If you like to watch or want to watch live streams of gameplay and other things then you should read this guide

What applications are they?
Usteam and JTV(Justin Tv)

Pics of them

Review(Pics and words)
Well overall the application Ustream used to suck. But they were the first to come out with there live stream app as well. Also with there new big update they are using the latest streaming software for a crisper viewing. Now for your favs. Pics!

This is what you get when you first open it up

This is what the video loading screen looks like

And the chat

And now for JTv which is almost the same as Ustream but a little different

First page


Also a minor bug on JTV that will be updated is that when you post a message in chat it crashes

Other Stuff
Ustream also has these two other apps

Hope you enjoyed my guide that was made totaly from my ipod. More games/App reviews coming soon