LeagueOfMu Is free to play MuOnline private server .

If you want to try it, just find a facebook page. The team should be able to answer on every question you have got!!!

Server Information
Files: IGCN Premium Plus
Version: Ex803
DDoS and Game Protection

Server Rates
Server: Max rates
Exp: 9999x
MasterExp: 1000x
MaxLevel: 420
Max Master Level: 330
Reset: Unlimited

Items and Shops
Item level: +15
Max Socket: 5
Max socket lvl: 5
Vote for credits : Yes
Webshop: Yes
Donation: Yes
Drop of F.O Items: Yes (From GM Box)
Ancient + Socket: No
Ancient + Joh: Yes
Zen: From Blue Box

Dark Knight
Soul Master
Fairy Elf
Magic Gladiator
Rage Fighter
Dark Lord

Server advanced information
-Dedicated Host 24/7 uptime
-Network: 1Gbit/s
-Balanced PvP


Events Working in Game
Illusion Temple
Blood Castle
Castle Siege
Chaos Castle
Kanturu Boss
Devil Square
and more....

Contact information:
Skype: gummybear9010
Email: [email protected]