[Release]GreYFoX NoDC Client 1.144 ---No updates on 1st april
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The Folder

The Scan

Normal DC client Working


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Installing The NoDC-Client ( Featuring the Lovely Carmen Electra ^_^ )
UnInstalling The NoDC-Client

not with projecthax any more
I'm With Stealthex

Bystandard: im play with the old clint now i will get banned ?
GreYFoX: what is sro current version?
Bystandard: 1.144
GreYFoX: what is your client version?
Bystandard: 1.143
GreYFoX: you must use the latest or get banned, which i won't be responsible for i released a new version
GreYFoX: When you use and older version than the current your client sends opcodes and old stuff from the previous version which is detectable by any noob
Bystandard: oki, sry mr.FoX i'll go get the new client from RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting
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