This exploit is self explanatory but for those who dont know this will help. Athletics is the WORST skill to train. If you take it as a major skill, like I have for my custom class stealth character, it can be VERY tedious to train. I was aware of this and decided to choose my race as Argonian as I can easily train it using the following:
-Running works to gain athletics boosts, but swimming is FAR more effective
-Find a nice place to swim up against where u can rubber band the joystick and let the character swim for a few hours (a bridge, rock, etc). Just make sure if you do it outside of town u wont be attacked by a mudcrab or anything while you arent there.
-If you choose to be an Argonian, you can swim underwater directed at a rock without the fear of drowning. It is also much easier to wedge yourself safely between rocks as the ground and the rocks on the bottom will provide much better placement.
-For those who are other then Argonian, find a nice rock wall that you can swim into where your character wont slide off of them. Also make sure your joystick is angled up enough so he wont accidentally go under and drown.
Once you have reached the desired Athletics level you can pop the rubber band off and run around at a much faster pace. *Note* If you choose magic or stealth as your specialty then plan on a lot of hours of this once you get past the 50 mark because you wont get that little extra boost for choosing combat as that is what athletics is aligned to.