MUServices - Season 6 Episode 3 - Customized & Configured - SCFMT 11.70.24 - Files

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    MUServices - Season 6 Episode 3 - Customized & Configured - SCFMT 11.70.24 - Files

    Dear MuOnline Community.
    Today i want to happily release something that i have worked for a certain of time with big efforts in order creating something worth for my self and for my partners and now specially it is kind of ready for the community of all of you.

    This is going to be a Season 6 Episode 3 Repack by MySelf within the version of SCFMT (TitansTech) 11.70.24 which contains most common fixes and changes which had to be done.

    Please note that this is not Bugless release, because there is no free bug release, not even a paid
    release can be bugless, only if you had a good connection within the webzen developers

    Common Bugs Fixes List
    RF Bug skill tree or whatever its called.
    Master Skills Tab bug fix
    and some more various thing i have forgotten

    Bugs which Exist
    Gens System, ranking show bug stays with 0 points
    If there are anymore bugs, we could freely update the thread within your help!

    In this release, when you create a character you will be teleported in Loren Market.
    Loren market will be called Lorencia instead, lorencia has been removed from the Move list
    since i have decided to make Loren Market as a new Lorencia, although you can move to normal
    lorencia by walking from Devias! the normal lorencia is also looking good, but there will be no monsters etc, if you'd like to use the npc etc there, you will have to download an original Repack from s6ep3 files and use the mosntersetbase instead, also change things in database as the spawn of a new characters and the movereq of the move warping list, also the new design its basic, and there is a single small issue within the monsters that they move inside the city (if they follow you) so if you have/found a solution for that we would gladly accept it to fix and update the thread within.

    I have added also spots by a request of an old custommer, you will find alot of spots in the whole server
    Every map has somewhere spots, most maps has alot of spots, the server can handle around 12k monsters (with npc's) and it is almost full, thank god there are no monster overflow's so configuring the monstersetbase will be your own fault if there's going to be an issue.

    Most shops are in Loren market (new lorencia) as the main marketing spot, you can also change that if you wish so do what makes you feel better!

    You might think, what did this guy prepared the whole server? well actually yes, with the help of the custommer i did, the drops are simple but basically smart.
    Let me give you a list and explanations:

    Rage fighter sets drop in Crywolf and Land of Trials.
    in Crywolf there drop only 2 kinds of those sets.
    In Land of Trials also 2 Kinds of sets.
    In crywolf and Land of Trial you will also find 1 kind of shield and glove on each of them.

    Lets talk about the Jewel Drops.
    In Devias/Dungeon/Losttower maps it will drop only Jewel of Bless.
    In Elbeland1/2/3 - Atlans 1/2/3 - Aida1/2 - Tarkan 1/2 it drops only Jewel of Soul and Chaoses.
    In Icarus it drops only Jewel of Life.
    The Kalrutan map will also drop Gemstones and Jewel of Creations.

    What about the other items and maps?
    Vulcanus / Swamp of Calmness and Raklion drop only Socket Weapons and Gears.

    Now lets turn into socket item drops!
    Click the spolier to see the socket drops listed
    Kanturu 1
    Lilium Boots
    Brave Boots
    Hades Boots
    Faith Boots
    Brave Boots
    Destroy Boots
    Random Seed-Spheres 1/2
    -=Kanturu 2=-
    Destroyer Gloves
    Seraphim Gloves
    Lilith Gloves
    Phantom Gloves
    Qween Gloves
    Brave Gloves
    Hades Gloves
    Royal Gloves
    Faith Gloves
    Titan Gloves
    Random Seed-Spheres 1/2/3
    Kanturu 3 and Kanturu 2 END MOBS (Genocider/Berseker)
    Destroyer Pants + Helm
    Seraphim Pants + Helm
    Lilith Pants + Helm
    Phantom Pants + Helm
    Qween Pants + Helm
    Brave Pants + Helm
    Hades Pants + Helm
    Royal Pants + Helm
    Faith Pants + Helm
    Titan Pants + Helm
    Random Seed-Spheres 1/2/3
    Kanturu 3 All Monsters
    Destroyer Armor
    Seraphim Armor
    Lilith Armor
    Phantom Armor
    Qween Armor
    Brave Armor
    Hades Armor
    Royal Armor
    Faith Armor
    Titan Armor
    Random Seed-Spheres 1/2/3
    Vulcanus All Monsters
    Sword Breaker
    Rune Bastard
    Guardian Shield
    Sphere Seed+5
    Swamp of Calmness All Monsters
    Imperial Staff
    Lilium Staff
    Air Lyn Bow
    Stinger Bow
    Deadly Stuff
    Salamander Shield
    Frost Barrier
    Raklion All Monsters
    Frost Mace
    Absolute Scepter
    Crimson Glory

    NOTE: Server files have the Socket items enabled! that means if you dont like the way they drop you will have to go to SCFData\Items\ and extract the file ''SCF_ItemDropRate_NoSockets'' and ''SCF_SocketItemsDisabled'' also if you regret your action there is the file called ''SCF_ItemDropRate_with_sockets'' and ''SCF_SocketItemsEnabled'' which you can re-extract and reverse the change back!

    One more thing you have to do is, go to Data\Monsters\ and in the folder ''Disabling-Enabling Sockets'' you can use the Monster.txt to disable the socket drops or enable them.
    note to enable as the config with this files which you will replace it will disable the socket drops on the server. Some people dislike the idea of the socket items, so it is your own choice there.
    So basically you just extract-rextract and test, easy task.

    About the Events.
    Many events have been disabled which were unusual for my custommer and myself to use, which made
    no sense to the server mostly, so note that you will have to enable some events in SCFData folder or in Data folder of your self.

    Rates and other misc
    Rates for chaos machine are easy
    Exp is max, drops are max so its a kind of fun easy server
    for advanced configurations you will have to do it your self

    File Configurations and Setup Guide for People with experience:

    Edit your IP in the following files:
    * Data\MapServerInfo.dat - Replace within your IP (dont remove the S)
    * Data\IpList.cfg - Replace within your IP
    * TitanCS\Data\SCF_ServerList.dat - Replace the within your IP

    Edit your SQL Pass in the following files:
    * TitanLinkServer\Config.cfg - replace 'tutorials' within your SQL Password
    * SCFExDB\Config.cfg - replace 'tutorials' within your SQL password

    After you've done with this setup instructions, all you have to do is restore the databases,
    in the DB Back folder, you have the MuOnline.bak which is default and MuLog.bak
    If you want to have already an character to test ect, use the .bak from the ExistingMuOnlineBAK.rar files and restore it.

    Then be sure you did the ODBC thing correctly more info here:

    And visit the folder "Startup Links" and run the shortcuts.
    If you had no issues then your server is ready, all you have to do is now download the client
    edit Jewels.dll (search for replace it with yours, save the .dll and connect to the server!

    I want to excuse for the Exodus Names etc, the server was about to get published within that name
    Change those texts in client\data\local\eng\text.bmd and serverlist.bmd i nthe main local folder with magic hand editor with your desired ones!

    Please dont post issues about setup questions that had been answered already, if you want a similar tutorial on explaining how to setup this files, here it is:

    Here we go for the Download Links:

    Server Files:


    Patch if needed
    Serial and other info can be found in SCFData\SCF_Common.txt (ugkgameshield000 and 0.00.00 currently is the one we using in files and client)

    Please do not create any mirrors and post them into this thread, i would appreciate your support in that way.

    All credits go to Webzen for bringing up the game within the resources and everything that made it possible to create the server in that way.
    Most credits go to the SCFMT/TitansTech team for developing the server files.

    Many thanks to cryingsoul and joneel for the effort on helping me on the files configurations etc.
    I want to thank UGK (Underground antihacker) not because he included any protection to the files but because he had helped me choose the best version of the s6ep3 files which is stable and has easy fixable solutions.

    The rest credits can go to my self for working the files and giving a big effort on the customizations and configurations.

    Thank you for reading and may you enjoy the release.
    KarLi - Spartakos K.

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