Vimonta Mu Online Season 8 Episode 3

Vimonta Mu Online is a classic server Season 8 Episode 3. Our team just few weeks ago remebered how was good to play in servers like this ages ago. So thats way we open this server. Anybody can join us server is easy to play its all about max stats ant sets and PVP clan wars like tem play. So once again i just would like to invite all of yous lads and ladys to play in our new server.

Server website: News - Vimonta.Com Mu-Online
Our Client:!dUkGRQjD!aYi8qnGVs...RaNnZRukf4MGVA

Season 8 Episode 3
Xp: x10000
Drop: x500
+15 Item in Shop
Free Wings
Clan wars

Reset``` Information
Lvl: 400
Zen: 1500000
Stats: Stay
Lvl points: 10

Some Screenshots