Hey mates!

I was taking a casual look through the App Store and came across Rollimals HD, a gaming app. The app comes loaded with mind-bending puzzles that can keep you at it all day. I love the fun creatures in the game and they bring a smile to my face. The idea of the game is to get your animal characters across the terrain, by bouncing and rolling them on levers and platforms, while you treat them to snacks and help them on their way to the vortex. The vortex is used to transport your Rollimal to the next level or challenge where you get to experience even more fun.

The amazing features of the app that keep you engrossed are its wonderfully animated terrains and the four cute Rollimals (lion, panda, crab, and sea-cow) that come with it. The app is feature-rich with plenty of complex levels that come on an intuitive and sleek interface. I love Rollimals HD; it costs only $0.99 and there are no in-app purchases required! Yippee!