PS. I coudn't find any "Server Advertisement" section, thats why I posted it here.
Welcome to our brand new server!

Server Information

Experience - 500x
Drops - 100x
Zuly - 100x

Kingdom Rose Website

Full Rose Client
Kingdom Rose Patch

How to Install and conenct to our server! (IMPORTANT!)
1. First, download the Rose client: Download
2. Then Install the client, after it's installed. Run "ROSEonline.exe" and let it update completely! After it's updated, you MUST run "TriggerDetect.exe" and fill out your Graphic settings, if you do not run TriggerDetect, then the client will not run.
3. Next, you abosolutely NEED to download this. This will fix your game from thinking you have a Hacking Tool. Download our patch!
4.Just install the patch over the original client and overwrite for everything. If you wanna play run the Kingdom Rose.exe and press Connect!

If you've had any problems what so ever, just let me know here!