[How to] play FF9 on PC!

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    [How to] play FF9 on PC!

    If you want to play FF9 on your computer, you're in the right place!
    • This may only happen legally (when you own the original CD of FF9, when you use images or other illegal versions, it won't work right!)
    • This is the way I managed to get it working, it could work different on other PCs and/or OS's. On WinXP it should work though.

    • "fast" PC (1GHz and possibly high RAM)
    • the game (PAL version and original; NTSC requires another bios file!)
    • Emulator with the correct settings
    • PPF (playstation patch file), without this the Emulator can't read the CDs!

    The recipe:
    1. Download the Emulator: ePSXe 1.60 download
      - extract and open folder
    2. Download the bios file: NTSC (US!) download or PAL (Europe) download
      - copy the file into the \bios folder in your ePSXe folder
    3. Download plugins:
      - Graphics Plugin: Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.75 download
      - Sound-Plugin: P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.8 download
      - CD-Rom Plugin: P.E.Op.S. CDR Driver 1.4 download
      - copy all 3 plugins in the \plugins folder
    4. Start ePSXe:
      - click on config -> bios, select the bios file
      - config -> video, select the plugin and click configure. screenshot
      - Important: Tick the box "0x0200" in "Special game fixes"
      - config -> sound, select the plugin. Leave the first 3 boxes as they are, "enable SPU IRQ hack" unchecked.
      - click configure; 2, 1, 2, 2; leave them both ticks at XA music, at Misc only check the first one.
    5. Download the PPF: download
      - extract to a folder of your choice (or just in the \patches folder, doesn't matter)
    6. ePSXe -> config -> cdrom
      - select the plugin and click configure: screenshot
      - at PPF just select the path to ff9-cd1.ppf, DRIVE is the drive your FF9 CD is in. At Read mode click "try auto-detection"
    7. Config -> gamepad -> Pad1
      - Keyboard configuration of your choice

    Running the game:
    Put the first CD of FF9 into the drive and go to ePSXe file -> run CDROM. Now, that you play per PPF, it takes about 10-15 seconds until a window pops up, where you first see a funny messed picture (only for CD1), wait until it disappears, else just press a few buttons (Enter, space, X, etc.) and the game starts loading. Now everything should be right.

    Changing CD's
    Usually, you'd go to Esc -> Run -> Change disc, open the drive and change CD's, but since you play per PPF, you save your game internal (not using F1 (what you get asked for on changing discs)) and exit it for now (Esc -> run -> exit). Restart ePSXe and change the PPF file at config -> cdrom -> configure to ff9-cd2.ppf, insert the CD2 of FF9 into your drive and start the game. Now load the internal savegame and have fun!

    Note: This guide is not written by myself, but I translated it from german to english, original guide is FinalCraft.com - Final Fantasy 9 emulieren !

    C&C please, dearest greetings, Nisturm
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