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    Online Gaming List

    Alright, this here is the ultimate llist of MMOs known to LYN. Unless stated, they are your standard garden variety MMORPG. Also next to each one is a description describing the most important detail about any MMO out there... Wether there are charges involved.

    Here's a quick guide for what means what in the list.
    Activation - The price to start the game. This includes anything from the price of a starter pack, retail pack, activation keys, etc.
    Monthly fees - Monthly charges that are required for the user to play. Can be done via credit card or point card system.

    The purpose of this list is so that anyone who wants to know what's free and what's not can easily check so here. So, any future threads requesting just that will be shut down promptly. This thread can also be used to ask general questions about online games (If you want specifics, go to the game threads... that's what they're there for)

    This is the first draft of the list, it will be updated regularly and I'll get around to sorting it properly.

    So, here's the list in no particular order (Okay, its basically the list of threads in the forum and I"m just ripping em off). You can post any corrections or other games here as well:

    Activation and monthly fees required
    A3 Online LYN thread
    Ragnarok Online LYN thread
    Final Fantasy XI LYN thread
    City of Villains LYN thread
    Planetside LYN thread
    Dark & Light LYN thread
    Star Wars Galaxies LYN thread
    Everquest 2 LYN thread
    World of Warcraft LYN forum
    Dungeons & Dragon Online LYN thread
    Lineage 2 LYN thread
    Final Fantasy XI LYN thread

    Free to play with Cash Shops
    Maple Story SEA LYN thread
    KAL Online LYN thread
    Ran Online LYN thread
    GoPets LYN thread
    Shui Hui Fantasy Online LYN thread
    Knight Online LYN thread
    Pangya SEA LYN thread
    EVE-online LYN thread
    Kong Kong Online LYN thread
    Trickster Online LYN thread
    JX2 LYN thread

    Free newbie play. Fees required for further levelling
    Rakion Online LYN thread
    Survival Project LYN thread

    Activation fee required, no monthly fees
    Guild Wars LYN thread

    Monthly fee required, no activation fee
    EVE Online LYN thread

    Open Beta (Free)
    GunZ The Duel (Online FPS/TPS) LYN thread
    Warrock (Online FPS) LYN thread
    Turf Battles LYN thread
    Dispatch of Army (Online FPS) LYN thread

    Web-based (Free)
    Utopia LYN thread
    Neopets LYN thread
    Archmage LYN thread
    OGame LYN thread
    GamesTotal (Galactic Conquest) (Certain races require fees to be unlocked) LYN thread
    Legend of the Green Dragon

    Totally free
    Silkroad Online LYN thread
    Gate to Heaven - LYN thread
    Fly for Fun LYN thread
    D.O. Online LYN thread
    Race War Kingdom LYN thread
    MU Online LYN thread

    Uncharted Waters Online LYN thread

    This list will be updated on a regular basis. Now, if you'll excuse me let me go bang my head on the wall for a bit as I wear off the effect of reading all the badly written websites I just went through...

    Full credits to :
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