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  1. Nyan cat! lol me like xD

    Think you could give it a go for me?

  3. Yes i did... how ever i shal do it again.
  4. Not to be a prick, but you only thanked me, you never rep'ed me >.>
  5. i would give you credit but i didn't use it, it had some problems with audio and the first part was cut off.
  6. -.- because their compressed and look shit on good plasmas.
  7. WoW my videos i upload to my youtube are only 100mb max on the 15 minute blog ones
  8. I mean how many videos your going through.
    Say 25 a day
    25 x 50MB = 1.25GB << with compression.
  9. what do you mean clocked up your youtube usage? you uploaded it to youtube? lol
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