Dear fans or Runes of magic,
We proudly present our old-school MMOking Legacy chapter 1 server! You will enjoy the adventures of chapter 1 with a level 50 cap. The experience, talent points and gold rate are normal but we offer events on special days.
You are able to choose between six classes which u can combine in our multi-class system with special elite skills!
Mage, Priest, Warrior, Knight, Scout, Rogue
We tried to make our server playable for everyone so we have a cheap item shop and we made diamonds trade able through the auction house!
To make gaming as much comfortable as possible we created custom items like the travel merchant!

We offer you 2300 quests 7 open zones and 12 instances which u can fight with your guild members together.

You can create your own guild build a guild castle and also show your skills in the PVP arena!

Our server has a crafting system which u can also practice in your own house!

Currently we start our open beta, for more information visit our homepage!
Our Homepage: