If you have any strategies, tips and tricks for a hero you play; or you have ones for dealing with a particular hero, then list them below.

I'll start with D.Va:

- Avoid using Defense Matrix all the time, smart players will force you to use it early and follow up with a more deadly attack.

- Use Thrusters to get away, distract enemies, and when given the chance to hit enemies as it throws them back. Also if you melee when hit it causes more damage and throws the enemies further away. You can also use this to throw enemies off cliffs and sides of the maps.

- Defence Matrix can also nullify projectile based ultimates so use wisely and practice to the timing right.
When you are out of the meka and ready to call down another one, doing so near an enemy will cause them damage as the meka falls from the sky. But be careful as D.Va is vulnerable for a second or so while getting inside the meka.
If you are not in the final moments of the game then its better to just die off rather than waiting for the Meka meter to fill up. You will be more useful this way.

- D.Va is primarily a tank and should be leading the charge into the enemy but unlike Reinhardt she does not create a wall of defense. So what you need to do is always have one or two attackers with you and then focus on the enemy player causing most damage. While D.Va uses her self and her defense matrix to soak up all the damage, the attackers deal with the enemy. This works really well to mow down the enemy, one by one.

- Also keep some D.Va/overwatch merch near you (if you have some) while playing as in my experience it boosts confidence.