Northern Ot , The ultimate PvP Server
This is a brand new server, with the oldschool settings
and configurations!
Server Information
Experience - 300x
Houses - Lvl 20 (200 gp)
Website - Northern OT
Forums - Czt Forums
Northern Network - Website
Registration & Installation Guide
(You NEED to follow this guide to 100%, otherwise you won't be able to connect.)
1) Download the full client. [Download]
2) Install the client to your desired directory.
3) Open the folder Northern Ip Changer and execute the Installer.exe
4) Install the IpChanger to your desierd location.
5) Open the IpChanger and mark the "Auto" sign, change the ip to
(Do not press change ip yet!)
6) Now, enter the full installation folder and execute Tibia.exe, when you've done that, go back to the IpChanger and press
"Change Ip".
7) Return to the game, press Enter Game and login with:
user id : 111111
pass : 111111
8) Select the Account Manger and press Ok.
9) Now, just follow the instructions, anyone can do it.

Since everyone is being so got damn noobie, i've decided to make this haha
Okay Lets Start!
Game Classes

Knight - Fights with swords and a shield, pure PVP fighting!
Sorcerer - Uses his spells to destroy and blast the monsters and players.
Druid - Summons mobs and a great fighter
Paladin - The master off bows and spears! The best class for distance fighting!
Climbing up off wholes & ladders
Hold down CTRL and left click on the bottom to climb up!

Talking To Npcs and buying items

This is very simple, when you want to talk to any npc in the game, simply go infront off him and say "hi" and he will give you the options, for example : "I sell hmms (10gp), Runes (50gp).
ScreenShot :

Attacking Players & Monsters
To attack a monster or a player, look to the right off your screen and check the "Battle" window. In there, you will see all the players or monsters wich is near you that you can attack. To attack just click on the monster that you want to attack in the Battle window.
ScreenShot :

Whispering Another Player / Party Invitation
Everything in this game when it comes to doing something to other players is in the "Battle Window". To open up the options off the commands you can use on a player, check the Battle Window, hold down CTRL and left click on the player you wanna use it on. That will show a "Command list" over all the things you can do, such as follow, whisper, party etc. If you gonna have a party with another player, do the same thing, select Invite to party, when you've done that, you need to ask the other player to do the same thing, but to "Accept Party Invitation".
ScreenShot :

Picking Up Items / Looting Monsters
This is really basic, as always, hold down CTRL and left click on the dead monster to open it up, and then just draw the items into your backpack. The same goes for picking up items from the ground, stand beside it, and draw it into your backpack.
ScreenShot :
Trading & the Vault System
The trading system isnt really like in the other games, enter the bank. To trade, just go into the trading areas, and place the item u want to trade between you and the other player, sorry, but its really hard to explain. The vault system is in there as well, just open up the locker infront off you, in there u can place all of your items!
ScreenShot :
Getting Information about an Item & a Player
This is very simple, just hold down left shift and left click on the player / item!
ScreenShot :

The White Skull
You will get the white skull when you attack another player. It means that you wont be able to acces safety-zones, and if some other player kills you, he or her wont get the white skull. It only lasts for 15 though, so you can chill. OBS, if you die or get killed by a monster, you will loot something, perhaps your whole backpack, or your web or armor. So if you got alot off cash on you, make sure that you have it in your vault.
Getting Out Of Rook Guard (The Beginner Village )
WARNING, do not die in the Rook Guard village, it will bug your character. As soon as you get to lvl 10, wich is really easy, you only need to kill one or two spiders, go talk to the Npc in the right big house!
And you will get teleported to Karmia and get to choose your class, sorcerer, druid, knight or paladin.
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If there's anything i've forgotten to inform about, or if theres anything you would like to know, just ask it in this thread!