Unreal Perfect World 1.3.6 Server

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::Server Rates::
Exp - 1000
SP - 1000
Drop - 15
Gold - 700

::Special Features::
1.3.6 Server | Starting with Level 150 and 3rd Fairy | Full Starter Gear | No Insta no 5 APS | Fully Customized items | Cubi FREE server | Tier Sets customized for our server only | Tons of custom Events | Church Chapel fully working | Custom Dungeons | PvP Server!

We have a great community that is continually growing bigger each and every day. Our community is helpful for the new players on the server as well. All players start at Level 150, with a 3rd Fairy and 4 socket starter gear. Unreal Perfect World guarantee's real customization on our items that no other server will have. Some of our items are fully customized by our own development staff, and we hope to bring in our new ideas and strategies for a more exciting experience in game play.
The donation set up is based on letting all players have a chance to get the best gear and items in-game. With this in mind we do not sell anything in donations that is not obtainable in-game through some farming.

Feel free to join us! We are always looking for more players to help bring in new ideas and fun activities to do in game.