Some of you don't read Rules/Announcement sections so i'm going to post this here in the LoL hack section to prevent scams and viruses ect.

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So we decided to make some new rules regarding advertising and releasing hacks to lower the amount of scammers/virus spreaders.
You are now required to meet some specific requirements in order to advertise/release your hack(s) on D3Scene, if you do not meet the requirements your thread will be deleted.

The requirements are:

-Elder user minimum
and/or -Community member vouch (vouch is only valid if the user is above the criteria)
-100 Rep count

-A vouch copy is necessary to give out to a staff member for virus checking.

As for the community member vouch, it varies on how trusted the member who vouches is.

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If you have any questions or need someone to vouch you can always send me a PM or any moderator/admin. Thanks!