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  2. Hello WaRcHiEfAn,

    Game 40 ^^

  3. Hello,

    Very glad to hear that, mate. I don't know since when have you been playing but if it's at least from 5.84 you must remember how fun it was - the map was smaller, the heroes were somewhat imba and there were many flaws, which IN FACT made the game much more fun! And a good game lasted no more than an hour or so, while today we can get trapped in those never-ending games that only leave you angry at the end... But I'm used to dota, can't quite quit it.

    I will be sure to play some more. I though I had the number already.

    Also, since I'm not into spamming and I really have no time to make posts just to reach 15 or so can we communicate through e-mail? Mine is vitalityvirus [at], but I assume you already know.

    That's all. Thanks for the reply, I'm looking forward to playing with you.

    All the best,

    P.S. feel free to delete this msg after reading it
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