TheMuOnline Server Information

About Us:

We are a GMO style Season 2 MuOnline server. TheMuOnline's main purpose is to bring back the iconic and nostalgic old-style, long term MU gaming experience. Gold Subscription will be used to keep the server up and to further develop our products and services. We assure that players will get 10 times more of what they pay for as a courtesy of their support and loyalty. Part of the profit generated will be given back to the TMU community by throwing away events, raffles and more. Our goal is to create an enjoyable environment for users to progress through the game with the default settings of the official game but with a twist.


To provide the best gaming experience to our community for the longest time possible and in order for us to achieve that, we will provide Premium Support for our players.

Ease of Service:

We strive to provide you with the best services plug and play. Our development team is proactive in finding the best up to date features to benefit both server and player side

Player Support:

We provide customer support such as hack cases, scam cases, or simple gaming problems. And also, we will support the in-game community to make it a good environment for all ages. We also have a proactive forum staff who will be there to provide answers to queries and make our forum community a good place to hang out and share your thoughts with.


Registration: CLICK HERE
Download game: CLICK HERE

About Open Beta

There will be a player wipe at the end of this phase. The Beta phase is required to identify and correct any issues before launch. The beta will last as long as it needs in order to improve user experience so stay tuned for any notice on the released schedule. We hope that you will enjoy the experience and encourage you to report any issues as we make daily fixes on the game.

What do i get in playing Open Beta?

We at TheMUOnline will reward FREE 5 days Gold Subscription for players who will participate on our Open Beta. But, in order to get a free Gold Subscription, you must play the game and reach level 250+. Through that level, we will be able to assess that you really played the game since this version has been opened, doesn't have any MU Helper at all, or, you can't really AFK just like the old days. The management will monitor all players from the start in order for us to reward the players who really tried the game.

-Open Beta Information-

Note: Settings/Rates will change once we launch our grand opening

  • Exp: 30x
  • Drop: 30%
  • Zen Drop: Low
  • Economy: Zen/Jewels Based
  • All Official Season 2 Events 100% Working ( See list below)
  • Guaranteed Stability and Long term
  • Old School Community
  • Chaos Machine Rates: GMO Default
  • Max Level: 400
  • Dark Lord - Free @ Level 1
  • Magic Gladiator - Free @ Level 1
  • Potion Stacking: 30 pcs max
  • Best Anti-hack for client and server side
  • Well organized and Experienced Team
  • No MU Helper
  • No Cashshop
  • Multi-Client: 3 Clients / PC
  • Website powered by WebEngine 2.0

Server Events:

  • Battle Soccer
  • Blood Castle
  • Chaos Castle
  • Xmas Invasion
  • Crywolf
  • Devil Square
  • Dragon Invasion
  • Halloween Events
  • Golden Invasion
  • Kalima (Kundun)
  • Kanturu (Maya/Nightmare)
  • Castle Siege
  • White Wizard
  • Skeleton Invasion