Refunds: Accepting refunds.

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Ventrilo: Coming soon.

Dynamic Business System
Dynamic House system With vehicle System
Dynamic Gang System , Faction system
And much more.
LSPD - Taken
FBI - Taken
LSFMD - Available
Government - Available.
SAN News - Available
Taxi - Available
SASD - Taken

Staff recruitment
Admins? NO and Dont ask, we choose our own admins from active and helpness.

Helpers? Looking for around 2-3.

Basicly, we have alot of stuff you should discover, I know this aint a real big AD and might not be attractive, but trust me its a unique script and alot of features!
HostName: Evolution - Roleplay [24/7 - Refunding]
Mode: EVO:RP v 5.8
Map: Los Santos
Hosted: Serverffs