MacRadio - Music for Gamers

I just started an internet radio station for my Minecraft server and for everyone really to enjoy some good music, explore some talents and have a place where gamers can come together. It's not dedicated to my server or even Minecraft specifically just gaming in general.

I'm looking for a few people who might be interested in being a DJ doing segments or even having their own show. You would be able to do this live or pre-record it and send it to me whichever is easier for you.

In addition to looking for DJ's I'm looking for some servers, hosts or anyone else who needs some advertising done. For a limited time I'll be doing free ads for anyone who wants one. This would be a great opportunity to not only listen to some good music and meet others in the gaming community but spread awareness of your server, service or whatever you have. Basically you can advertise free on my station and in turn all I ask if you help let people know about it, this way we can mutually help each other.

Even if you don't want to be a DJ or don't need to advertise come visit and listen to some good music, submit a few requests or suggestions and just enjoy it

Anyone who is interested you can either reply on here or Skype me directly at "mccarlmatt". If you have Twitter just Tweet me @MacRadioNetwork whenever you like but I will have Twitter open during live broadcasts so users can quickly and easily submit music requests or comment. I will be looking at setting up a small webpage for the radio station to make it easier to find and more user friendly.

For a sample you can connect by vising my Minecraft page or visit the radio page directly. You can play it right through the website and choose your favorite media program like Winamp or Windows Media Player to tune in.
MacRadio - Music for Gamers