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    [Mod]Testosterone (C19H28O2)

    Credits to Rumata

    How to start several clients

    You can start as many clients as your hardware allows. First check if you have the graphics card with enough video-RAM size and PC has enough RAM. Set swap (virtual memory) size to 2GB minimum.
    Why you need multiclient

    • To open stall and hunting simultaneously.
    • To powerlevel other yours characters in the Academy.
    • To pass gold or goods between your characters.
    How to start several clients with AgBot

    You don't need to copy Silkroad folder. Don't use mediapatcher!. And all will be OK.

    1. Create the shortcut for Loader.exe as shown on the image (with /cfg parameter).
    2. Start the shortcut (Loader). There will be the Configuration window.
    3. switch off Bot Compatible. You don't need it.
    4. switch off Redirect.
    5. Press Launch button. The game will start.
    6. Enter ID and password. Log in to game.
      • Minimize game window after you don't need it by the command /min or /mini. This will significally reduce memory and CPU usage.

    7. If you need more clients without the bot again start the shortcut (Loader) with disabled Redirect. You can repeat this while you wish and your hardware allow this.
    8. Start nuConnecor and AgBot.
    9. Start the shortcut (Loader) and switch on Redirect.
    10. This client will work with the bot.
    How to start several clients with iSrobot

    Use same way, except you don't need redirection (Redirect). Don't forget switch on Bot Compatible. Disable iSrobot before start clients without the bot.
    Alway start iSrobot (the finger) before starting last client.
    1. Make shure that srobot config is correct.
    Path=C:Program FilesSilkroadsro_client.exe
    MessageWnd=Silkpower message1
    2. Make shure that isrobot is not running.
    3. Run testosterone with isrobot compatible flag.

    4. Click Launch button and wait 2-3 seconds until splash screen has appears.

    5. Double click on bot's shortcut.
    6. Finger icon appears in system tray.

    You nothing need to do except this.

    Can you got ban fot this?

    Yes, if they can detect

    Can JM detect the Multiclient using?

    No, it's impossible to disallow playing from same IP-address because it make impossible playing for thouse who use firewall or NAT.
    Silkroad client use multiclient protection in two ways:

    1. Set mutex (special system object)
    2. Transfer to server MAC-address of the LAN adapter.

    Loader removes both things. From Server side it looks as connection from another PC behind the firewall.

    • Loader don't modify EXE files and can't be detected during the client update.
    • All changes performed in the memory (hope all know the Game Guard is fiction).
    • All additional functions performed by the client, i.e. Loader calls usual client functions. Nothing illegal.

    Yes, it makes servers crowdy, but if you have two PC you can start two clients. So why you can't do this on one PC if your hardware allows this?
    Related reconnect instead Traffic error: it's standard ability too. I consider, that from all applications created for this game, the multiclient the most favourable to JM. It is equivalent to that users vote by two hands, instead of one.
    The client have noticed a problem and have to close .. you want send or not. How do i fix this?

    Exception caught and the client tried to send report to JM. To prevent sending a report please rename SilkErrSender.exe file. But that not help to avoid it.
    How do i start Testosterone with softmod?

    Softmod is not supported.
    Don't try to use Testosterone with it.
    How do i start Testosterone with tbot?

    Tbot is not supported
    How to on Sound? I hear no alarm

    Type /status to show current settings. If you type /sound on private you will see message:
    Alarm on private message : On.
    Is C:WINDOWSMediaringin.wav installed on your system?
    How to enable Testosterone UI window?

    Turn off Bot compatibility flag.
    Bot compatibility flag is necessary only for iSrobot.
    Why is there this "Win32.Malware.gen!80 (suspicious)" and this "Sus/ComPack-C" in virus scan?

    I use simple VM protection in my programs. Some anti-virus detect it.
    Why I get C9 error?

    There is 3 reasons which can be cause of this error.

    • You have poor network connection.
    • You have patched media.pk2. Don't use mediapatcher at all. Use the redirect feature to redirect the client to nuConnector & AgBot or turn it off if you are not using it.
    • The main gateway is turned off. Use alternative gateway. To change gateway number please add next line to C19H28O2.ini:

    When I hit Launch I get this ERROR: CreateProcess faild (2). WHY?

    You may not have copied the Loader into Silkroad folder. Please check that Loader.exe located in the same folder as sro_client.exe and working directory is Silkroad.
    How can I open a second client? I copied my silkroad-folder and runned the launcher in this folder again, but nothing happens...

    Don't need copy silkroad folder. Just run Loader.exe again and click Launch button. Don't use mediapatcher!
    I'm constantly getting a Malicious modification of code!! execution aborted error. How to fix that?

    That means MD5 sum for Loader.exe or C19H28O2.dll is not correct. It can happens if you use one file from version 7.3 and second file from version 7.4 or one of them was modified by virus.
    Last version 7.14

    Support ONLY original sro_client.exe v1.174

    We are glad to introduce Recyfer site
    where you can download the last Testosterone version 7.14

    Password: recyfer.info
    Mirror on Rapidshare
    Mirror on FileFront

    0a67560572bdcc5b5b09ee01d8e3f401 *C19H28O2.dll
    4a51d60149ca2158f05e696bcb98bf23 *Loader.exe

    • Muliclient.
    • Auto relogin (please wait about 12 seconds after message "Failed to connect to server").
    • Nude patch.
    • Infinity zoom.
    • Disable swear filter.
    • Minimize in taskbar (low memory mode)
    • Mini-mode (1/6 screen size)
    • Windowed mode.
    • Toggles hiding players and monsters. (Holding 'v' key).
    • Toggles showing loot on ground. (Holding 'z' key).
    • Weather control.
    • Auto-rise mastery.
    • Auto-accept resurrection.
    • Auto-accept invite to party
    • Auto-distribution of status points.
    • Alarm on private message.
    • Alarm on unique monster.
    • Alarm on a bargain start.
    • Unique monster log.
    • Block messages (All, Whisper, Party, Guild, Union, Global)
    • Character info window.
    • Loader configuration dialog.
    • Redirection the client to local port (substitute for mediapatcher)
    • Auto-demurder.
    • Auto-heals pets
    • Auto-fuse alchemy materials
    • Block list (block messages)
    • Team list (allowed to join party)

    Sample unique-Hercules.log:
    01/16/08 05:13:35 appears Cerberus
    01/16/08 05:19:31 appears Lord Yarkan
    01/16/08 05:24:52 __KARTAL_1_ killed Cerberus
    01/16/08 05:25:37 killed Isyutaru
    01/16/08 05:29:44 G0d killed Lord Yarkan
    Now you can change options in the configuration dialog.
    To open configuration dialog, please, run loader with parameters

    Click Start->Run (or press Win + R) and type
    "C:\Program Files\Silkroad\Loader.exe" /cfg

    Added startup commands option in C19H28O2.ini:
    Commands=/ap on;/arc on
    Section's name consist of "server name" and "-" and "character name".
    Commands are separated with ";".

    Change log (v6.3):
    • Fixed /arc & /ap
    • Added new command: /none - get weather from the server
    • Renaming sro_client window title

    Change log (v6.4):
    • Added bot compatibility option (default)

    The next functions is not compatible with iSroBot:
    • Character info window (/ui command).
    • Renaming sro_client window title

    Now it is turned off by default.

    Change log (v6.5):
    Fixed bugs:
    • /ui command without compatibility flag
    • redirection to local port after game restart

    Change log (v6.6):
    New functions:
    • /ad -- auto-demurderer. (continuous resurrect in town untill you remove PK status)
    • extended info in UI (if you would select another one you can see his gear)
    • alternative server option in C19H28O2.ini

    ServerNumber=1; can be 0 or 1
    Fixed bugs:
    • /ap - will accept invitation to party not only from the leader

    Change log (v6.7):
    Fixed bugs:
    • Gear of player is visible in UI even if he is under monster mask
    • Reconnect after prompt 'press [ Connect ]' only.

    Change log (v6.8):
    Fixed bugs:
    • Refresh progress bars in UI fixed

    New functions:
    • Show Configuration Dialog box at startup.
    • iSroBot compatibility is off by default.
    • Auto-heals pets (/ahp)

    Change log (v6.9):
    Fixed bugs:
    • Support client 1.144
    • Removed Debug pet log.
    • Fixed auto-accept resurrect

    Change log (v6.11):
    • Support client 1.144(145)
    • /block -- black list
    • /team -- white list
    • /fuse -- auto fuse (no need open alchemy window)
    • Time of disconnect
    • New sound events
    • You can force to use one only processor

    Change log (v6.11b):
    • Fixed bug: The loader does not create ini-file.

    Change log (v7.0):
    • Support client 1.151
    • Fixed bug: Error of detecting free slots in the inventory.

    Change log (v7.1):
    • Fixed bug: /ahp command doesn't working.

    Change log (v7.2):
    • Fixed bug: /ap command doesn't working.

    Change log (v7.3):
    • Fixed bug: no redirection at second attempt to login.
    • Fixed bug: 99% in EXP gauge.

    Change log (v7.4):
    • Support client 1.153

    Change log (v7.5):
    • Support client 1.158

    Change log (v7.6):
    • Fixed redirection

    Change log (v7.7):
    • Support client 1.159
    • Syntax of /ahp command changed (/ahp feed [0..99])

    Change log (v7.9):
    • Support client 1.165
    • Inject option in C19H28O2.ini. Silk.dll should located in bot folder inside game folder. Finger should be launched before!

    • /fuse [count] -- series length

    Change log (v7.10):
    • Support client 1.171

    Change log (v7.11):
    • Bug-fix.

    Change log (v7.13):
    • Support client 1.173

    Change log (v7.14):
    • Support client 1.174

    Latest Dihydrotestosterone (C19H30O2) v1.0.71 (by Eternal Shield)

    Configurator for C19H28O2.ini and more...

    C19H30O2.v1.0.71.rar - FileFront.com

    password for Dihydrotestosterone: silkroad-online.ru
    http://www.d3scene.com/forum/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=72482&dateline=123167  2071

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    outdated and useless ^.- I guess a new one comes out on Recyfer Inc. any hour tonight :P

    Nice post anyway EVEN if Hend already posted this a while ago (older version but w/E)
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    The latest version is 7.14
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