Leech Trainer V3.2.1 REV 4 [UPDATED]

This is a discussion on Leech Trainer V3.2.1 REV 4 [UPDATED] within the Maple Story board part of the RPGs, MMORPGs, Online Strategy Games category; Credits to @james12323 EDIT: Just in case you guys don't watch the video below 1. tick hook at least for ...

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    Leech Trainer V3.2.1 REV 4 [UPDATED]

    Credits to @james12323

    EDIT: Just in case you guys don't watch the video below
    1. tick hook at least for a couple of seconds in game for auto attack and auto pot to work properly
    2. if you enable kami, kami loot, and other stuff,
    don't click back on the trainer after you have everything enabled otherwise it'll dc (a bug that I need to fix in future updates)...
    3. All hacks (except for click tele and morph gm) require a hsless client or a bypass

    Updated Trainer
    Look at Changelog for more details
    Ok, I added two features, click teleport and kami, test them out and give me feedback...

    Reply with any errors


    For autopot, make sure to set your alert to 100%


    -Kami and Kami Loot have a low rate of ban, but just in case, use auto-cc - Auto-CC in might have some bugs - When MS is embedded, there's a lot of glitches that occur, so its pretty much useless right now...

    Instructions for beginners:
    First extract the rar then do the following:
    1. Run J-Inject as adminstrator (or just double click it)
    2. Click browse button if you have a custom installation path for maplestory, if you don't know, just click the default button
    3. Click Done
    4. Click Browse button and find the folder that has Leech Trainer v 2.3.dll (in the same folder)
    5. Click Start Auto button and it should automatically open ms and inject the trainer...(btw there is an experimental auto restart function on the J-Inject exe, just check the Auto Restart checkbox and it will check if ms is on every 20 seconds, if its not open, it will automatically open it and inject)

    - The title Leech Trainer came from when I first made the trainer v 1.0, I leeched everything. I copied Savion's auto attack and auto loot/skills, and I took bits and pieces from other people's sources to create my trainer. But in the versions that followed, I learnt more about C++ and started making my own pieces of code (ie stopping auto attack/loot when doing the auto skills). I started two years ago, and I'm still learning more every day...
    - I'm going to work on auto-login (if anyone has suggestions, please reply or pm me)
    - You can still inject my trainer (.dll) instead of using the .exe injector
    - Sorry if you can't run this, I still haven't figured out the problem...this trainer seems to work for some pc's and not other's
    - Please reply and give feedback so that I know that you are using the trainer, and so that I could see if I should continue to update it
    - For changelog, check the pic

    - Reply with any errors other than that mentioned that you encounter
    - Btw, Advice is appreciated =)

    Download: Credits to @james12323

    Leech Trainer v 3.2.1 Rev 4.rar

    Credits to @james12323

    If trainer doesn't show up....Download this and install:
    Download: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

    & one of the following (depending on your system)

    32 Bit (x86):
    Download: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) - Microsoft Download Center

    64 Bit (x64):
    Download: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64) - Microsoft Download Center

    Video Tutorial+Bugs and Tips

    Picture Tutorial:
    step 1

    step 2

    step 3

    step 4

    step 5

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