There are ways to get fast money, I shall name some of them for you.

1. Camp a large spawn of monsters about 5 levels lower than you, this way, the items are worth a bit still, and you kill them fast enough, so that they drop a descent amount, the extra gold you pick up can pay for the gew pots you use.

2. If your at least level 30+ you can probably kill tiger girl every chance you get, she tends to drop descent stuff, and she has a higher chance of dropping SoS/M/S items.

3. You can actualy go giant hunting from a certain spawn type, I'd recommend something a bit lower level, so that when you kill it, it drops some nice gold, and hopefully some nice items, giants have a higher chance of dropping SoS than normal monsters as well.

4. When an event comes along, if it is an item event, collect as many of the event items as possible, E.G. the Christmas event is a good example, you could save up a large amount of the event items, and sell them later, long after the event for a hefty amount.

5. Buy cheap elixirs and re-sell them for about the max price that people will pay. It may take a bit to sell them, but in the end, its generally worth it.

6. Doing trade runs is generally not fast money, unless you can get a large group of friends together and do a 5star run, that should give you around 300k profits, unless you do a 5star from Hotan to Jangan, that would give you around 400k-500k proffits. Thieving on the other hand is hard to make good money.

7. Hunters can actually make some easy cash, going on a trade run with some traders, depending on how many, and what stars, you can make upwards of 200k, just killing npc thieves.

8. If your incredibly desperate for money, you could always loot someones drops, but generally they have to not care too much about gold drops.

9. When Item mall comes up, if you have a lot of IRL cash, you can sell exp scrolls and such, for in game money.

10. It could take a little bit, but you could level characters for people, to a certain level, and then get a promised amount of gold, the on the other hand can be risky if its not someone you know or trust.

11. The best way to sell a really good item is on the forums, where people will bid on your item, it is hard to get real bids in game, because everyone is not on at the same time. So to get the fullest price for something, sell it on the forum markets.

12. You can sell items for friends who don't have time, and then charge a commission fee, like 10% or something.

13. Walk around town and look at every stall, often times people can make mistakes with typing prices, you could get something for a great deal, and sell it, for the correct amount.

I'm still using 1. and it works good again Google power <3