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    HotS Training Mode EXP '-'

    Perseverance posted a thread about AFK training. But as you know you have to create several games every 15-25 minutes to maximize experience.

    So here is the perfect way to abuse it and you get your max daily experience in 1 game.

    First thing you need the Tower of dooms map, because the core is safe from lanes.

    Once the the objectives trigger force the AIs to follow you and camp the spot. For fastest exp the bottom objective is the best since you receive lane experience as well.
    Tab out for 4h and enjoy the AI killing the training AI one by one.

    Once you tab back in 4-6h to check if you are already at 2.25 million exp. For safety check in every hour since it's possible the healers don't heal you and you die.
    When you finish the game don't do the boss. The boss damage isn't capped with level 30 and he will oneshot everybody in your party.

    With the stimpacks 700k in 60 min aren't a problem.
    - Also getting a 2nd account with a friend bonus helps maximize EXP.
    -Also you can overflow experience in a ~38h game you will get level 20 heroes in 38h bypassing the 2.25 million cap.
    If you are smurfing that 3750 Gold you get in 38h totally beats the 1600+win gold you could possibly get with quests.

    ** ALL credit goes to my man Perseverance coming up with the AFK Training Mode idea, and to Str1k3 for coming up with the Towers of Doom map and objective idea taking this method 1 step further. <3

    [UPDATE]: 12/31
    Apparently it's been reported... already. They may have done a little bit of hotfix. When you get lvl 30, and the AI's yield 3500+ exp they become stronger while yours is poop, so they kill your AIs.

    Still a good method though if you want to play another game while you get EXP '-'
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    Now to find a post of late, you have read to start this race!

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    tried it and if the oponents have a raynor then you should check in more often since he outranges everyone and your ais won't attack unless he's in range.

    Basically what happens is that your guys sit still and when your healer runs out of mana everyone dies

    having morales is also sort of bad because she can't heal herself

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    Good one, thanks.

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