent a death, the 75% attack speed could potentially enough to bring down a fort with the hero casted on. Even in team fights, it'll be perfect to lockdown their DPS heroes in the back such as Kael and Jaina when casted on heroes such as Muradin and Illidan.

Medivac Dropship is perfect to reengage in a teamfight along with the option on bringing your allies that aren't there. Having that fast mobility to gank the enemy in a surprise rush, stealing a quick boss or even taking the boss along with the enemy heroes. This goes as far as being able to retreat or taking down a fort and running. One of my personal favourites is getting both terrors with this ability and possibly a gank as well ? The other thing is this ability ''Medivac Dropship'' LOOKS AMAZING TO USE.

Talent Lvl 13: Couples Therapy
So the talents for lvl 13 are pretty wide ranged and decent if you ask me. The additonal 4 mana per second at lvl 13 at this point wouldn't be that bad. Healing yourself at 25% of Healing Beam is great for survivability in engages and as well as restoring health. This also works when your primary target for Healing Beam is full in health.

Talent Lvl 16: Shield Sequencer

So Safeguard has a pretty long cooldown of 15 seconds which can be deadly so able to use this ability a second time within 3 seconds coould be the outcome you'll need in a fight. This would also help from preventing to switching to another target for Healing Beam and healing those who really needs it most in that situation because you ONLY have one healing ability.

Talent Lvl 20: Caduceus Reactor 2.0
Alright, this talent guarantees you'll PROBABLY never run out of mana. The shield which stacks up to 5 times will prevent a lot of damage thus making you very flexible and durable in movement and your heals.

So this brings me to the end of this guide on how to use Lt. Morales. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post it below. I will be posting more guides on other heroes which I use daily and newer released heroes!