Hello Everyone, Today Im Gonna to tell you how to Hack Your Stats Using Cheat Engine.
Cheat Engine
Steam Account
Dungeon Defenders

Money Hack
Step 1: You must download Cheat Engine, Then Open that and
Dungeon Defenders. Then Click The first letter on the top left then
click open process, once done look for Dungeon Defenders.
Step 2: Go Into Dungeon Defenders LAN (Warning: If Ranked You may get banned)
Step 3: Go Onto Your Character, Then In Tavern
Step 4: then click the forge, Find the amount of mana you have
Step 5: type it in cheat engine, then first scan, If theres lots remove some,
Then Click Next scan untill theres 1-5
Step 6: Now Click Freeze, Then Double click on the value
Step 7: Set it to 2billion so, (2000000000)
Step 8: then buy/sell something,
Step 9: You Will Now Have 2billion mana

Level Hack
Do The First 3 Steps Shown Above,
Step 2: Press E to see the XP you have,
Step 3: Put it into Cheat Engine, Click New Scan
Step 4: Take it down to about 10 scans or less,
Step 5: Freeze then click the value, make it 999999999
Step 6: Now You will be the max level!

Item hack
Note: The item Must NOT be max level
Do The first 3 Steps as always
Step 1: Go to the Tavernkeeper
Step 2: Click the item,
Step 3: Goto cheat engine, then make a new scan which is the level its at
Step 4: then upgrade the item then number it click next scan untill You find it
Step 5: Freeze Then change the value to -5000
Step 6: Upgrade the item 1 more time,
Step 7: It will be -5000, Now, you could click all day OR you can do this
Step 8: For Example The Health Stat, New scan it to that value, then
Keep going up, untill you find it, then change it to: 999999
(DO NOT put it over Or you could get minus Health)
Step 9: Do it with the rest of stats that you want NOTE: You can not do this with Weapon Damage

Hero Stats:
Do the first 3 steps
Step 1: Reset Your Class with skills
Step 2: change the values the exact same as the items
NOTE: Make them around 100 each, because you need to use ALL stats there are
Step 3: Then they will be all High,

I Will Make A Video For These In the next Few Days