The latest edition of NFS HOT PURSUIT will hit the stores on November 18, 2010 with extremely cool game play.The new edition enables you to choose to be a cop or a racer.

One interesting feature is the Autolog that connects you in-game and the social world.

Autolog is the intelligent engine at the center of our most connected Need for Speed ever, keeping you in the middle of the action both in and out of the game. Through Autolog, you can track your career and game stats, check out all your captured photos, brag about your latest accomplishments, and jump directly into challenges recommended by Autolog’s comparison engine based on your friends’ gameplay.

And all of this will be extended to the Hot Pursuit website, as well. You’ll be able to easily upload your Autolog profile picture from your computer, run a side-by-side stats comparison with any of your friends, text-chat directly with any friend in the game, and most importantly, save any Autolog Recommendation for the next time that you’re in the game. This way, if you check the site on your lunch break and see that one of your buddies just knocked you out of first place on a given race, you can make sure it’s all cued up the next time you’re in the game.

Autolog | Need for Speed Hot Pursuit